National Bed Month & Adjustable Beds


March is each year, National Bed Month, with its intention of making us all more aware of our sleep habits and conditions including whether or not it is the right time to select a new bed.

For those of us who need the extra support provided by an adjustable bed, it is even more important that we ensure that our existing bed is in the right condition to give comfort we need for a good nights sleep. It is so easy to keep using a bed long after it has passed its best, unlike sofas and riser recliner chairs we do not actually see our bed without clothes, unless we are changing those bedclothes and even then we don’t actually look at it and if someone else, such as a carer, is changing the bed then will just do the job and not look at the condition of the bed.

When though, you are not feeling at your best in the morning, very few of us will think it might be that the bed needs replacing, but let’s just stop and try to remember just how long is it since we last changed the bed?  With adjustable beds, there are more things to check over. Obviously, the mattress needs to be in very good condition to give the right levels of comfort and support, you do not want to see any big dips or permanent indentation and if the surface is no longer smooth then perhaps you might need to change the mattress. Is that though just a waste of money? If the base that contains the action is showing signs of wear that will stop it supporting you and functioning properly, if the slats are no longer fitting properly or the action is creaking then perhaps it is better to replace the whole bed completely. 

None of us ever what to spend money unnecessarily but our sleeping is part of important factors in maintaining our health, sleep that is disturbed by a bed that no longer supports us properly can cause so many other problems and the cost of a new bed which can help sleep properly is relatively little if you work it out over the life of a bed. The National Bed Federation, who promote National Bed Month, suggest we should change our bed every 8 years, I know from experience in the trade that goes back to 1959 that this will never happen.

However, if you work out the cost of replacing your bed over a more realistic 10 year period then something like the Bodyease Electro Neptune Adjustable bed in a 3′ 0″ size would normally be £435.00 (excluding VAT) but with a 10% discount to celebrate National Bed Month is now £391.50 (excluding VAT). This means that if you use the bed for 10 years the cost of the bed is £39.15 per year about 75p per week or around 11p per night. most daily papers cost around 50p per day and we then send them to the recycling bin! A new bed gives so much proper support, comfortable sleep and improved health and all for around 11p per night it has got to be the best value in any home.

For those people like me, who suffer from sleep apnoea, the right support is even more important and the fact that we need to wear a mask at night to ensure we have proper breathing means that the use of an adjustable bed can be so very beneficial.

It is not just adjustable beds that need replacing more regularly all those beds and mattresses that are lumpy and bumpy out in the world need replacing to ensure that the people in the UK get a good nights sleep and we can be bright and refreshed every day to enable us to put the Great in Great Britain after a great nights sleep.

Please feel free to contact me at or by telephone on 01492 548102 and I will do my best to advise you on what is the best bed or mattress for your needs.