For a lot of people who watched and enjoyed the 1966 world cup, they may, like me, be watching the 2018 final from a riser recliner chair but that's not the only difference.

England with the world cup 1966

Way back in 1966 I was just 22 and had started my first job as a sales representative for L'oreal (because I was worth it!). First time out with my area manager (boss) was the day of England's first game, a Monday, whilst I was keen to impress and do a good job I also wanted to get home to watch the game on TV, unfortunately, he was not interested  in football and we worked solidly until 5 pm and then he wanted to go through all of the paperwork for the day before leaving me in Stoke on Trent at 6-45 pm for him to travel to Chester to meet up with another rep the following day. My journey was back to Stratford on Avon (nearby anyway) and this was in the days before motorways, and it was nearly 2 hours later by the time I got back home and I had missed most of the match. Mind you it was only a draw 0-0 so I don't suppose I missed a lot. 

By careful planning, I made sure that I saw the rest of the tournament but it was such a different time then, pubs had very restricted opening hours and they had to close in the afternoons and normally had to close at 10-30 in the evening so drinking after evening or afternoon matches was only possible if you had drinks in at home and back in 1966 that didn't happen very often!

England went on to win 4-2 in extra time against Germany FR (that stood for the Federal Republic of Germany actually West Germany as in those days Germany was split into two parts with East Germany being under communist control) it was a very good game but had two moments that live forever. The third England goal was and still is heavily contested by the Germans as they felt that the ball had not fully crossed the line, (who knows, who cares it counted on the day!). Then the famous commentary from Kenneth Wolstenholme as a spectator ran on the pitch at the same time as Geoff Hurst broke away to score the fourth England goal, it went something like " There's someone on the pitch, they think its all over" and then as Hurst nearly broke the back of the net with a thunderous shot Wolstenholme continued "It is now!" and it was England won 4 - 2 and we celebrated and embraced and then the Jules Rimet trophy (the world cup) was presented to Bobby Moore, Englands victorious captain. 

Then it all went a bit flat it was over an hour before the pubs opened and so we just had to wait for the celebratory drink. Unlike today when you can be in the pub all day and rink to your heart's content and throw beer all over each other when England score!! Still, at least I have been able to celebrate England winning the world cup once let's hope this week means that it will have happened twice in my lifetime.

Back to reality though I couldn't jump and down now if England scored it would take me to long to get out of my riser recliner chair!!