Should you insure your mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters can do so much to help in our lives and sometimes you do not realise it until it is stolen or damaged! But what do you do if it is stolen, the cost of a replacement can be enormous but if you have been sensible and insured it you will be able to get a replacement quickly and no cost to you.

As well as covering yourself for theft you also need to be covered for the possibility of you having an accident that is your fault in which someone is injured or some property is damaged. If a civil case for damages is brought against you the cost to you as an individual can be astronomical but if you have the strength of the insurance companies around you then you will not have to worry. They will either arrange to defend you in any case or if that is not possible they will make the settlement on your behalf.

If you just think about when you are out in a shopping area and someone walks out in front of you and you are travelling, as allowed, at 4mph then you could cause serious damage to that person if you hit them. If they are injured and need medical treatment there is always a possibility that they would seek redress against you for the injuries and also for loss of income etc and this could then become very costly and this is where you need the insurance to cover you. 

Whilst I do not sell insurance policies for third part companies I will always be happy to give details of the leading specialist insurance companies in the UK that will give you the cover you need at very little cost to you and so give you the peace of mind that you need.

Please be safe out there when driving your mobility scooter and always please obey the Highway Code as it appertains to the use of your machine. When riding through a shop, a shopping centre or just along the pavement please always be aware of the public around you and just think your mobility scooter is electric and is silent so it is very possible that pedestrians will not even be aware that you are there.

Be safe, be sensible and be insured!