Adjustable bed mattresses

Is it time to change your adjustable bed mattress?

It is a fact that we all take our adjustable bed mattress for granted.  For those who have conditions that mean we use an adjustable bed, it’s important that the mattress is pristine.

Do you make your own bed? If so how often do you check the mattress to make sure it is not sagging or lumpy? If you have a carer do they ever tell you that the mattress does not look in good condition?

For most of us that use an adjustable bed, we tend to spend more time in bed than most. This coupled with our movements can shorten the life of the mattress and for that reason, it is important to check it regularly.

If you have discovered that perhaps it has seen better days (or nights) what mattress do you buy next? For most of us, it will only be the mattress that needs replacing. However, it is wise to check the base and the action as well before making your final decision.

There are basically three different types of mattresses you can buy to replace the one that has worn out.

1). Pocket spring mattresses 

A pocket sprung mattress on a shallow based adjustable bed

2). Pocket spring and memory foam mattresses 

Pocket sprung and memory foam mattress

3). Foam mattresses 

Memory foam mattress

Within those three main areas, there are of course variations and perhaps these thoughts below might help your selection.

Spring interior mattresses; Ensure that if you buy a spring interior mattress to use on an adjustable bed that it has pocket springs. This type of spring operate independently of each other and will move with your body and the bed’s action.

A less expensive Bonnell spring unit is all linked together and also has an edge wire all around it. Used on an adjustable bed this can easily bend out of shape and kink.

Spring interior and foam;  Again make sure that the combination is of pocket springs with foam. This is normally a layer of memory foam over the spring unit and means that it is single sided. The benefit of this is that you do not need, as with pocket spring mattresses, to turn it over.

Foam mattresses; There can be a wide range of options with foam mattresses but the main choice is normally memory foam. This product was initially designed in conjunction with NASA to help astronauts cope with the G force pressure during the launch period.

From there it became very helpful for the medical profession to enable long term patients to avoid bed sores.  Over the years the product has improved and is now widely accepted as being the leading seller in all mattress types. One problem that memory foam initially created was that of being to warm for some users, that has now been eradicated by the use of better covers that keep the mattresses at a level temperature.

As well as memory foam there are options to select either Latex foam a natural product from the rubber tree or reflex foam. The later is a man-made product that tends to be firmer than the other two.

Some manufacturers are also offering ‘Gel foam mattresses’ but at this stage, we are not confident enough in the product to include it in our ranges.

When you come to order it is important to check both the width and the length as you do not want the mattress hanging over the side of your bed. By the same token, all adjustable beds nowadays are 6′ 6″ in length. So it is important that you do not order a standard mattress, make sure it is an adjustable bed mattress.

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Adjustable bed mattresses
Article Name
Adjustable bed mattresses
It is a fact that we all take our adjustable bed mattress for granted.  For those who have conditions that mean we use an adjustable bed, it's important that the mattress is pristine.