Sleep apnoea and wheelchairs

The sleep apnoea mask and machine work to keep the airways open and to help you breathe through the night

Not all sleep apnoea sufferers will end up needing to use a wheelchair,  but ignore the symptoms and you might!

Are self propel wheelchairs actually easier for carers to push

Sleep apnoea can have devastating effects for both the suffer and others. Normally it is the heavy snoring that is the giveaway. Some people it is the gasping when they stop breathing for that minuscule period.

Getting diagnosed is not always easy but if you do feel that you may be suffering get checked! Your doctors can refer you to specialist clinics who can then run tests. It may well be that you will need to be supplied with a C-Pap or Bi-Pap machine. The first picture shows what they are like. These machines do take some getting used to but used properly they can keep your airways open. Not only will this normally reduce or stop your snoring but will also ensure that your heart beats properly. Without proper heart beats to keep the blood and oxygen flowing there is a danger of brain damage.

When you are checked they (the sleep apnoea clinics) will be able to count the number of ‘apps’ that occur.  When mine was tested the count was 67 per hour, meaning my sleep was disturbed at least once every minute. The downside was that I had to declare it to the DVLA and they asked me to return my driving licence.

However, once you realise that people like me with big ‘app’ counts can, just drop off to sleep for no reason not driving is sensible. On the bright side if we go out socially I am the one who can always have a drink.

I am sure though, that had I not been diagnosed when I was, I would have suffered long term damage. In turn that could have led to me being in a wheelchair!

So if you or a loved one snore loudly and then stop and gasp, get checked. If you find you have sleep apnoea it could be better than using a wheelchair

Mobility Scooters – Know the Law

mobility scooters

mobility scooters

Mobility scooters offer freedom, independence and a way of leading a normal life for their users. However, there are some requirements to operate the vehicle. Mobility scooters that are classified as a ‘Class 3 Invalid Carriage’, with the upper-speed limit (on the road) of 8mph must be insured and taxed like any other roadworthy vehicle.

A Class 3 Invalid Carriage is a road legal scooter, but must adhere to certain requirements, including; a maximum off the road speed of 4mph, it must weigh 150kg without the operator, have an effective braking system, possess front and rear lights as well as reflectors, indicators, an audible horn and a rear view mirror.

Whilst there is no driving test for using a mobility scooter, whether it is being operated on the pavement or road, the Highway Code must be followed. Class 3 Invalid Carriages are prohibited from travelling in bus lanes, ‘cycle only’ lanes, motorways and dual carriageways with a speed limit of over 50mph. As the scooter has the potential for road use, it must be kept in a roadworthy condition, regularly maintained and serviced.

The scooter must be registered with the DVLA; the registration is free of charge. To register a class 3 scooter, complete from V55/4 for new vehicles or V55/5 for used vehicles. The only caveat is that the forms cannot be filled at the Post Office, they can only be sent directly to the DVLA. Once the vehicle is registered, the DVLA will issue a ‘nil duty’ – this is a tax disc which means that no road tax is payable, but must still be displayed on the scooter.

There isn’t any current legislation in the UK for mobility scooters to be insured; however, as they are a large investment it is strongly recommended to get them insured as soon as they are purchased. Mobility scooters offer complete independence to many of their users, so protecting them with insurance is definitely a good idea.

This point is especially valid if the scooter is going to be used on the road – it will also protect you with respect to third party liability and in the unfortunate event of a stolen or damaged scooter.

The best advice for mobility scooters is to fully research the product before, and during purchase; and to use a reputable seller, such as Mobility Products 4U, which has 50 years of excellence and first-class service. They offer a wide range of mobility scooters and provide helpful and relevant information regarding the vehicle of your choice.


Your adjustable bed delivered and assembled

When you order an adjustable bed from us everything is done for you (oh except putting the bedclothes on!)

Buying an adjustable bed is a major purchase and you need to certain that everything is right. When we take your order we handle it with care and make sure it is delivered and assembled in your room. The specialist team that deliver to you not only assemble they also demonstrate your bed to you.

Once you are happy they will remove all of the packagings and leave you to fit your bedclothes. Remember though all of our adjustable beds, whatever the width, are 6′ 6″ long. As a result, you might need to order new bedclothes. Whilst we do not supply them ourselves there are several specialist companies that do.

Having now told you that your bed will be delivered and assembled for you, which bed will be right for you?

Pocket Spring sets

You may well prefer the mattress to be a spring interior version. If so it is important to have a pocket spring mattress.  The springs move independently of each other.  So they do not create any problems when used in conjunction with the adjustable action. As they are individual springs they support your body in the areas it needs.  Thes mattresses are double sided and can be turned over for prolonged life.

You can also select mattresses that combine both foam and spring units. These will be single sided mattresses that do not need to be turned over. The memory foam on top of the pocket springs will give body moulding support.

Foam mattresses

With various foams to select from there is bound to be one that will give you the comfort you need. Memory foam was developed originally by NASA for support for astronauts during the launch period. It had to be able to support through the time of the excessive G Force produced. From there it was further developed by the medical profession before becoming widely used in the bedding trade. Memory foam will mould to your body and support your joints with creating any pressure sores. It is ideal for those suffering from joint problems

Latex foam is a natural product and is, like memory foam,  ideal for use with those who have arthritis or other restrictions.  A very supportive foam that can relieve lots of problem areas.

There is a misconception about foam and people believe it can be too warm.  Now, most mattresses come with temperature control fabrics or treatment to the foam interiors. This will keep them at an even temperature at all times.

Remember here at mobilityproducts4u we ensure that you not only get the correct bed but get it delivered properly.  We believe that delivery and assembly should be part of the service.

If you need any more information just contact me, Robert Winchurch on 01492 548102. I will be delighted to talk to you and use my years of experience to advise you.


Memories from my recliner chair

Memories from my recliner chair.

Recliner and riser recliner chairs can be both comfortable and helpful and an ideal place to remember days gone by.

Memories from my recliner chair. These can be of anything really and can be happy exciting or even sad.

On this occasion, they were both sad and a little happy, if that doesn’t sound too silly! I was reading the news about Gordon Banks passing away, which obviously made me feel sad. Then though I remembered how we met and that made me really happy and allowed me to smile to myself.

I was about to open my first business of my own. The local newspaper had promised me some coverage of the opening in return for an advert. They suggested it could be even better if we got a celebrity to perform the opening ceremony for us.

There was no one I could think of that might be able to help. Then for no real reason, that I can remember I thought of Gordon Banks.  At that time he was a coach at Port Vale, having retired from playing. This was after the loss of an eye in a car crash.

Anyway, I phoned Port Vale and asked if I could speak to Mr Banks. I was told he was taking a training session. The lady I was speaking to took my number and said she would get him to call me back.

As you can imagine, I thought that no more would come of it. However about an hour later the phone rang. When I answered he said this is Gordon Banks can I speak to Robert, please.

Gordon Banks being interviewed

I told him it was me and explained that I would like him to open my new shop. This was in Stafford and he lived not far away, I explained it would be from 5 pm for about an hour and a half. Him to say the shop is now open and sign a few autographs. He hesitated slightly and I worried and then said to him I will, of course, pay you for your time. Gordon replied that it wasn’t that he was just wondering which was the best way to get to the shop.

Anyway, we agreed on the day the time and that I would pay him £100, he wouldn’t take any more!  That was all the contact we had and you can imagine I was worried. Having advertised that he would open the shop, would he actually arrive.

There was no reason to worry Gordon Banks turned up half an hour early. He introduced himself and wandered the shop to see what I was selling. Even then there was an odd recliner chair, which he tried!

By 5 pm the agreed opening time we had a very large queue and Gordon duly cut the ribbon. He said to the waiting crowd the shop is open come on in!

I had asked him to be there from 5 pm until about 6-30 pm depending on how many people came. This man was fantastic we had to close the doors at 9-30 and he was still signing autographs.

We closed the doors to the public and said thank you to Gordon Banks for staying so long. I offered him some extra money for staying on so long but he would not hear of it. In fact, he said how much he had enjoyed it We had a couple of drinks and he went home. Not before though he had stood and chatted to a lot of people waiting outside. He must have signed autographs for another 20 minutes.

The local papers ran stories about the even and said what a success it had been. It certainly got the business off to a great start, you could say Gordon Banks saved the day!

Saving a penalty against Geoff Hurst of West Ham after which Stoke city went onto win the league cup in 1972. I think this was his greatest save
Winning the League cup at Wembley 1972


Now, this was way back in 1978 well before the internet and instant picture posting. About two weeks after the newspaper supplied me pictures of the evening. Those that Gordon appeared in I asked for extra copies of. One afternoon I went out to his home to take copies for him. I just knocked on the door, his wife answered and just invited me in. I explained who I was and she told me that Gordon and been excited at the event. We went into the lounge ad he was delighted to see me and loved the pictures. We chatted for a while and I then went back to work.

After that Gordon started doing after dinner talks with himself, Geoff Hurst and George Cohen. I went to one of his early events which was held at the Top of the World ballroom in Stafford. It was a  so-called ‘gentleman’s evening’ (not sure how I got in!). Everyone in their finest dinner jackets and bow ties. I had told the guys I was with that I knew Gordon Banks but they didn’t believe me! I did not for one minute think he would remember me.  But as I walked passed the bar his hand came out and grabbed my arm. He shook my hand and then introduced me to Geoff Hurst and George Cohen. They said he had been going onto them about the night he opened my shop! He was as charming that night as ever.

World cup winner Geoff Hurst
George Cohen one of Englands world cup winning team who did after dinner speeches with Gordon Banks and Geoff Hurst


So Sad

I am certain there are hundreds of thousands of stories being told about Gordon Banks now. Mine isn’t that special really but I will sit in my recliner chair with that and many other memories for years to come!

Oh and of course I watched him and those guys win the world cup back in 1966. Even better than that I was at Wembley when Stoke won the league cup back in 1972.

Great memories of a great goalkeeper and a truly nice gentleman! Why oh why did he never get the knighthood he deserved. He will though to me, always be Sir Gordon Banks.


Swivel chairs in Narrow Boats

Our swivel recliner chairs are ideal for narrow boats and come complete with matching stools

Swivel recliner chairs are ideal for narrow boats. This time of year is not probably the best to be hiring a narrow boat for a holiday. Those owners of narrow boats though know now is the time for the hard work such as refits, redecorating and refurbishing.

Once this starts we at can really be helpful. With over thirty different models to select from as well as four massage recliners, there is bound to be one for your boat.

the Bergen from the Serene range is ideal for narrow boats and comes with a choice of colours

Different colours are available that will suit any decor and of course different fabrics. Select from leather, faux leather, faux suede or fabric covers. A pair of matching chairs from our range will enhance your living quarters and give you great comfort.

With models from GFA, Serene and Julian Bowen you will be surprised just how much choice there is.

From GFA the Marseille in a soft cloth fabric is easy to assemble

The beauty of our models is that they all come ready for you to assemble. We all know how difficult access can be on a narrow boat and so these chairs mean on less problem. Simply unpack your chair on the deck and then take it part by part inside. Once there you can assemble the chair and matching stool easily, they all come with an Allen key. That is all you need to complete the job.

The Siena is not only the least expensive chair in our range it is also extremely comfortable

After that, it is so easy to sit back and relax whilst someone else does the driving. Though you might have to help when you get to any of the locks!

Just because narrow boats are narrow, there is no need to be uncomfortable. With swivel recliner chairs and footstools ranging from £169 to around £600, it doesn’t need to be expensive.

If you need more information or help then please contact me Robert Winchurch at or call me on 01492 548102. I will be delighted to help and advise in any way I can.

Remember our prices include VAT and delivery all you need to do is order in time for the next season.