Memory foam can help your sleep.



Memory foamFor lots of people, the idea of using memory foam is worrying because they believe it can be too warm. Certainly, it was like that initially but now with the use of different fabrics and covers all memory foam products can be covered in temperature control fabrics that ensure you get a comfortable support without ever getting too warm or too cold.

The adjustable beds or adjustable bed mattresses that I have on offer through will give you the best possible support and comfort and will not get you overheated.

Why buy a complete new bed? If you already have an adjustable bed it is the mattress that is going to bear the brunt of the wear and so it is, in most cases, possible to just buy a new mattress to replace the existing one. The NBF (National Bed Federation) suggest you change your mattress every 8 years but you will probably find that a ten year period is a sensible time and you will be surprised, I am sure if you stop and work out just how much a mattress actually costs you over that length of time.

If you purchased, from me, a 3′ 0″ adjustable bed mattress such as the bodyease Comfort Memory it would cost, excluding VAT, just £289.00. If you then use it for a period of ten years that means £28.90 per year or 56 pence per week that’s just about 8 pence per night. Far less than the cost of a daily newspaper!

This is a superb mattress that has both memory foam and pocket springs with a cover that gives temperature control which means you will never be to warm or too cold. The memory foam will mould to your body shape and gives total support without creating any pressure points after all this was designed, initially by NASA for the astronauts when they were launched into space and if it supported them properly it is certain to do the same for you. 

Here at, I can offer you a wide selection of mattresses that will suit your requirements and with more than 58 years experience in the trade, I am always happy to offer help and advice to ensure you select the right products for your needs. Just drop me a message or give me a call on 01492 548102 and I will be delighted to help.