Make sure you are comfortable this winter.

Adjustable bed



All of a sudden it begins to look like winter so now is the time to ensure you are comfortable during the cold, get that new adjustable bed or riser recliner chair you have been thinking about.

Even if you do not want to change your complete adjustable bed it is probably a good idea to get the mattress checked out and if it is, like me, getting to be old and wrinkly then it would be sensible to get the new one ordered now so you do not have another winter of discomfort.

Through my website, I am able to offer you a selection of either complete adjustable beds or just replacement mattresses and depending on your own circumstances it is possible you will be able to make you purchase exempt of VAT which will give you a whopping saving of 20%.

You are able to select from a range of sizes from 2ft 3in wide right up to 6ft wide depending on your space available and your own requirements, but remember all adjustable beds and replacement mattresses are 6ft 6in (2 metres) in length so be aware and don’t get caught out!

Adjustable beds and mattresses are available with different fillings, from pocket springs or pocket springs with memory foam topping, reflex foam mattresses for those who prefer a firmer support or memory foam that will mould to your body and support you gently without creating any pressure sores. There are also sets and mattresses available in latex foam or ‘gel’ foam for that more responsive feel, I am certain that whatever your needs I have an adjustable bed or mattress to suit you and I am happy to talk to you about the differences and offer you advice based on my many, many, years in the bedding trade (I did say earlier I was old and wrinkly!).

Once you have sorted your bed out you probably need to think about your comfort during the day and to that end, it is perhaps a good idea to check out the wonderful range of riser recliner chairs on offer on the website; you can find single or dual motor riser recliner chairs that will not only be comfortable but will also help you from a sitting to a standing position gently and quietly, then of course when you want to sit down again the reverse action will take you to that sitting position but also will enable you to recline as you want. It is sensible to remember that again, dependant on the users circumstances, it is possible to save that 20% VAT.

If you need help or advice then please call me Robert Winchurch on 01492 548102 and I will do my very best to point you in the right direction