Dangers of riding your mobility scooter on pavements.

Riding a mobility scooter on the pavement can be dangerous, take care! Not only do you have to be aware of other people about but also cracks and damaged areas of the pavements that can cause you possibly fall from your mobility scooter.

However, the worst thing for people who have a disability of any sort is the growing habit of cars and other vehicles being parked on pavements. It is dangerous and inconsiderate!

Badly parked vehicles

The problem is caused by the number of vehicles that are parked in narrow roads to allow access for other cars, vans and lorries but this creates difficulties for those with walking restrictions who perhaps need to use rollators or walking frames as well and those people in wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

Worst of all of course is the danger that can be caused to blind people who need the use of a white stick to avert them from things that might be in their way, if they suddenly come across a car or van that is illegally parked on the pavement they might need to venture out into the road to allow them to pass the hazard. 

Blind person with dog

As well as those people with any form of disability, this sort of action also can be a problem for families with youngsters in pushchairs.

Just imagine, if you can, finding your way along the pavement blocked by some inconsiderate person who has parked their vehicle partly on the pavement. The only alternative is to go around it by using the road.

 Sometimes there will not be any clear vision for the parent pushing the youngster and the child is then exposed to the possibility of an oncoming vehicle hitting them before the parent can do anything.

Life is never going to be perfect and it is not possible to resolve all of the problems of the world but perhaps it is time to make small steps about things such as pavement parking, perhaps in streets which parking on both sides of the road means using the pavement as well there should be restrictions to only allow parking on one side of the road and then make sure the restrictions are enforced.

It would mean some difficulties for certain people but the overall benefit in safety would far outweigh any inconvenience.

Please, please, next time you think of parking with wheels on the pavement, stop and think about the safety and convenience of others especially those in pushchairs, wheelchairs, mobility scooters and anyone else who may suffer as a result of your lack of thought!

Big Van no way through

 Be a better parker, save lives!!!



Arthritis, gout, whatever it is it can be painful

I read an article recently which suggested you need to raise your limbs, possibly using a riser recliner chair, if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from Arthritis or Gout. 

Riser Recliner Chairs

The latest information that I have read on arthritis information service, highlighted how gout and Arthritis are linked and how the ‘flare ups’ from Gout can be so very, very painful. It can occur in men over 40 but apparently does not normally affect women before the menopause. normally only a single joint is affected and that most often is the big toe, however, it can attack in your other toes, ankles, knee’s, the foot, wrist and fingers! In really bad cases Gout/Arthritis can make performing simple everyday tasks very difficult.

As an extreme form of Arthritis, Gout can be very debilitating and can last from anything from 3 to 10 days. It is caused by tiny needle-shaped crystals of uric acid (a biological waste product) that accumulate in the joints causing severe and intense pain. Several factors can be involved for those who suffer from gout including family history, diet and even being overweight.

Treatment will normally focus on immediate pain relief, reducing the inflammation in the joints and bringing down the uric acid in the blood to help prevent further attacks.

Those who suffer from gout will be aware that in extreme attacks even the slightest pressure, for instance, a light bed sheet, can bring unbearable pain to the affected area.

Some of the symptoms of gout are; Severe pain in one or more joints, red and shiny skin on the affected joint or joints the joint may be hot and tender, it is also possible that white crystal deposits called tophi can be visible under the skin, it is possible you may feel tired and feverish.

If you suffer from an attack of Gout then you will need to rest your affected joints and to this end a riser recliner chair and possibly an adjustable bed can be extremely useful in helping to alleviate the pain in your joints and here at Mobility Products 4 U we can offer a very comprehensive selection of both that may help you through the day and night to deal with your Arthritis and Gout.

Obviously, though it is very sensible that with ongoing problems such as severe arthritis or gout that you consult your GP to discuss what they can offer in the way of help to relieve the pain and also for suggestions on how changes in your lifestyle might improve the situation you have to live with.



Should you insure your mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters can do so much to help in our lives and sometimes you do not realise it until it is stolen or damaged! But what do you do if it is stolen, the cost of a replacement can be enormous but if you have been sensible and insured it you will be able to get a replacement quickly and no cost to you.

As well as covering yourself for theft you also need to be covered for the possibility of you having an accident that is your fault in which someone is injured or some property is damaged. If a civil case for damages is brought against you the cost to you as an individual can be astronomical but if you have the strength of the insurance companies around you then you will not have to worry. They will either arrange to defend you in any case or if that is not possible they will make the settlement on your behalf.

If you just think about when you are out in a shopping area and someone walks out in front of you and you are travelling, as allowed, at 4mph then you could cause serious damage to that person if you hit them. If they are injured and need medical treatment there is always a possibility that they would seek redress against you for the injuries and also for loss of income etc and this could then become very costly and this is where you need the insurance to cover you. 

Whilst I do not sell insurance policies for third part companies I will always be happy to give details of the leading specialist insurance companies in the UK that will give you the cover you need at very little cost to you and so give you the peace of mind that you need.

Please be safe out there when driving your mobility scooter and always please obey the Highway Code as it appertains to the use of your machine. When riding through a shop, a shopping centre or just along the pavement please always be aware of the public around you and just think your mobility scooter is electric and is silent so it is very possible that pedestrians will not even be aware that you are there.

Be safe, be sensible and be insured!

Your adjustable bed in a nursing home

Adjustable bed


This winter there seems to be more problems than ever in the care of the elderly and if you have someone you care for who needs to move into a nursing home taking things like their own adjustable bed can make it feel so much more like home!

If your loved one is having to go into a care home or nursing home for the first time you will find that the management there will encourage you to use as much of the persons own furniture and general belongings as possible so that they do genuinely feel more ‘at home’

You will need to understand that the home concerned will need to ensure that the products such as an adjustable bed or riser recliner chair have all of the correct labels on them to comply with the fire labels required by law. It is strange that if the nursing home supply these items the standards and requirements are greater than needed for the users own items.

One of the problems I have come across with a family member having to move into a nursing home was that the adjustable bed that they supplied had a mattress that was upholstered in a ‘plastic’ washable cover which whilst being very practical for the staff in the home it was less comfortable than the one she was used to. So we arranged for her own adjustable bed to be taken in and then supplied incontinence pads for the bed which turned out to be a very good compromise.

You will find that any items you supply for use in the nursing home will need to be able to confirm to the standards laid down, all electrical items will need to be PAT tested once a year to make sure that they are safe and all furniture items should at least conform to Crib 3 standard where as those supplied by the nursing or care home need to be Crib 5

Taking your own adjustable bed and riser recliner chair into the nursing home you are going into can be so beneficial in making your loved one feel as though it is not just a room but is also some part of them, memories with pictures and personal items will make it all so much better.

I hope that when you have to take your loved one or the person you are responsible for into a home that you find one which suits them straight away and that you don’t, as I did, have to keep moving them and their adjustable bed from place to place



Sale Time



In days of old sale time in the furniture trade used to be twice a year, winter and summer. Now it seems to me that it is always sale time!

This winter I have joined the race for more business by introducing some ‘sale offers’ off selected items and to do this I have offered savings on products that I offer all the time, but for a limited period that are available for less than normally available on the site and are genuine reductions which will end at the end of January 2018.

If you are looking for a new riser recliner chair then the GFA Alicante might be a very good choice for you and is now available at £359.24 (excluding VAT if you are eligible for VAT relief) instead of the normal £399.16.

The offer that I have on adjustable beds is on the bodyease 3′ 6″ range and gives an extra saving on all of the selection from them meaning that this larger version of a single adjustable bed is starting from as little as £480.37 instead of £549.00, again this is a product that can be supplied exempt from VAT if you are within the qualifying requirements.

For those people who already have an adjustable bed then it might well be the right time to think of replacing your existing mattress as I have until the end of the month 15% savings available on all bodyease mattresses which can be a real help in the expensive part of buying a new product.

Whilst I have other genuine offers on my website it does amaze me how many companies advertise “must end next Tuesday” but they never seem to say which Tuesday! now call me old fashioned but a sale should be a sale and should be different from the normal trading period.

So if you are looking for genuine savings then check out my offers at www.mobilityproducts4u.org.