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  • Why Wembley?

    Fans from the north midlands and the north west of England will this week be converging on Wembley stadium for the FA Cup semi finals, whilst that is always going to be a difficult journey this years travels will be made more difficult by the problems on the M1. This situation now highlights the alleged greedy and stupid decision made by the FA to rebuild our national stadium in north London rather than some where in the middle of the country which would have made it more accessible to all fans but it does not seem to me as though the fans were ever considered.

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  • Just how money grabbing can Airlines get?

    In Saturday's Daily Telegraph I read of a passenger flying with Easyjet who they tried to charge £50.00 for taking his his kidney dialysis machine on board the plane with him! You wonder just how low these airlines can get, not their prices but their ways of doing business. Any passenger with a problem like the need of a dialysis machine or sleep apnoea machine need now to be very careful when booking flights with any low cost airline because they will do their best to charge you for everything they can!

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  • Can a powerstroll unit improve your lifestyle

    For so many of us using wheelchairs life can be very restrictive but perhaps there is a way to use a powerstroll unit to improve not only your lifestyle but also  that of your loved one or your carer.

    By adding a powerstroll unit to an existing wheelchair you can easily turn it into a power chair and remove the need for anyone to push you, an electric battery powered motor will do it all the hard work for you.

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