How many parts can you damage before you need a mobility scooter

When you are young, say, teens, twenties and thirties we all do things that our bodies aren’t designed for and then unfortunately in later life those factors come back to haunt us!

Some people need mobility scooters because of complications such as arthritis or even worse paralysis to lower limbs, others just keep doing damage to their bodies and eventually, realise they need a mobility scooter.

Whatever the reason you might require a mobility scooter there is now a vast range for you to select from. It takes some thought, but do you need one to use all of the time or just to go around those trips to the shopping centre which could be a very light mobility scooter or power chair that is easy to fold up and get into the boot of your car or do you need something bigger that can go for a fair number of miles at speeds of up to 8mph.

Road going mobility scooters are legal on most roads in the UK with the exceptions of Motorways and Dual carriageways, however,  to go on the roads each mobility scooter must have indicators, lights and an audible warning system ( a horn to you and me ). More than that though do you know that the road going mobility scooters should technically be registered with the DVLA and if they are not then it is possible to find yourself stopped by the police and asked for your registration documents.

Another very important part of riding any mobility scooter, large or small, is insurance, it may sound silly but if you are involved in an accident in which someone is hurt then there could be costly consequences and so for very little each week I would advise that you get the protection of a specialist insurance firm such as Make Bates Ltd and their Premier Care Cover, then you will be covered in the event of an accident or even worse the theft of or damage to your mobility scooter.

Whenever you are thinking that you may need a mobility scooter then consult us at and I Robert Winchurch will be delighted to advise you with regard to your needs.