Whatever you sit in be it a riser recliner or a swivel recliner chair just make sure that if you are near a log burner it is properly installed.

We are arriving at the time of year when the weather is getting better (hopefully) and the central heating gets turned off but there are still those chilly evenings which means some heat is needed and it is a growing trend and fashion to have that heat supplied by log or wood burners.

They look so good in the corner of the room and as you relax in your riser recliner all can seem well but what you can never see is the invisible killer, carbon monoxide. It is colourless odourless and tasteless but DEADLY. If your wood burner or gas fire is not properly fitted then the likely hood of you suffering brain damage or even dying as a result of the fumes given off by these sorts of appliances is very high indeed.

log burner

It is frightening if you listen to what the experts such as Stephen Hadley have to say about not getting a qualified engineer to fit the source of your heating correctly you will realise just how dangerous it can become to you and your loved ones and the really frightening thing is that you actually do not need any qualifications to install a wood burner! Yes any DIY expert (so called) can put one of these items in your home unlike gas appliances which are legally required to be fitted by a Gas Fire Registered gas fitter. This scheme replaces the old system known as Corgi. Be sensible and if you decide on a wood burner then make sure it is fitted properly by a properly qualified gas engineer and also install carbon monoxide detectors in every room that has a flame burning appliance, though they will only help you must also check them regularly to make sure any batteries are working properly.

Now back to your riser recliner you know that everything is installed properly and you can relax and even go to sleep in the chair knowing you will be safe and will wake up later! Perhaps you might even lie there and plan the next BBQ, if you do make sure that you are very sensible about the way you use that it would be so devastating if you got the inside of your home safe only to pass away sitting around the cooling embers of your BBQ!


If you need information on how to be safe whilst enjoying your next barbie then perhaps it might be good to look at the information contained in the web site run by a lady called Sonya and the site is LeanOnUs.

Me I am just ready for putting my feet up and relaxing in the comfort of my riser recliner chair after all of this work!