Swivel chairs so comfortable so versatile

When space is at a premium then the space saving offered by swivel recliner chairs can be really advantageous.

Siena Truffle Swivel Chair

Small rooms can really benefit by having a compact but comfortable swivel recliner chair and most come with matching footstools to give even more support. Bedrooms, conservatories, offices are all really ideal places to utilise these swivel recliner chairs in but one of the really great places for them is on narrow boats (them that you see gliding slowly along the canals across the UK). But then you have to think if they will fit so well onto a narrow boat what about holiday homes or mobile homes? The amount of different places you can use them is enormous.

If you look through the swivel recliner chairs we have on offer at www.mobilityproducts4u.org there is bound to be one that will fit into your space however limited it is. The beauty as well is that most come ready for assembly and so it makes getting them into tight spaces even easier.

With chairs from GFA, Serene and Julian Bowen we can offer soft cloth fabrics, faux suede or faux leather as well as real leather and with prices starting from as little as £169.00 including VAT and delivery you do not need to break the bank to be very comfortable.


Shown above is the GFA Siena swivel chair with footstool which is available in two colours Cafe Latte or Truffle both faux leather (who thinks these names up?) it has a matching upholstered base and slim and comfortable, ideal for use in confined areas, but this is just one of many wonderful and supportive swivel recliner chairs we can offer you and all at really good prices. Standard delivery is normally 5 to 10 working days and sometimes even quicker.

All sizes are shown on the site but if you need any more  information or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, Robert Winchurch, by email at office@mobilityproducts4u.org or by using the contact form on the site or if you prefer I am always delighted to take phone calls on 01492 548102 and try to use my years and years of experience in the furniture trade (I only started back in 1959) to guide you to the best chair for your comfort.

Remember if it is a narrow boat a holiday home or just a small room in your home we will have a swivel recliner chair that is just right for you