Its Summer so watch out for the power chairs & mobility scooters!

mobility products

With sun so high in the sky here in Wales there seem to be more power chairs and mobility scooters than ever about!

It is fantastic to realise just how much difference a power chair or mobility scooter can make to anyone with walking difficulties for whatever reason they may need them and here in Llandudno with so many hotels about it is not only the locals that can race through the town or along the promenade.

Power chairs normally have single hand control units and can be driven at up to 4mph on the pavements or through shopping centres and supermarkets. They cannot be ridden on the roads though except to cross from one side to another. Along the front in Llandudno though there is plenty of space to get them weaving through the crowds

Mobility scooters are different in the fact that they are normally ‘handle bar’ controlled and come in two different classes, the up to 4mph scooters are like the power chairs in the fact that they are able to go on the pavements and into shops etc but can only go on roads to effect a crossing. When you move up to the mobility scooters that can go up to 8mph these are allowed to actually drive on main roads but not dual carriage ways or motorways!

Those road going ones must be fitted with lights mirrors indicators and a horn to comply with the rules of the road and like other road going vehicles they technically should be registered with the DVLA and if they are not then the driver could be fined. In reality this very rarely happens.

The choice of mobility scooters nowadays is absolutely fantastic and some of them even look like the sort of bikes that a Hells Angel would be happy to be seen on, mind you they won’t go as fast as a Harley will!

Back in Llandudno one of the dangers, if you like to put it like that, is the number of visitors who once they are ensconced in their hotels realise it is possible to hire a mobility scooter to make getting about even easier. The problem is that lots of them have never driven a mobility scooter before and some of them have not driven cars and so their road sense is little or non-existent and you can see pedestrians having to jump out of the way as the user tries quickly to learn how to stop the thing!

With the rise in use of power chairs and mobility scooters there becomes a need for some legislation to require any user to have insurance, even if only third party fire and theft. If a power chair or mobility scooter is stolen it is most unlikely that the normal household insurance will cover it, more importantly should the user actually hit a pedestrian it is possible that severe injuries can be caused and if the injured person then sues for compensation the person responsible could be landed with a very large bill and costs, something that could even effect any property owned. So if you use a mobility scooter or powerchair, even if only on holiday then be sensible and get the strength of the insurance companies around you.

Power chairs and mobility scooters are now a common place fact of life and are an asset to anyone with walking difficulties or disabilities



Chicago (Anti Microbial) Riser Recline Chair



Chicago riser reclinerThe Chicago (Anti Microbial) Riser Recline Chair is available in two different colours either Black or Cobblestone (Cream) wipe clean PVC fabric.

  • Distinct lift, rest and recline action.
  • Smooth and quiet operation.
  • Supreme comfort snooze position.
  • Stylish design to add to any decor.
  • Craftsman upholstered.
  • Simple to operate two button handset.
  • Soft and comfortable back design.
  • Quality assured.
  • Select from Black or Cobblestone AM PVC Anti Microbial covers
  • Fast track delivery service.
  • Safety key built into the hand controller.
  • In-built fail safe battery back-up system.*
  • Ideal for people suffering with the following medical conditions: MS, Arthritis, Rheumatism, circulation problems and many other conditions affecting mobility.
  • Maximum User Weight 150kg (23 stone).
    *Batteries not included.
  • Standard delivery 5-7 working days (to the front door of your building)
  • 2 man delivery available at extra cost

This chair is ideal for those people who are going to need to utilise it for long periods of time and who might inadvertenly drop items on to it or make a mess of it in some other way as it is so easy to wipe clean afterwards and the anti microbial pvc cover will help in the prevention of germ transfer and is for many people much easier to sit in than the fabric version of this product.

The single motor is easy to operate a two button control unit will allow you to either stand up or return to a sitting position and then on to a reclined point of your choice simply release the button to stop wherever you want.
Whilst you will need to supply a battery to put the ‘back up’ system into operation it is relatively easy to do though it might need the aid of somebody who is able bodied to do it. simply raise the chair to its highest position and the connection block is easy to reach. It will require just a flat 9 volt battery to utilise this backup system which will in event of a power failure allow you to return from a reclined position to an upright sitting postion and if you still need help to get to a standing position then it will gently and slowly take you there. Obviously this operation is slightly slower than the normal action but at least it does mean that you are not stuck!
Here at I try to ensure that even with the best of possible personal service the prices that I offer are some of the keenest on the internet. The Chicago (Anti Microbial) riser recliner chair is, I believe, priced as well if not better than any other supplier on the internet at present.
You will find over 40 other riser recliner chairs available on the website for you to select from and all at very competitive prices and whilst price is always important so is service and my experience both in the retail trade and in the use of the internet allow me to make sure that you as a customer get the best possible service at all times.
Products can be delivered anywhere in the UK although the further points can sometimes take a little longer and certainly anything that involves delivering ‘over water’ such as the Isle of White or the Hebrides’ can be a little more difficult nothing is impossible, indeed last year I supplied customers in France, Greece and Ireland so it is never a problem just something that awaits a solution.
I believe that personal service is something that puts aside from other websites and I am always available to help either by using the contact form on the site or by emailing me at ‘’ or by telephoning me on 01492 548102.
The Chicago (Anti Microbial) riser recliner chair not only offers great comfort but it is also so very serviceable.



Dual or single motor, which is the best riser recliner for you

stylish recliner chair

A comfortable riser recliner chair can be so helpful for anyone who has mobility problems, but should you select a dual motor or a single motor version?

What you should consider when making your choice;

  • Firstly do you have a price restriction

  • If so you may just for that reason be better with a single motor as they are less expensive generally

  • Are you wanting to use the standing operation more than the reclining part?

  • Again if that’s the case then a single motor should be your preferred option

  • However if you will use the riser recliner chair to relax in and watch TV or to read but want to raise your feet but not recline the back then a dual motor riser recliner will be best

  • All motorised riser recliners come with simple hand sets that are easy to use

  • Single motor chairs normally have a two button hand set, one to stand you up and the other to sit you back down and then recline you.

  • A dual motor hand set will always have four buttons and some times five, the fifth one as an overriding button to return the chair to a normal sitting position

  • The other four buttons on a dual motor riser recliner chairs hand set are; one to stand you up, one to take you back to a sitting position, another to move your feet as you back remains upright and the final one will either recline or bring your back to upright position

  • Obviously a dual motor is going to cost more than a single motor and as a result there will always be a price differential.

  • Do you want to select a fabric or leather look or even a leather upholstered chair?

  • Fabric chairs can feel softer and more welcoming and there are many colours, patterns and different fabrics to select from

  • Leather and ‘faux’ leather chairs are readily available and have added benefits in that they are much easier to clean and to wipe down after use.

  • Riser recliner chairs be they single or dual motor can help so well, being able to stand up or sit down without creating any pressure on your hip or knees or even ankle joints is so good

  • If you are suffering from a long term or terminal illness or disabilities that affect you it is possible that you can purchase your riser recliner chair without having to pay VAT

  • This saving of 20% can be very helpful in allowing you to move up from a single motor to a dual motor riser recliner chair as the difference in price will be offset by the VAT.

  • Nearly all riser recliner chairs have an inbuilt back up system, normally operated by a 9 volt battery which will return you to a sitting position in event of a power cut.

  • Standard delivery is normally up to 5 working days, this is to the front door of your property.

  • A two man delivery can be arranged for an extra cost but this will include unpacking and assembling the chair in the room you want to use it and this can be a very useful service.

recliner control

Whichever chair you feel is right for you and there are 40 to select from on the site, I will, if you have any questions be happy to advise you about the different models. Just contact me through the website and I will answer as quickly as I can. Alternatively feel free to ring me on 01492 548102 for me more details. 

Never talk over a wheelchair user!

Wheelchair image


If you have never had to use a wheelchair you will not have experienced the feeling of not existing! Unfortunately it is true that people will always talk to the  person with you in the first place and then if you are lucky they will notice you are there and may actually talk to you!

In so many cases though the actual person in the wheelchair, whether it be a self propel or attendant controlled version is actually ignored in conversations and I experienced on one occasion someone ask how I was without realising I was actually there! Well either that or they just didn’t want to speak to me!

Fortunately for me I am not yet in need of full time use of a wheelchair but will need it for a few weeks more as I recover from ankle surgery and am not allowed to put weight on it, I can use crutches as an alternative but if you try carrying my weight on crutches for any distance you will soon realise the wheelchair option is a far better one. It does though make you aware of just how restrictive life is in a wheelchair, those little ramps are sometimes difficult to get up especially if you cannot get a straight run at them and steps are an absolute ‘no no’ unless you have someone with you with a great deal of strength who can pull you up backwards over the steps! That is precarious though and you suddenly find so many places are like this and that the care and attention that is paid to the need of wheelchair users is very lax indeed.

Recently we had to stay away because of a family illness and selected a hotel we knew for its quality from past experiences, those though had been registered as a fit and able bodied person, whilst we had a disabled room that was on the ground floor it was a real surprise to find that to eat in the bar or the restaurant meant not only going outside but also needed to go a reasonably long distance going up an incline and then the entrance to the bar itself was a very tight squeeze through two doors with very little turning space. Then if we wanted to use the actual restaurant we would need a member of staff to guide us through the kitchen itself. Not a good experience!

Please whenever you meet friends who are in wheelchairs acknowledge them straight away never let them have the feeling of being an afterthought and if possible bring yourself into a position where you can easily make eye contact, this is even more important when talking to children so that they feel included rather than being nonexistent, if you cannot for any reason bend down to their level then move back a couple of steps to make contact that bit easier.

It seems a long time now since the Disability discrimination act was set into law I just wonder how much longer it will be before it becomes effective?



6 good reasons to buy an adjustable bed

Adjustable bed with Drawers

Adjustable Beds from Mobility Products 4 U

6 Reasons!

For many people the idea of an adjustable bed from Mobility Products sounds like a luxury – but let me give you 6 good reasons as to why you should buy one.

  1. An adjustable bed allows you to change position with far less trouble than trying to pile pillows around you at night. You can choose to lay flat but then when you need to move a gentle touch of the button on the handset will allow you to raise the head end or foot end or both. Raising the head end is ideal for anyone who suffers with heart problems or perhaps on occasions even worse the acid reflux caused by a Hiatus hernia.
  2. If you suffer from an alment that is permanent, such as arthritis or cancer or the result of a stroke or many more serious problems you will be able to sign a declaration as you purchase your new adjustable bed and the VAT content of the price will be removed, for example if the inclusive price of the bed is £802.80 you will only pay £669.00 and that alone should make you sleep more easily.
  3. Adjustable beds no longer look like hospital beds and can look good and feel comfortable and enhance any bedroom, sizes are available from 2’3 right through to 7’0″ wide the larger sizes normally come as two sets linked together. You should remember that all adjustable beds I supply are 6′ 6″ long so giving you 3″ of extra wriggle room!
  4. It is possible to have your adjustable bed fitted with a massage unit as well. This option is fitted inside any of the foam mattress sets or on a spring mattress the massage unit is fitted on the slats.
  5. Drawers can also be fitted to the base unit and you can specify whether they should be at the side (one or two) or at the foot end of the bed.
  6. A couple in adjustable bedThere is a wide choice of mattress types including pocket springs, memory foam and pocket springs, reflex foam, latex foam, memory foam and combinations of memory and reflex foam, so something to suite everyone!

Since I started this blog I have thought of several more reasons why you should choose an adjustable bed, but being an old ‘geezer’ I will stop now and give you more reasons another time!

Remember though, I may be an old ‘geezer’ but I have worked in the furniture and bedding industry since 1959 and so I have more experience in beds than most people! Some of it best not mentioned, but if you do want any help then all you have to do is contact me and I will do my very best to advise you .


6 Reasons to buy an adjustable bed


Christmas is nearly here, will you get that new riser recliner chair?


Christmas is nearly here, will you get that new riser recliner chair? Possibly not if you haven’t ordered it yet but perhaps the details of what you want could be given to your family to make sure that they order the right one for you, even if you have to wait until the New Year to get it!

The selection of riser recliner chairs, swivel recliner chairs available through is already extensive and will grow in the New Year as will the selection of mobility products offered.

Whilst Christmas is nearly up on us and we look forward to sharing it with loved ones (like my nearly 4 year old, going on 16, grandson) it is all too easy to forget or ignore those who for whatever reason will spend Christmas and the New Year on their own, perhaps we should all look around us and see if perhaps that lady across the road or the elderly gentleman around the corner could perhaps feel better with a little bit of company and just someone to talk to who they feel might really care.

Let us all make Christmas the start of a new phase in our lives to help and care for those who are lonely, it isn’t just those people living on their own there are, you will find lots of people in nursing homes who though they might have carers around them are still very lonely. This is never a criticism of the carers who work in nursing and care homes, for whom I have in general the greatest respect, you will find unfortunately that there are just not ever enough of them to allow them to give quality time to their clients.

If you don’t know of anyone near you who needs company how about contacting a care home or nursing home near you who I am sure would love to have a volunteer visitor who on a regular basis could take an hour a week or more if possible to visit a lonesome person and brighten their life.

You will find that however good the staff are and however good the home’s facilities are that they are in a crisis situation, costs have risen and will continue to rise whilst the support from local councils is appearing to get less and as a result one of the ways of reducing costs is to cut back on the number of staff which in turn will mean the remaining staff have less time for the nice things like just chatting to the lonely residents, perhaps your time could help the residents to feel better and brighter.

You too will feel better in yourself when you get involved and after a little time being a companion to others you will find that your new riser recliner, delivered in the New Year, will feel so much more comfortable




Does colour matter? Which colour Rollator will you prefer?

pink rollator

Why would you want to be boring with your rollator? Be seen with a bright colour like Red or perhaps something more restful such as the new pink rollator from Topro.

However if pink is not your colour the Topro 2g rollator comes not only in different colours but also in different sizes so as to be able to suit any one!

  • Premium Basic is available in Dark Grey.
  • Premium Small is available in the following colours
  • Light Pink; Wine Red; White & Silver
  • The premium Medium comes in a choice of;
  • Dark Grey; Light Pink; Wine Red; White and Turquoise

If you want to see this new Topro 2g in action you can follow this link to You tube which will show you great information on its use and on the accessories that will appear separately on our site.

Safety is always important when using a rollator and the Topro 2g comes with several important aids that will ensure your safety, see the items such as; Reflective panels, 6 of them are placed around the rollator to ensure you are visible at night or in poor daytime visibility. A bell is also included to allow to make yourself heard and other people aware of you, whilst the new ergo grip makes standing from a sitting position so much easier. The wheels are of a quick release style and if you wish you can purchase as an alternative a set of soft wheels which make traversing bumpy areas easier and more comfortable.

We have a wide selection of rollators for you to select from on our website but if you dont want to be ‘pretty in pink’ you might want to be subtle in Dark grey or Silver or perhaps stronger in Wine Red, whatever your requirements you will find the answer at


Radar keys and mobility scooters

radar keys mobility scooters


Whether you are in a wheelchair or mobility scooter from Mobility Products – fast or slow, the need to ‘spend a penny’ when you are out can be difficult to accomplish – and this is where a radar key can help.

You have not heard of the radar Key scheme? When it was first mentioned to me I thought someone was talking about directing planes in or that old TV series called MASH! But no, the Radar scheme is set up to allow people with disabilities to find toilets with the obvious easy access that those in a wheelchair or mobility scooter normally will need.

As they are kept locked and only accessible to anyone who has purchased a special key you will normally (but not always unfortunately) find them in much better conditions of cleanliness than we have come to be used to in normal public toilets. The keys cost around £4.50 plus VAT – but of course you will normally be able to purchase one excluding VAT.

Radar Door Key

Radar toilets can be found all over the UK but not necassrily in every town and it is best to get a list of toilets in the area you want to visit from the National Key Scheme of Disability Rights UK. These may cost you a little extra but the beauty is you will know just where you can go for a ‘pee’!

Toilets fitted with National Key Scheme (NKS) locks can now be found in shopping centres, pubs, cafés, department stores, bus and train stations and many other locations in most parts of the UK. This is a wonderful scheme that is devised to not only help the disabled person in need of relief but also to help to preserve and maintain their dignity.

Whatever you do though do not get old and presumptuous like me and as I have many times in the past. Having watched someone who looked able bodied go into a radar scheme toilet or just a toilet marked disabled in a store or coffee shop and sneer and think they shouldn’t be using that toilet! Disabilities come in many forms and not all of them are visible and some that you cannot see are as bad if not worse than those visible disabilities! Imagine a person who has had bowel cancer or stomach cancer and ends up with a colostmy bag fitted, they obviously need better facilities than provided by a normal WC and perhaps more understanding from those old geezers like me with arthritic joints and a walking stick (sometimes a wheelchair) who think the disabled toilets are theirs and theirs alone.

One of the good things about RADAR keys though is that they have been designed sensibly with those of us with arthritis in mind and so the key is longer than a normal house style key and also has a big fob (is that the right term) a bigger part you hold onto to turn the key with which does make it easier to open, especially when you are sitting down!

Mind you whatever conditions we are in they would not ever be as bad as the ones that Radar and his colleagues and the real live guys and girls of MASH had to put up with in the Vietnam war, or come to that matter in any war and so we should all be grateful that our RADAR can help to resiolve the burdens relativley easily!

Radar Toilet door

The Radar Scheme which is as I said under the umbrella control of Disability rights UK produces 21 different guides for every part of the UK. You can buy these as you need them directly from their website so you should never be in trouble when it comes to ‘spending a penny’ !

Mind you when it comes to spending money it will be more than a penny if you want a new mobility scooter, power chair or even a wheelchair and it is with that in mind that I always try to ensure that the prices I offer on my web site for these products is as competitive as can be and that you will also be assured of right good service!


will you take your mobility scooter to town or shop from your riser recliner chair

old image of Kensington high Street

Will you take your mobility scooter to town or shop from your riser recliner chair? With the announcement from Marks and Spencer’s this morning of a vast reduction in profits and possible closure of up to 60 stores will it be easier to stay at home rather than to shop in a depleted High Street?

This year has seen the end of lots of retail stores and some of them big trading names such as BHS but the idea of M & S moving out of clothing and concentrating on food means that there are going to be lots of town centres that no longer have enough stores to attract the shopping public.

It will become increasingly easier to shop from the comfort of your own home sitting in your riser recliner chair using specialist sites like mine to make your purchases. Having worked in the retail trade since 1959 (I was very very young honestly!) I now know just how difficult it is for stores to survive, the cost of premises, especially those rented, plus rates, lighting and heating are colossal before you even think of employing any members of staff and the new basic wage rates make that even more expensive than ever before.

Whereas a good and well run online business can provide you with products and information that you need about them, believe me running an online business is not easy and for the smaller operator such as myself it means a considerable amount of continuous work and learning new skills whilst trying to ensure that my knowledge and ability to impart that to my potential customers can still be on a personal basis. Lots of the big manufacturer and retailers sites will probably be getting more notice than does but very few if any of them will you be able to speak to the person who runs and owns it as you can with mine!

If you want to know about riser recliner chairs, adjustable beds, mobility scooters or even incontinence products you will find an awful lot of information on the site that I have entered myself and hopefully I have covered all you need to know but if there is anything that you need more information on then all you have to do is email me or ring me and I will personally deal with all your questions and if I don’t know the answer then I will find out for you and come back to you. Nothing beats personal service whether it be in a High Street store such as M&S or with a web base store like



New Occasional Chair Range!

occasional chair range

A long time in the making the new range of occasional chairs we have added to our site give you so many options to enhance your home.

A selection of twelve (12) new chairs all of which offer different styles and designs combined with a wide range of upholstery fabrics and colours there is bound to be one ( or perhaps two ) which will suit your room.

A quick guide to the chairs will see the quality of the manufacturing and design and detail involved in all of these chairs and we know that they will be a long term asset to any home. The Scottish style names given to these chairs will reflect their beauty

occasional chair rangeStirling

  • Blends both traditional and contemporary designs
  • Studded stitching
  • Stylish legs
  • Choice of four (4) lovely colours


  • Deep button effect back rest
  • Lovely turned legs
  • Rolled arms for comfort
  • Choice of three (3) colours


  • With a smooth back rest
  • For those who prefer a less formal look
  • Turned legs
  • Three (3) colours to choose from


  • The elegant curved back creates a new dimension in style
  • Sturdy legs in a dark wood colour
  • Deep button effect back rest
  • Crisp clean lines
  • Three (3) lovely colours to select from
  • Two man delivery


  • Strong and robust like the city it is named after
  • A modern twist on a classic style
  • lovely light coloured legs
  • Four (4) different colours to suit any room


  • Curved arms contrast beautifully with the sleek sharp lines
  • Lovely turned front legs
  • Low back elegance
  • Four (4) lovely colours


  • Ideal for use in any room but ideal for the bedroom
  • Curvaceous legs
  • Button back effect
  • Select from any of the three (3) colourways


  • A well rounded design
  • Six (6) different colours to select from
  • Dark coloured wooden legs
  • Give your room a different personality with this fun style chair


  • This well-proportioned chair exudes quality
  • Chess board style fabric cover
  • Four (4) different colours
  • Solid Style legs
  • Back cushion included


  • Combines traditional and stunning modern lines
  • Well rounded arm rests
  • Light oak coloured legs
  • Smooth back rest
  • Four (4) different colours to select from


  • A very modern ‘funky’ style chair
  • Complete with matching footstool
  • Button effect to back rest
  • Five (5) vibrant colours available
  • Dark legs that contrast so well with the upholstery fabrics


  • Perhaps not such a Scottish style name
  • A modern twist to the traditional tub chair
  • Button effect back cushion
  • Lovely angled legs
  • Five different colours to select from

Just a little information about the latest additions to our ranges and remember these chairs are all delivered directly to your home by a specialist two man team who will take them to the room you want to use them in, all you have to do is unpack them.

Here at mobilityproducts4u we try to always look for ways of offering products that can be useful and comfortable for both people with impairments of some type and also the able bodied and hope that this latest addition to our ranges will please everyone.