Arthritic Flare-ups

If like me you struggle with Arthritis you may well also be affected by ‘flare-ups’ from time to time! The feeling of extra pain around those already painful joints together with extra swelling and fatigue.

It can hit you without warning. Whilst you might look like you normally do the extra discomfort may not be visible particularly to others. You suddenly feel worn out and perhaps slightly more irritable than normal (well that’s me anyway).

How can you help yourself?

The obvious thought is to check with your own doctor. to see if any of the medication you are taking needs changing or the level of the prescription increasing. If you are stressed at all or your normal stress levels are increased for any reason this can affect you.  So try to keep calm it will help.

Apparently, overexertion can create problems as well, not something that I can relate to. So be sensible in what you are doing and rest regularly. Changes in weather pressure can also create extra problems and flare-ups for some people. If you follow the weather charts you will, perhaps, be able to prepare yourself for added problems.

With poor sleep being a contributing factor it is important to make sure that your bed is giving you the right support. The mattress you sleep on can define how your days can be, so every now and again check it. Make sure you still have a smooth and supportive top to the mattress. If there are ‘dips’ and permanent hollows then it is time to change it! 

Aids for helping 

If you think that it would be better to make the change then it is very sensible to consider an adjustable bed it could so helpful. Change your position in bed at the touch of a button and sleep with your feet or head raised. You will find that doing it without that pile of pillows can be so good. It is possible to see on my website a selection of different sizes and styles that could suit you. If you need to talk about your own requirements then call me Robert Winchurch on 01492 548102. As a fellow arthritis sufferer, I am able to empathise with your problems and needs. 

During the day it can be helpful to raise your feet or to stand up without any pressure on your joints.  Using a riser recliner chair can be so beneficial it will take away the pain from your lower limbs as it takes you to a standing position. When you sit back and relax you can raise your legs. This will help with your circulation and take the pressure off your knees and ankles. As well as alleviating the pain in your hips.

Make sure that any walking aid you use are in good condition and support you properly. There can be dangers in a worn ferrule on the end of your walking stick or crutch. 

Remember your arthritis will not go away but by being sensible it is possible to control it and learn to live with it. Do not let those ‘flare-ups’ control your life!