Make sure you get your recliner chair in time for Christmas

Father Christmas has got his recliner, have you got yours?

Make sure you get your recliner chair ordered in time for Christmas. There is such a great choice to make you so much more comfortable after Christmas dinner!

Swivel recliner chairs

  • Select from either soft cloth, faux leather or leather upholstery
  • Swivel recliner chairs come complete with matching footstools
  • Chairs can swivel through a full 360 degrees
  • Easy reclining actions allow you to choose the optimum position for your comfort
  • Footstools included for extra support
  • Prices start from as little as £169.00 delivered
  • Most swivel recliners come needing some home assembly
  • Makes them ideal for moving into the property
  • Ideal for places such as narrow boats

Riser recliner chairs

  • Riser recliner chairs are available with single or dual motors
  • Single motor chairs will take you to walk out walk in position
  • This allows you to go from sitting to standing with no pressure on any of your lower joints
  • You can recline and lift your legs at the same time
  • Dual motor riser recliner chairs offer the benefit of being able to operate the backrest and footrest independently of each other
  • Simple and easy to use hand control sets are supplied with each chair
  • Some models include built-in USB ports
  • Across the ranges, you can select from fabric, faux leather and leather upholstery.

Our service includes home delivery on all items. The riser recliner chairs are delivered and assembled in your home by a specialist logistics team.

Most items are available from stock. Delivery can be as quick as a few days. The riser recliner chairs normally take a little longer. This because they go to a specialist logistics company. They, in turn, deliver and assemble for you. This service normally takes between 7 to 10 working days.

Please remember that, unlike Father Christmas, we do not have a magic sledge and reindeers! Our delivery teams will work hard to bring your recliner chair to you for Christmas. That is, if you order it in plenty of time.

Check out at Where you can see the range of recliner chairs, riser recliner chairs and swivel recliner chairs ready for Christmas.

Do not let Father Christmas be the only person to get to put his feet up after Christmas dinner!

Adjustable bed, get an extra hour in it this weekend

adjustable bed

It is that time of year again when you get an extra hour in your adjustable bed. As the clocks go back this Sunday (early in the morning around 2 am). Which means that winter is nearly upon us!

Obviously, it is sensible to be aware before you go to bed especially if you are sleeping in the comfort of an adjustable bed. Being able to position yourself to the most comfortable spot just for you to enjoy that extra hour.

If you are about to buy an adjustable bed should you go for a single or double size? Single sizes can be linked together to give you more space. Whilst it is possible to buy a double or King size with one mattress.

Remember though if two of you are sharing a double with one mattress you are both up or down together!

We have a choice of over 90 different adjustable beds for you to select from.

Whether you want one with a pocket spring mattress or a combination of foam and springs we will have one to suit.

All of the adjustable beds available from are delivered to your home.

We use a specialist logistics company who will take it to the room you require it in. Once there they will unpack it, assemble it, demonstrate it and then remove all packaging. All included in our price!

Delivery is normally 7 to 10 working days so we won’t be with you for this weekend.

However, just think how many years of comfort and support you will get from your new adjustable bed.

We supply from the UK’s leading manufacturers of adjustable bed’s all of who make to the highest quality. All will offer options such as drawers in the base, matching headboards and possibly massage units.

As well as an adjustable bed we can offer replacement mattresses.

Remember all sizes of the adjustable bed’s that we offer are 6′ 6″ long as are the mattresses.


Celebrity Motion Furniture

Now we can offer you Riser recliner chairs from Celebrity Motion furniture right here at

With already over twenty different riser recliner chairs, we are now delighted to be able to offer two models from Celebrity Motion furniture. Both chairs available in different sizes and with either single or dual motors.

  • Marriott
  • Select from Grande; Standard or Petite so that whatever your size there is a model for you
  • Can  lift user body weight of up to twenty-five (25) stone
  • Available with single or dual motors
  • Choose From Mink or Natural colours
  • Delivered to your home, placed in the room of your choice
  • Unpacked, assembled and demonstrated to you
  • All packagings removed
  • Delivery normally 7 to 10 working days


  • Maybury
  • Similar to the Marriott but in a patterned fabric rather than plain
  • Both models can be supplied with built-in USB ports
  • Therefore allowing you to charge or use your mobile phone or tablet
  • The rise option will take gently to a walk-in walk-out position
  • If you select the dual motor version you will be able to use the back and leg-rests independently
  • Three different sizes are available all of which can lift up to 25 stone
  • Complete with a 5-year guarantee on both the frame and the motors
  • Backed by service from Ecomaster one of the UK’s leading service providers
  • A twelve-month guarantee is offered on the fabric and fillings
  • Made here in the UK

We at offer the best ranges of riser recliner chairs, swivel recliner chairs, adjustable beds. As well as replacement adjustable bed mattresses as well as a whole range of other products. These can help to enhance the lives of those of us with disabilities.

You can either contact us by phone on 01492 548102 or by email ( via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. We will offer the best service and information we can possibly can. If we don’t know the answer to your question then we can always find the right place to get the information from for you.

Remember Celebrity motion furniture is now available right here from

Healthy Aging: Three Ways for Older Adults to Stay Fit

senior brain exercises

senior brain exercises


Becoming a senior doesn’t mean that your life has to slow down. You might not have the high energy or late nights that you used to have, but you can still live a youthful life in your golden years. Taking care of your brain, body and emotional wellbeing can keep you living a long and happy life. Here are some ways to stay healthy and vibrant as a senior.


Mental Health
Keep your mind sharp by playing brain games. Mental stimulation and critical thinking will keep your brain active. You can pick new hobbies that stimulate your brain, or go for the tried and true senior favorite Bingo. Try one of these other brain games:

● Jigsaw Puzzles work both your creative side (completing the image) and your logical side (putting the pieces together).

● Word games keep your vocabulary sharp and your mind active. You can play classic games including Hangman, Scrabble and crossword puzzles, or you can try one of the many word game apps on your mobile device.

● Lumosity has more than 60 cognitive games created by scientists and game designers. These brain exercises have become increasingly popular throughout recent years.

Learn a new language with Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, or another language program. It’s never too late to learn another language. You can even learn with a friend so you can practice together. Who knows? Maybe you’ll want to retire in a foreign country where that language is primarily spoken.

Physical Health
Staying in peak physical shape is important at any age, but especially in your golden years when health issues are more likely to occur. You can prevent injuries, boost your immune system and improve your heart health by following a healthy lifestyle. This includes a diet that’s rich in nutrients and low in sugar and processed food, as well as an exercise program. Stronger bones and muscles mean less likelihood of injury, and healthy insides mean less chance of illness.

Check out safe and fun exercise programs like Zumba, swimming, yoga, and walking. You’ll want to start light so you don’t injure or tire yourself out. As you build up resistance and fitness, you can increase your intensity. Join an exercise group for seniors, and talk to your doctor about starting a safe regimen.

One great way to get exercise without going overboard is to walk a dog. Dog walking is a low-impact exercise that gets you outside in the fresh air to bond with a dog. You’ll get the physical benefits of exercise for your cardiovascular health. You’ll also get the emotional and therapeutic benefits of being around a dog, such as reducing depression and loneliness, promoting calmness and comfort, and increasing socialization.

Social Health
Another factor to consider for healthy aging is socialization. As we get older, we tend to spend more time alone because we’re not going to work everyday, hanging out with friends, or taking care of family. We simply go out into the world less. Just because your family members are busy, it doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself until they’re available to see you. Loneliness and social isolation can lead to depression, so don’t let your wellbeing suffer from poor social health.

Call an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while. Set up weekly lunches with your best pals. Join a senior community to make friends with other seniors. You can participate in group activities with other seniors, including exercising. Maybe you’ll meet a new chess buddy or a puzzle partner. Maybe you’ll find some roommates so you can have your own Golden Girls household and age in place.

Independent living without the financial constraints can be a more attractive option than moving into a retirement community.

Who says seniors can’t have more fun than their younger counterparts? You’re retired from working, and your kids are grown up and living on their own. Take advantage of the free time and lack of responsibilities to get your groove back. With more attention to your overall health, you can live a fulfilling life in your golden years.

By Karen Weeks of – A website dedicated to promoting the idea that nothing is off-limits to seniors, and dedicated to spreading the word.

Selecting the right replacement mattress for your adjustable bed

adjustable bed


memory foam

We all change with age and the same applies to the mattress on your adjustable bed. Whether you prefer springs or foam or a combination of both it is well worth remembering that the better the support you get at night, the better you will feel during the day.

Unfortunately, it is true that all too often the mattress on your bed is the last thing that is thought about, rarely seen and taken for granted but if we were all a bit more realistic and checked our mattresses regularly and changed them every 8 to 10 years then we would all actually feel much better.

This is particularly important when you think of a mattress on an adjustable bed, the movement of the action that adjusts the head and foot end can have a real effect on the actual mattress you lay on. So please do you or your loved ones a real favour and properly your mattress every three months or so and certainly no longer than 6 months between proper checks.  It is surprising just how quickly the support and tension of the mattress can deteriorate once it has started to go.

Make sure that the cover is still in good condition, that and the tufts (in the case of a pocket sprung mattress) are all still in place and secure otherwise the padding can start to move and become uncomfortable. With those mattresses that combine both springs and foam, you should ensure that the springs are still properly encased in the foam to avoid anything sticking in you!

Most memory foam and latex foam mattresses combine a combination of at least two foams and those should not be allowed to split apart, These sorts of problems only ever happen very rarely but as I mentioned earlier we change with age and so will the mattress you sleep on and so make sure it is giving you the support you need and deserve.

Some people wonder about buying the replacement mattress that they need from an online retailer such as Mobility Products 4U, but I have had to come to realise that buying from the internet is often better and safer than buying in store. If you purchase from a leading company and try out a mattress in their showrooms you will never know how many people have actually laid on it before you and so you have no idea if the mattress you order (it won’t be the one on show) will feel the same as the one you have tried. As well as that all those people who have actually laid on it will have done so wearing their outside clothes and you never can tell where they might have been! Delivery is included and is normally 5 to 7 working days.

One thing though when ordering a replacement mattress for your adjustable bed, check the length as well as the width, normally adjustable beds whatever the width is 6′ 6″ (2 metres long)

Starting work in the furniture trade and the bedding department of a certain cooperative society in Birmingham, I have gained lots of experience over the years, it is a long time since 1959 and I am still learning but I am always happy to help and advise anyone who has any questions with regard to either replacing a mattress on an adjustable bed or buying the first adjustable bed for their home.

I do not yet know all the answers but I will keep trying to find them. Back when I started in the retail trade pocket spring mattresses and foam mattress were becoming very popular and they still are today but over that period of time they have evolved and improved, which is more than can be said for me!!

Trilbys And Cortinas

westminster riser recliner

westminster riser recliner

Now there was a time when I was young (younger?) and perhaps didn’t need an riser recliner chair, nor a hat!

Feeling my age the comfort of a riser recliner such as the Pride Westminster is a real benefit when those parts of my body realise that though I would still like to think I am 22 I am certainly not anymore, but my holiday took me back to the days when I was and the memories flooded back, all caused by the need to protect my head from the sun.

My bald head suddenly felt the need to be covered up from the suns rays and so I purchased a hat, not any hat, but a nice white trilby! Suddenly I was transported back in time to 1966 when I first started out as a sales representative for a company selling to chemists and stores, the company whose motto nowadays is “Because we’re worth it!”

Looking back it is easy to see just how naive and innocent I was then, but I learn’t quickly I can tell you. One of the requirements of the company was that you carried with you at all times a hat. I had t go out and buy a trilby hat, fortunately for me L’Oreal had decided just before I started to change from a bowler hat to a trilby! Can you imagine just what  ‘plonker’ I, as a 22 year old, would have felt in a Bowler hat.  The company  policy was that you entered the shop wearing the hat and then ‘tipped’ it to either the chemist you were calling on or if he was not available to the young ladies who worked on the counter. This was supposed to be as a mark of respect to those people you were calling on, it used to get a lot of laughs from the ladies and a lot of embarrassment for me!

I have so  many memories and perhaps some I shouldn’t consider sharing, from those days driving around in my 3 speed ford Cortina estate car thinking I was king of the road, that engine could get up to about 65 mph before the whole thing started to shake like mad! Then after a few months I was upgraded to the Mark two Cortina it had four gears and a bigger engine but still had the same terrible brakes!

Calling on chemists shops was a great training in how to get on with different types of people, most of the Chemists themselves were very serious types who thought of themselves as ‘professional people’ and shouldn’t be expected to deal with young ‘oiks’ like me selling cosmetics and so generally it was left to the ladies to deal with the sales representatives and they where very different. I learn’t a lot and was very grateful for the time I had doing that job, it was in the main great fun.

Fifty plus years later it is great to look back and my new ‘trilby’ now sits by the side of my Westminster chair and I can look at it and remember!!!