Sleeping with a maskHaving suffered with sleep apnoea for a long long time I really know how by lifting the head end of my adjustable bed my situation really improves.Bodyease

The trouble with sleep apnoea is that you never can cure it only control it and when things go wrong for any reason it can affect your well-being so  easily.

Recently I had been supplied with a new mask and tube for my C Pap machine and I did not quite understand that the new mask had to fit right at the top of my nose. So for a few nights I placed it in the wrong position and as a result marked and rubbed the skin on my nose, making it very sore. This also resulted in my sleep pattern not being as good as it should have been and because of the soreness I actually did not use the C Pap machine for two nights and suddenly I felt dreadful, totally washed out and exhausted. Fortunately for me help is always at hand and a couple of emails exchanged with the wonderful Julia Roberts (BCUHB - Respiratory Medicine) at Bangor hospital in north Wales put me back in the right position, mask wise, and the next two nights sleep have been so different and good and made me feel so much better it is amazing!

Using an adjustable bed can help people like me who struggle with sleep apnoea but can also be so beneficial to others who struggle with problems such as arthritic joints, blood pressure, heart diseases, poor circulation and many many other ailments. None of these conditions will be cured by using an adjustable bed but certainly the users will feel great benefit from being able to adjust their position in bed at the touch of a button.

There are many different adjustable beds to select from, especially on my site, all of which can help in so many ways but it is important to think about the type of mattress you want to be sleeping on.

  • Pocket sprung mattresses react to an idividual's own movement and can support so very well. Normally they are double sidedand can be turned over on a regular basis to ensure that the padding lasts longer
  • If you couple memory foam with pocket springs you then have a mattress that wont need turning over but that will give the movement of pocket springs coupled with the slow recovery of memory foam.
  • Reflex foam mattresses tend to be for those who prefer a firmer sleep but can be made into a slightly softer feel by combining it with memory foam as well.
  • Latex foam is a natural product and can in many ways be the best sleeping support and environment
  •  of all
  • Gel foam is now also being widely used and this is ideal as it responds to the body even more than memory foam
  • Some people will worry that sleeping on a foam mattress can be too warm but the industry recognised this potential problem some long time ago and now most mattresses will have climate control fabrics covering them so they are never to cold nor at any time too warm.
  • All of the adjustable beds I supply can be on deep or shallow bases
  • Deep base sets come with castors and can also have the added benefit of drawers fitted if required
  • With a shallow base on legs it is much easier to nurse a person using the bed as well as being able to get hoists or over bed tables in place more easily

An adjustable bed certainly helps me with my sleep apnoea and my arthritis don't you think it is time you checked to see how an adjustable bed can help you as well?