Beds in September

Adjustable bed


September has always been a busy month in the bedding trade and over the last few years even more so with more adjustable bed mattresses on show at the NBF trade show at Telford.

The NBF (National Bed Federation) consists of all of the leading manufacturers of beds and adjustable beds in the UK and each of the last 10 years or so they have displayed the best of the best at Telford for the trade to examine.

With a growing realisation that there is not only an older population but also a growing number of persons with disabilities who need to be able to move more easily and with help in their beds more of these leading manufactures are extending their ranges to include not only adjustable beds but also specialist mattresses designed especially to use on those adjustable bed frames.

It is good that here at I am able to offer the widest selection of replacement adjustable bed mattresses at the most competitive prices possible. Couple this with direct home delivery and you will realise that this is the best way to update your adjustable bed and make it feel like new again.

Of course if you decide you need to replace the whole bed or if you are just purchasing your first adjustable bed then I can offer you the best of service with together with years of experience and knowledge to ensure that you eventually select the best of beds for your needs. With famous names such as Repose, bodyease, Furmanac and Vogue to select from there is bound to be one in my range that will be just perfect for you. all of the models I supply come with a 5 year guarantee on everything, excluding, of course, normal wear and tear. You can choose from different sizes and have drawers added to either side of the bed to give you extra storage space and there are even matching headboards available as well.

Delivery of our mattress selection is normally in 7 to 10 working days and very often a lot quicker, whilst the adjustable beds complete normally take 10 to 14 working days and are done by a two man team who unpack and assembe the new adjustable bed in whichever room you require. It is important though that you make sure that there is adequate access for the team to complete this service for you.

Whatever your requirements are by selecting from mobilityproducts4u you know you will be getting the best of British