The world from a riser recliner

Anyone who has been around as long as me, (don’t ask how long please) will have seen lots of changes and from the comfort of a riser recliner chair, it is a very unstable world indeed.

GFA Radford Riser recliner

From Russian spies and immediate family being poisoned on British soil to people being killed and injured by poisonous gas in Syria, it becomes very frightening, what will happen next? as well as that there is the fall out that is going to happen when the UK leaves the EU (I am so fed up with the word Brexit where ever did that come from?), will it affect the relatively stable situation in Ireland at present or will the various factions there use the possibility of the return of border controls to reignite old tensions?

It is terrible that from whatever of the two sides you supported when the referendum took place there was no requirement for a situation which perhaps had needed a two-thirds majority to make the result binding as it was a majority of one either way would have been enough. Unfortunately, the result leaves the 16 million or so who voted to stay disenfranchised and the 17 plus million who voted to leave do not seems as though they will actually get what they thought was being offered and what they wanted. Lots of people, (mainly Tony Blair) think that we should have another referendum when the final  terms are agreed, if that happens and the result is that the terms are rejected and that the UK wishes to stay in the EU what happens next, will the rest of the EU members actually allow us to stay and if they do will they want the UK to renegotiate the terms and will the UK then finish up falling between two stools?  

In the time I have been around, not all of it sat in a riser recliner chair, I have seen the missile crisis between the USA and Russia which we felt as though it might be the end of the world, the struggle in Vietnam between the USA and the Vietcong which ended in an embarrassing and panic style withdrawal by the Americans, followed by the fall of the Berlin wall and the supposed freedom of the East from communism which now seems to have led to another Dictator who is stronger than people from the past such as Kruschev or even Stalin and with powers that reach out to the whole world.

The only thing I have realised in that time is that the ordinary person in the world has very little, if any, real influence on what our supposed leaders do in this world but we keep trying to believe until somebody can find a better and peaceful way for us all to live.

If you are stressed by what is happening then just get yourself comfortable in a riser recliner chair and relax, it won’t make any difference to what happens but at least you can be comfortable as it all goes on!