Bodyease Electro Reflexer adjustable bed 3ft 6in wide

When it comes to adjustable beds one of the best manufacturers is bodyease and I am always happy to recommend them.

With at least 10 different models in the bodyease range, there is bound to be one that will be just right for you. The Electro Reflexer is the one featured here today.

Bodyease adjustable bed


It is available in sizes from 2′ 3″ wide up to 4′ 6″ wide and by combining the different size models you can actually if needed come up with even wider beds but with their own separate controls, for instance have a 3′ 6″ model and 3′ 0″ wide one with the bases linked together and you can make up a 6′ 6″ wide bed, but both models would have individual controls. On all of the models the sizes from 2′ 3″ right up to 4′ 6″ come with just one mattress and one control unit.

The bodyease Electro Reflexer mattress is a Non-Turn Mattress which means a lot less hard work in looking after it, however, I would always suggest that, if possible, you rotate the mattress from head to foot twice a year just to even out the wear. The Electro Reflexer mattress combines the support and comfort of reflex foam together with High-Density Foam. This will ensure total support at all times. The foam mattress has a breathable two-way stretch soft touch fabric cover which is micro quilted. The mattress is hypo-allergenic which will make sure that those people, like me, with breathing problems, will sleep more easily. It is possible to add to the Electro Reflexer mattress a 5 point massage system which has an infra-red control unit meaning no awkward wires trailing about when you are in bed.

When it comes to the base there are several options available to you, normally we supply it as a deep base set which is on castors, that are included in the price. With the deep base, you can add in, if required, drawers either one or two at the side or just one at the foot end. When you order drawers you need to specify which side they are needed on so that the headboard can be fitted to the right end of the bed. Thinking of headboards, there are five different models that can be supplied and all of them can be upholstered to match the colour of the base unit. As with the headboards, it is possible to select a colour for the base which will fit in with your own decor.

If the user of the bed requires in bed nursing then it is sensible to select a base that is on legs, this allows for the person actually looking after the user to get closer to the adjustable bed and so perform actions such as bed baths or changing dressings more easily.

If you are looking at single adjustable beds then do not forget that the bodyease Electro Reflexer is available as a 3′ 6″ wide bed and this extra 6″ can make a big difference to your comfort in bed.

It is possible as well, to purchase just the electro reflexer mattress on its own if you already have a working adjustable bed which requires an update of the mattress.

All of the adjustable beds that I supply including the bodyease Electro reflexer are 6′ 6″ long, that is 3″ longer than a normal bed without an adjustable action so make sure you check that your room can cope with the extra space required.


If you need any more help or information about the bodyease electro Reflexer adjustable bed or any of the others in our range then remember I am just an email or a phone call away.