Are you using the correct mobility scooter?

Are you aware of some of the rules that govern mobility scooters, if not is it possible that you are using the wrong one?


mobility scooter going too fast


Recently there have been companies offering new types of mobility scooters and it is possible that these will contravene the laws surrounding the use of such vehicles. For instance, the fastest speed of any mobility scooter used in the UK is 8mph and that speed can only legally be used by the road going scooters that have lights, indicators and an audible warning system (a horn). The 8mph speed is only permissible on the roads, not pavements or other pedestrian areas. Also, you must be aware that mobility scooters cannot be driven on dual carriageways or motorways. Some mobility scooters are now capable of going up to 16mph but that is not legal at all on UK roads and so that is a model or models to avoid.

Whilst no one wants to go out in bad weather unprotected, it is important to remember that certain weight limits are also in force with regard to mobility scooters and so if you decide you want one with an enclosed cabin that will keep you warm and dry it is important to ensure that the weight does not exceed 150kg unladen. There are again mobility scooters being offered which are 260kg which is above the class 3 unladen weight limit.

Recently I saw mobility scooter that was a ‘tandem’ version with a person at the front driving and a passenger sat behind him, I thought what a good idea, just  like the very old song ” You’d look sweet upon the seat of a mobility scooter made for two” well something like that I hope Daisy will forgive me! However, when I did some research I found out that the UK laws restrict mobility scooters to the carriage of just one person.

Whilst these rules are probably very sensible it is surprising that you can buy or even borrow a mobility scooter or hire one and without any instruction or demonstration you are able to go off on your own. For most people, it will not be a problem but if you have no previous experience of driving it can be very difficult. It would be almost impossible to instigate driving tests for mobility scooter users but for those that I will be supplying shortly, I will make sure that the mobility scooter is delivered and assembled by qualified engineers and demonstrated to the user before they go out on their own.

Finally, as I go on about the law did you know it is required that you register your ‘road-going’ mobility scooter (that’s the ones that can go up to 8mph) with the DVLA? The good thing is it will not cost you anything but be aware the Police are able to ask for the registration documents for your mobility scooter and it could result in a fine if you have not gone through the correct procedures. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!