Why the Westminster could be the right riser recliner for you

This Pride Westminster Riser recliner chair with its dual motor is possibly the most innovative addition to the world of riser recliner chairs. With the dual motor system, you are able to raise your feet without moving the backrest.

There is though, so much more to this chair, the headrest can be adjusted independently, which allows you to recline the back but still watch television or read, your eye line is retained in a position that is comfortable to you.  On top of that, the lumbar area support can also be adjusted to suit your aches and pains.

This chair just gives so much. It comes complete with its own inbuilt USB charger in the handset


  • Dual motor
  • Independent movement of back and leg rest
  • Powered headrest
  • Adjustable powered lumbar support
  • Ergonomically designed hand control with built-in USB charger
  • The sophisticated Dual Motor mechanism of The Westminster enables you to control the backrest and footrest quicker than most other brands of riser recliner chair.
  • Enabling you to reach the perfect position, promptly and with ease.
  • The Westminster is also supplied with a powered lumbar support and the revolutionary industry first powered headrest.
  • The powered headrest gently positions and adjusts to a number of different positions with ease, reducing neck and shoulder strain.


You can select from any one of three different colours; Fawn, Fresh or Latte (all come with the prefix of Merino) one of these will be bound to tone with your room to give that warm comfortable feeling.

This chair is normally available from stock and delivery to you is, as a guide, 7 to 10 working days. The delivery is made by a logistics company who specialise in the delivery of furniture for those of us who struggle with disabilities and not only will they deliver to the room you want it in they will also unpack, assemble, demonstrate and then remove all of the packagings leaving you just to relax and enjoy the comfort of your new Westminster dual motor riser recliner chair.

Remember, that if you are suffering from a disability or long-term illness, you may well be able to purchase this wonderful riser recliner exempt from VAT, that is a massive saving of 20%

If you would like to know more about the Pride Westminster Dual Motor Riser Recliner chair then please feel free to contact me, Robert Winchurch on 01492 548102 or email me at office@mobilityproducts4u.org