Why? My grandson recently asked me why I had told him he shouldn't climb to high without me being there. I explained that he might fall and if I was not there to catch him he might hurt himself.

Now as a four year old he doesn't always understand and so he asked why again and I suddenly realised what a powerful word Why is. Asking why demands an answer and you do not always get the answer you would like or that you understand so you ask why again and on and on it can go.

From my point of view there are all sorts of things I can ask why about, why am I bald but my older brother has a full head of hair? That question itself can lead to all sorts of other questions can't it! Why do I struggle so badly with arthritis and need to use a riser recliner chair and an adjustable bed, why after two replacement hips on my left side is it still so very painful yet the right hip replacement works so well, why does every step I take hurt so much because of my ankles?

Please don't get me wrong I am not complaining about my situation I am blessed with so many good things in life, not least the love of my wife and my daughter plus the fantastic fun I have and enjoyment I get with my grandson who is the most sensible person I know. Recently to celebrate yet another birthday we went away for a couple of days and whilst we were away Ethan rang me, well his mum did and then he took over (literally) during the conversation he wished me happy birthday and I asked him how he had got on at school that morning and he said it had been good. I than asked what he was doing today, Ethan's reply was "I am in the kitchen on mums phone talking to you Poppa" and I realised that at 4 years old he is far more logical and sensible than his 73 year old Poppa will ever be!!

Why though is such a strong word it can take your conversations anywhere and at any time during any conversation you can ask why again and let the conversation flow. The real good thing about the word why is just how easily it can get people talking to each other as they try in their own way to explain just why!

Enough now I am going back to my riser recliner before anyone else asks me WHY!!!!!