Blue Badges for Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair Users

Blue badges are valuable and the theft of them is increasing

If you have a blue badge the chances are that you use a mobility scooter or wheelchair.

However, because they offer better parking facilities, they are now getting stolen by dishonest people. The idea is that they can then use them for their own selfish purposes.

If you have a wheelchair that you need to use for shopping then a Blue Badge is a necessity. Being able to park easily and get your wheelchair out is not a privilege, ask any true Blue Badge holder.

Let’s be positive about this though, having a blue Badge offers many benefits. Providing you do not block entrances or park on bus stops you can park on double yellow lines. You have to remember not to get to close to junctions and never park across those bumpy bits. They are designed to help the blind and people with sight impediments to be aware of the road crossing.

It is a fact that more and more Blue Badges are being stolen. People who do not legally qualify want them to be able to park without trouble. There are so many selfish people about and the chance of them being caught is very small. If you are a proper user of a Blue Badge then you will know it is issued to you and not your car. This is so that if you need someone else to take you somewhere you can still use the benefits.

When you display the badge in the car you have traveled in,  it is shown with the details upwards. On the other side is a picture of the holder of the card. If for any reason a traffic warden or Police officer checks the badge they would normally be satisfied with the details. They would not know at that stage if it was stolen or being used by an able-bodied person.

My own experiences;

I have a Blue Badge in my name, but because of my sleep apnoea, I do not drive.

The sleep apnoea mask and machine work to keep the airways open and to help you breathe through the night

My wife drives when we go out together and we use the badge then. This is because of my severe arthritis which means every step is very painful. As a result being able to park close to wherever we are going is a real benefit. I use either my walking sticks or a rollator to help me get about.

When my wife goes out on her own for any reason, she doesn’t use the badge. Whilst this is legally required a lot of people do ‘forget’ and use the badge as one of convenience.

Make sure that your Blue Badge is protected, let’s not encourage those cruel people who feel they should be able to have anything they want!

Finally, perhaps we should remember not to judge others as not all disabilities are visible.