No one wants to go into hospital but if you have any choice then the RJAH hospital at Gobowen should be the one!

Admittedly the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital is a specialist hospital but if you have orthopaedic problems that need attention then there is no finer place in the UK to go than this.

From adjustable beds to hydro pools for those in most need RJAH provides everything that a person could need and does it with the finest possible care and attention that you could imagine, lots of hotels do not match the level of service you get here and that includes any food that is provided!!

Patients who go in for minor problems are treated with the same understanding and care as those who are seriously injured with problems from accidents that have left them paralysed. 

Having been looked after at RJAH on a fairly continuous basis sine around 2009 I can you tell you from first-hand experience just how wonderful not only everything but also everyone is when you get there. The beauty of this hospital is that it continues to elvolve and improve, only last week Princess Alexandra attended to officially open the new 15 million pound operating suite.

Without a doubt this hospital whilst being in the middle of Shropshire is one of the finest, if not the finest Orthopaedic hospital that there is anywhere. Indeed I have said before that if 'Carling' did hospitals they would be just like RAJH NHS Trust hospital.

Because of ongoing arthritis related problems I am still seeing consultants with relation to my hips, knees and ankles but the courtesy, care and understanding I get from them and all of their staff is fantastic and I will always be so very grateful that I was able in the first place to be referred there. This is sometimes difficult for patients who live in Wales as the treatment has to be agreed to by the Welsh NHS and there is not always the money available to pay for it. Whilst here in Wales we have many superb hospitals none of them specialises in a way that the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital does and so if you have orthopaedic problems of your own I would thoroughly recommend that you ask your doctor to referrer you there!