If University beckons for your family make sure they are safe

Exams over, schools out but for many, it is just the start of a new adventure, make sure that their adventure does not end up with them in an adjustable bed or wheelchair because of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Safety for anyone in life is important but for students, perhaps leaving home for the first time, it is even more so. Most will, in their first year, go into University designated accommodation (halls of residence) but some and certainly most second-year students will opt for private flats or shared houses and therein can lay the danger. All rented properties should come, by law, with gas safety certificates that mean that all boilers and gas appliances a safe and properly and regularly checked, as well as gas items anything that has a flue that extracts fumes such as an open fire or wood burner should also be checked and the stacks swept two, three or four times a year.

The good landlords will, of course, know about and comply with these regulations, but others may not know or may not care, heaven forbid that they might have to spend their own money to look after the people occupying the property despite taking rent from them, but CARBON MONOXIDE is not known as the silent killer without good reason.

Carbon Monoxide is tasteless, colourless and invisible but can have devastating effects, mainly death of course but as well it can cause damage to those who survive death that could affect the heart, liver, kidneys, brain, lungs or indeed any part of the human body and leave the person crippled and bedridden or wheelchair bound for the rest of their lives.  

So if during this summer you are going to look at accommodation for any member of your family, young or old, off to university then the first and most important thing to do is to insist on seeing a CURRENT GAS SAFETY CERTIFICATE, most good landlords will have this ready to show you anyway but some may forget but whatever you do make sure that their possible error is not something that robs your family of its future potential or even worse the life of one of its members.

Do not let a wheelchair or mobility scooter or an adjustable bed become part of your families life just because you didn’t ask to see the GAS SAFETY CERTIFICATE or did not check that the chimneys had been swept regularly.

We will return to this desperately important subject again before the start of the University year but if you need more information then please check out, at the very least, one or both of these excellent websites for information and advice. https://www.consumersafetyinternational.com/ https://www.leanonus.co/

Be sensible and make sure your loved ones are safe from Carbon monoxide