8mph Mobility scooters can be a lifeline

8mph Mobility scooters can be a lifeline and bring freedom to the users.

The Excel Galaxy Plus 8mph mobility scooter is available in a range of colours.

Mobility scooters such as the Excel Galaxy Plus are capable of going at speeds of up to 8mph. However, there is always a ‘however’ isn’t there! when you are riding it on the pavement, which is legal, you must not exceed 4mph.

Recently though there seem to have been more reports of accidents involving mobility scooters. Mobility scooters are very safe, it is just the way that they are used that is the problem.

Be Aware;

All mobility scooter riders are subject to the laws of the road and should understand the highway code.

Large mobility scooters, also called class 3, are much more substantial in terms of size, weight and capability.


These scooters have a top speed of up to 8mph and can cover up to 35 miles.

They are road legal and so can be used on public roads but not on dual carriageways or motorways, so be sensible out there.

Be safe

Be safe and be sensible if you use an 8mph mobility scooter make sure it is insured. Accidents happen and the road going mobility scooters can cause damage to people or property.

Even worse than you having an accident though are incidents such as one reported recently.  In this case, a man used his mobility scooter to actually ram two ladies deliberately. He was caught on CCTV and is now serving a jail sentence as a result.

It is surprising how mobility scooters, especially the 8mph models are actually being used by people without disabilities as normal modes of transport.

I recently saw a man with an 8mph mobility scooter riding down the road with a trailer attached to the back.

The trailer had a lawnmower in it and apparently, he cuts grass for people and does gardening and finds the 8mph mobility scooter ideal!

Whilst these scooters should actually be registered with the DVLA very few people bother. They do not attract any road tax and do not legally require insurance, so are very inexpensive forms of transport.

Please make sure that whenever you go out on your mobility scooter, whatever its size, you drive with your and other peoples safety in mind.

Quest, a foldable scooter
The Revo 2 a four wheel mobility scooter with a maximum speed of 4mph
The Yoga folding mobility scooter, fully folded.
The Yoga folding scooter in its own case.

Whatever mobility scooter you choose, from the smallest folding mobility scooter right up to the 8mph mobility scooter be safe! Please.