Arthritis, gout, whatever it is it can be painful

I read an article recently which suggested you need to raise your limbs, possibly using a riser recliner chair, if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from Arthritis or Gout. 

Riser Recliner Chairs

The latest information that I have read on arthritis information service, highlighted how gout and Arthritis are linked and how the ‘flare ups’ from Gout can be so very, very painful. It can occur in men over 40 but apparently does not normally affect women before the menopause. normally only a single joint is affected and that most often is the big toe, however, it can attack in your other toes, ankles, knee’s, the foot, wrist and fingers! In really bad cases Gout/Arthritis can make performing simple everyday tasks very difficult.

As an extreme form of Arthritis, Gout can be very debilitating and can last from anything from 3 to 10 days. It is caused by tiny needle-shaped crystals of uric acid (a biological waste product) that accumulate in the joints causing severe and intense pain. Several factors can be involved for those who suffer from gout including family history, diet and even being overweight.

Treatment will normally focus on immediate pain relief, reducing the inflammation in the joints and bringing down the uric acid in the blood to help prevent further attacks.

Those who suffer from gout will be aware that in extreme attacks even the slightest pressure, for instance, a light bed sheet, can bring unbearable pain to the affected area.

Some of the symptoms of gout are; Severe pain in one or more joints, red and shiny skin on the affected joint or joints the joint may be hot and tender, it is also possible that white crystal deposits called tophi can be visible under the skin, it is possible you may feel tired and feverish.

If you suffer from an attack of Gout then you will need to rest your affected joints and to this end a riser recliner chair and possibly an adjustable bed can be extremely useful in helping to alleviate the pain in your joints and here at Mobility Products 4 U we can offer a very comprehensive selection of both that may help you through the day and night to deal with your Arthritis and Gout.

Obviously, though it is very sensible that with ongoing problems such as severe arthritis or gout that you consult your GP to discuss what they can offer in the way of help to relieve the pain and also for suggestions on how changes in your lifestyle might improve the situation you have to live with.