Where do you park your mobility scooter?

Just where do you park your mobility scooter? It is an increasing problem for those who live in rented accommodation.

After the horrific fire that destroyed the lives of so many people in Grenfell Tower last year a lot of councils and landlords are expressing concerns about the storage and charging of mobility scooters. The feelings are that in case of fires mobility scooters stored outside flats or even in designated areas for that purpose can now be classified as fire risks themselves, or if not fire risks then an impairment to others trying to evacuate flats or apartments, especially in high rise buildings.

colt Pursuit

Imagine how it must feel for people who have lived in their homes for many years and now, like me, struggle to walk or get about and need either powerchairs or mobility scooters for their day to day living but have no where to store them. They have been in the past able to park them outside the flat or apartment that they live in without it being a problem.

With fire risk assessments now being an essential part of safety in high rise blocks or even those blocks of low rise apartments it is more and more likely that residents will be told that they can no longer leave their mobility scooters or powerchairs outside their homes.

Obviously the one answer is to take them inside the home but many of these flats or apartments do not normally have the space that these machines require and so life instead of being acceptable would become intolerable.

This is a problem that is only going to get worse as our ageing population grows and whilst there is no immediate fix for where to store and charge all of those mobility scooters out there it is something that property owners need to be taking in to consideration for the future.

Where do you store your mobility scooter?