It is nearly time to escape from the riser recliner and get the BBQ out

Last week’s sunshine was enough to make you think about getting out of your riser recliner and enjoying the BBQ in your garden but before you do, make sure you are as safe as you can be. BBQs are possibly one of the most dangerous areas for CO poisoning. The lovely white glow from the coals looks so inviting, especially as the sun starts to fade and it gets a little colder.
At that stage, some people pull the BBQ into the awning to help keep them warm, but this is so, so dangerous. Carbon monoxide is colourless, tasteless and not visible and in an enclosed area, it is so easy to huddle around the BBQ and slowly start to succumb to the fumes given off from the embers.
If you want to be aware of the dangers of BBQs, head over to this site which will give proper dos and don’ts for having a BBQ. None of us wants to be a killjoy, but better that than to find out that a loved one has passed away because of not knowing about carbon monoxide poisoning. Remember, it is known as “The Silent Killer”.
However, carbon monoxide is not just restricted to BBQs and combustion products such as gas boilers, gas fires, open fires or even wood burners. They can all give off the poison that is carbon monoxide if they are not properly fitted and service regularly. Any slight leak can build up, over a period of time, without you realising there is a problem. So, if you start feeling drowsy for any reason, or suffer headaches that you haven’t been aware of before, then do not take any chances! Call in your properly registered gas fitter and make sure everything is checked out and working properly.
I read in one of the Sunday papers last weekend, about an owner of a first floor flat who could smell wood fumes coming through from the new wood burner that the occupiers of the ground floor flat had recently installed. My first thoughts were, I wonder if as well as the smell of the wood, might he be getting a leak of carbon monoxide from the flat below too. It might well be too late before anyone finds out!
Perhaps it is safer to stay indoors in your riser recliner and have somebody bring you the food to enjoy. Stay safe.