50 Years of the Blue Badge System

50 Years of the Blue Badge System

Blue badges can be a real help for those with disabilities

It is fifty years since they, the blue badges were first introduced. Parking and road traffic was very different back in 1970, so were the cars!

A real 1970’s Ford Cortina, mine was Brown, great cars in their time!

As time has progressed so has the number of us needing and using the Blue Badge Scheme. Indeed there will soon be more people over 50 than under 50!

With age, in a lot of cases, comes problems. Arthritis, heart problems, sleep apnoea and eyesight. These are just some of the many reasons why people need to apply for their own blue Badge.

It gives you more freedom parking and for those who need to use wheelchairs, it can be a real boon.


A traditional style transit wheelchair
A Self Propel wheelchair

Either type of manual wheelchair will, normally, fold easily to get in and out of the car.

Security for your Blue Badge.

With the traffic congestion and lack of parking spaces available, until this recent pandemic, Blue Badges are becoming valuable.  Theft of them has increased dramatically recently and should you lose yours it is your responsibility! There can be fines involved if you do not report the loss and someone else uses it. By the same token someone borrowing your badge to just ‘nip to the shops for themselves’ is also wrong!

Once you have your Blue Badge then you will be able to get out more easily. Should you have a mobility scooter rather than a wheelchair then life could be even easier.

Mobility Scooters (Small Size)

The Yoga folding mobility scooter is ideal for shopping

A Yoga mobility scooter even has its own carry case, ideal if you are going on holiday.

Shown here the Yoga folding scooter in its own case.

Mobility scooters (Midsize)

This type of mobility scooter is ideal for getting in and out of your car whilst the bigger versions may need dismantling.


The Go-Go-Elite disassembled in 5 pieces
Ready for use after easy assembly

Mobility Scooters (Large)

The Excel Galaxy Plus 8mph mobility scooter is available in a range of colours.

These large road going mobility scooters can also command a parking slot of their own!

If you need any advice about any mobility scooters or wheelchairs then please feel free to contact me Robert Winchurch on 01492 548102. Or email me at office@mobilityproducts4u.org and I will do my very best to help.

It is a fact though that not all disabilities are visible.  Which means you shouldn’t always jump to conclusions when you see someone who looks fit park in a disabled bay.

It is also sensible to be wary of saying anything to others, I once did. The lady swept into a disabled bay in her posh BMW Convertable and jumped out about to run into Tesco. I mentioned to her she had forgotten to put her Blue Badge on display as required and she raised two fingers at me and disappeared inside! Not becoming of a Lady!!

If you are unfortunate enough to need a Blue Badge then respect it and treat it as a Badge of honour. After all, we have had 50 Years of the Blue Badge System






Rollz Motion2 combined rollator and wheelchair

Rollz Motion2 combined rollator and wheelchair is available from www.mobilityproducts4u.org

The Rollz motion rollator can turn it into a wheelchair easily
As a rollator
Folds so easily

The Rollz Motion2 has so many features to make your life easier.


  • Stylish; Award-winning Dutch design this rollator and wheelchair in one is ideal for going out in style
  • Stable; Walk tall and steadily between the ergonomic handgrips. These are adjustable for height.
  • Compact; The Rollz motion2 is easily foldable into a compact size that will fit into almost any car.
  • Comfortable; The large rear wheels with soft tyres combine with the foam handles to ensure a comfortable walk.
  • Manoeuvrable; Light steering and easy motion with the manoeuvrable front wheels.
  • Easy Aid;  Acess doorsteps and kerbs easily with the kerb assistant
  • Convenient; Rest on the comfortable cushioned seat or easily transform the rollator into a wheelchair.
  • Safe; The innovative drum brakes are suitable in wet or dry conditions.

The Rollz Motion2 combined rollator and wheelchair is available in four different colours;


  • Pebble White
  • Dark Purple
  • Matt Black
  • Island Blue

Thanks to easy conversion system the Rollz motion2 rollator can transform quickly and easily into a wheelchair.

Rollz Motion 2 is absolutely ideal for those of us with reduced walking ability. It will give support as used as a rollator with the adjustable height handles making it so easy to use. Whatever ever your height. Then if you need to rest you can at a flick of the wrist turn it into a wheelchair. The comfortable seat will ease your aches whilst the carer will find it so easy to push.

We do not claim the Rollz motion2 is the least expensive rollator but we do think it is the best, probably.

Ordering through me, Robert Winchurch at www.mobilityproducts4u.org or by phone on 01492548102 makes life so easy. Just look at the reviews on Trustpilot to see the service we give.

Online services are also much easier and safer in these times and remember I am only a phone call away if you need help.



Strange times make it sensible to buy your adjustable bed online

Strange times make it sensible to buy your adjustable bed online.

An adjustable bed showing the head and foot ends raised slightly.

Back then.

When I left school back in 1959 I started working in the furniture store for the Coop in Birmingham. They too were strange times, the economy was just starting to expand and goods became more available. In those days though most of the goods, we sold in the furniture store were made in the UK. As the factories had suffered tremendous damage production was slower. As a result, the ranges were more limited. Prices were also controlled by both the government and the manufacturers.  Sales were genuine and normally happened twice a year (Winter and Summer) to clear excess stock.

I was fortunate as a young lad to be able to go to factory training courses.  This allowed me to see how the beds were made. All these years later the production methods are still very similar. However, the addition to the ranges available to include adjustable beds has been the main difference.

Back in the day, (to coin a phrase) you could buy beds on legs or with a head and footboard. The head and footboard sets had a wire mesh base some which even had coil springs under them.

The type of bad base available at the end of the 1950s

Then the manufacturers introduced deep bases to replace the traditional sets and the divan arrived!

A 1960’s advert for a Dunlopillo divan bed

There was no such thing as an adjustable bed back then. Certainly, no one had heard of or even envisaged something like the internet ever happening.  We were more interested in pop music and the start of the so-called ‘swinging sixties’. I was there but it passed me by!

And Now

They were strange times, but now 61 years on at the age of 76 I think they are even more strange. We have a virus in our midst that no one really knows how to beat (as yet). As a result, we must all be more careful and caring. Caring for each other in ways we had never thought of before. Making sure your family, friends and neighbours are all alright. Certainly, our neighbours have all offered help to us in any way they can and we really appreciate them.

Strange times make it sensible to buy your adjustable bed online. You can find all the information you need on our website www.mobilityproducts4u.org. And of course, I am always available by phone to answer all of your questions. Ring me, Robert Winchurch, on 01492 548102.

2 single beds linked together to make a king-size adjustable bed

We have adjustable beds in various sizes from 2′ 3″ wide right up to 6′ 0″. Our delivery is to the room of choice where it will be assembled by our specialist logistics guys. They are of course trained in all aspects of social distancing and will leave you safe and sound. We take the packaging away and can even for a small cost remove and recycle your old bed.

A single adjustable bed available as 2’3″, 2’6″ 3’0″ and 3′ 6″ sizes.

Safety first.

Why wait until the bedding store reopen when you can place your order online now. Do you want to go to the shops and try out beds when other people may have laid down them? It is far safer and easier to order from us and have a brand new bed made especially for you!

Remember if you try a bed in a shop and then order it the one you get may be different.  The one you have tried may have been sat on or laid on by lots of others. So the new one you receive is bound to feel different! Why take that chance, talk to me about your requirements, my advice is free. After 61 years I am still learning but I know a lot of things about beds especially the adjustable beds. If I don’t know the answer I will be honest and tell you! But I will find the answer and let you know.

Stay safe, stay alert and stay home and let us do the work! We will bring you your new adjustable bed.

You know that in these strange times make it sensible to buy your adjustable bed online


Listen to the music in a swivel recliner chair

Listen to the music in a swivel recliner chair. I love listening to music from my past in my swivel recliner chair. It is something that you can do as well, we are still able to deliver and assemble swivel recliner chairs.

My swivel recliner is ideal for listening to music in

With the help of our suppliers, we have in excess of 25 different models we can offer to you. Most of them come with home assembly included but some will require you to do it yourself.

You can easily move the stool to one side if you do not want to use it.

My own taste in music is very varied but tends to be in the ‘pop’ area. With choices that go from Eddie Cochran (who cannot enjoy Summertime Blues) right through to Ed Sheeran. However, my favourite at present is to listen to Gold Radio and its greatest hits station. It is so amazing just how many great songs from my era they can play.

The side handle on the Santorini allows you to lock the backrest in place.

With swivel recliner chairs available in soft cloth covers, Faux Velvets, Faux Leather and Leather we have one for you!

The Siena in Faux leather

Due to the current situation delivery can be a little longer than normal. These fantastic swivel recliner chairs are though, well worth waiting for.

Marseille chair is shown in a  soft cloth fabric cover.

Different styles of base or legs come with the different chairs and all of them are complete with matching footstools.

Perhaps use your laptop, it is so easy in a swivel recliner chair.

The range of different colours available across our many swivel recliner chairs is enormous. This means there is certainly going to be one which suits your decor.

Bright colours will like the Yellow on the Albury swivel recliner are available


With most of the swivel recliner chairs, you can move the stool away if you do not want to use it.

The Auckland swivel recliner chair with the footstool moved to one side

Our main supplier, GFA (Global Furniture Alliance) is based in Monmouth from where they arrange delivery to all parts of the UK.

Relax in Biarritz, well in the Biarritz swivel recliner anyway.

The staff at GFA are friendly and efficient and will ensure that your choice of chair is delivered as quickly as possible.

Whichever chair takes your fancy, we here at www.mobilityproducts4u.org can tell you all about it and help to guide you to the one for you.

Whatever your musical tastes you can Listen to the music in a swivel recliner chair

Sleep well with an adjustable bed

Sleep well with an adjustable bed

It is difficult during this lockdown period to always get what we want or need. So it is good news that at least some of our leading adjustable bed manufacturers are starting back to work.

We have had a long and strong relationship with bodyease and their fantastic range of adjustable and motion beds. Now they are starting the process of reopening their factory, whilst of course adhering to the rules of social distancing. With health and safety, an absolute essential all members of the company will make your new bed whilst wearing PPE.

With home delivery and assembly conducted by HDD whose, ,technicians are fully trained. They observe all rules regarding social distancing but make your life easier.

With a range of different mattresses to select from you can be sure that there is an adjustable that will suit your needs. We offer from bodyease;

  • Pocket spring,
  • A pocket sprung mattress on a deep base
  • Pocket spring and memory foam,
  • Pocket springs and memory foam mattress with a deep base
  • Reflex foam,
  • Details of a reflex foam mattress
  • Memory Foam,
  • Memory foam mattress with head-end slightly raised
  • Reflex and Memory foam
  • A combination mattress with reflex and memory foam
  • Latex foam.
  • The Latex foam mattress from bodyease

There are full details on www.mobilityproducts4u.org of all of the different mattresses.

There is a range of sizes that go from 2′ 3″ to 3′ 6″ in singles and 4′ 0″ and 4′ 6″ doubles. You can also by combing single sets together have either 5′ 0 or 6’0″beds, but remember whatever the width all adjustable beds are 6′ 6″ long.

Of course whatever size or mattress you choose we know you will sleep well with an adjustable bed.

The sensible and safe return to work at bodyease may well, of course, mean that delivery times are slightly longer than normal.

Robert Winchurch has been in the bedding trade since 1959. Whilst he doesn’t know everything he does have years of experience that can help you select the right bed. If in doubt just ask! Call on 01492 548102 or email us at office@mobilityproducts4u.org

Robert Winchurch, he is old and knows a bit about mobility needs and products




Mobility scooters and wheelchairs

Mobility scooters and wheelchairs can be so helpful to those with restricted mobility.

Just one of the many mobility scooters still available through our website

It is so difficult in these times of lockdown for anyone to get about.  Imagine though, that you are one of us over 70 and with restricted movement. We can only go out for shopping or exercise and if you are like me the exercise part is difficult. So walking to the shops is not always a possibility and we might need a mobility scooter or wheelchair.

Excel Globe traveller Self Propel Wheelchair

Fortunately several of our manufacturers are still able to supply for us. And home delivery and assembly and demonstration is still part of our service. Items we can still offer include;

  • Attendant controlled Wheelchairs
  • Self Propel Wheelchairs
  • Tri Walkers
  • Rollators
  • Power Chairs
  • 4mph Mobility Scooters
  • 8mph mobility scooters
  • Swivel Recliner Chairs.
Rollator in use
An Igo Powerchair

All of these items should be able to be delivered to you directly from our warehouses. Subject to availability and of course delivery is also subject to the normal social distancing requirements. This means that our delivery teams will place the items on your doorstep.  They will ring your bell and stand back at least two metres and sign on your behalf.

Unfortunately, we cannot at present offer our white glove delivery service. This would require a two-man team entering your property to assemble for you. Once we are beyond the existing restrictions we will resume this service.

If you are in a situation where you cannot get out because of a disability it may be frustrating. A product from our ranges may help, tri walkers, rollators, wheelchairs and mobility scooters can set you free.  Giving you the opportunity to get out to the local shops or to the post box.

Should you need any help in selecting the right item for you please just call me, Robert Winchurch. I can be reached on 01492 548102 or through the website.

Robert Winchurch is old and knows a bit about mobility needs and products




Strange times but mobility scooters are still needed

The Yoga mobility scooter is ideal indoors or outdoors

In the very strange times we find ourselves in, people still need mobility scooters. Whether it is something small like the Yoga from Excel that folds up into its own case or something larger we can still supply.

The Yoga folding scooter in its own case.

Ideal for taking on holiday, once this situation is resolved. You could stay in the UK and visit Victoria24llandudno.co.uk an ideal holiday resort in which to use a small mobility scooter.

If you prefer something bigger then we have a whole range to offer you including road-going mobility scooters.

The Colt deluxe from Pride is a super scooter with a top speed of 4mph
The Excel Galaxy Plus has a top speed of 8mph. It is allowed on the roads as well as on the pavement.

The road going mobility scooters must have lights, indicators, mirrors and an audible warning system. That’s a horn to you and me. They have a variable speed control system and whilst it is legal to travel on the road at 8mph, you can only go at a maximum of 4mp on the pavement.

With all of the problems at present, we all want to stay as independent as possible. Our range of mobility scooters is designed to do just that. If it is something light and easy that you can use around the home or something faster we have it!

Our mobility scooters are delivered to your home by our specialist logistics team. They not only deliver but they assemble and demonstrate all the functions for you. Once you are happy they will remove all of the packagings and leave you to play with your new scooter.

Service is all important to us and obviously to you. So you can feel safe that if any problems arise we are here to resolve them for you. Just a phone call to us and we will work on getting resolved quickly.

Even in these strange circumstances, we are still available to help you make your selection. A phone call to me Robert Winchurch on 01492 548102 will give you the chance to ask any questions. Alternatively, if you do not want to talk to this old geezer

then you can either email us at office@mobilityproducts4u.org or use the contact form on the website.

Whatever you do take care and stay safe.

Rollator or Triwalker, which is best?

Rollator or Triwalker, which is best? It all depends on your circumstances. Rollators can be ideal for use both outdoors and indoors and are very stable.

A Rollator is ideal for you to use indoors and outdoor

Triwalkers are ideal for indoor use because they can fit through narrow spaces easily.

Triwalkers can fit through narrow spaces

For all of us with mobility restrictions, the opportunity to use something like a Rollator or Triwalker can give confidence. The extra support and balance they can give is essential. Triwalkers can be so useful and once the user is confident you will see them reducing the width. This enables them to get through those most narrow of spaces whilst still having support.

Rollators are so versatile, go fishing and sit and wait for the catch of the day, or just sit in the sun and read.

For anyone who wants to go that bit further the rollator can offer extra benefits. The shopping basket is that bit bigger and there is also a built-in seat.  That can be so helpful if you become tired whilst you are out shopping.

The wide range we have and more being added the selection offered at mobilityproducts4u.org is fantastic.

We offer free home delivery on all orders over £100 so all you need to do is open the door.

Even with these difficult times that we are experiencing it is still possible for you to go out. Either for some exercise or for essential shopping.  Just make sure you are sensible about social distancing! When you do venture out it is certain that the rollator or triwalker will ensure your safety.

Please be careful both in your home and outside, make sure if you can that you get some fresh air and a bit of exercise but don’t overdo it.

Rollator or Triwalker, which is best? That really is your choice but if you would like any advice please do not hesitate to call me Robert Winchurch at mobilityproducts4u.org. I will be more than happy to talk you through the differences.

A Triwalker complete with a shopping bag
The Rollator shown has both a seat and a shopping bag
Robert Winchurch, he is old and knows a bit about mobility needs and products



Attendant or Self Propel Wheelchair

Attendant or Self Propel wheelchair

Attendant type wheelchair
Excel Globetraveller Self Propel Wheelchair

It is a question that is often asked but there is no right or wrong answer. If you have a carer who takes you out,  then it would seem that the attendant version is best.

If you look at the two pictures, however, you may wonder if the Self Propel version might better.

For the person pushing it is very possible that the larger rear wheels will make it easier. Whilst the braking system is still the same, this means the overall control is better.

It is also easier to manoeuvre a self propel wheelchair in and out of a car for transportation. This because when you fold the Self Propel wheelchair flat the large rear wheels come off. So the frame is lighter to lift in and out of your car boot.

Quick-release buttons allow easy removal of large rear wheels
One wheel easily removed

Just push the quick-release buttons on the wheels and then fold the wheelchair flat, so easy.

If you prefer an attendant controlled wheelchair then it will fold easily, but maybe slightly heavier to lift.

Attendant controlled wheelchair partially folded

Apart from the benefit of the rear wheels being removable, the self propel version is just easier to push. Those big rear wheels cover the ground quicker and so will mean less work for whoever is pushing you.

The choice of wheelchairs is fantastic in both styles and we here at mobilityproducts4u.org are happy to offer advice when needed. Just email us or call us on 01492 548102 and Robert will be on hand to discuss the best option for you.

Even during these strange and difficult times, we are keeping working. It is still possible to arrange quick deliveries for most of the wheelchairs in our ranges.

Attendant or Self Propel Wheelchair, the choice is yours but our advice is free.


Benefits with the Camberley riser recliner chair

Benefits with the Camberley riser recliner chair.

The Camberley riser recliner even offers an extension for the ankle support

The Camberley Premier dual motor riser recliner also has the added benefits.  A powered headrest, as well as a powered unit to adjust the lumbar area, ensures that you can get comfortable.

You can even charge your phone, tablet or laptop by using the built-in USB port in the handset.

Select from any one of three standard fabric colours available. Or if you prefer you can request either Faux or real leather at an added cost.

Imagine your home being enhanced by this lovely dual motor riser recliner chair.

So easy to use the simple handset will take you from sitting to standing quietly and safely. Then when you return just press the button and down you go with no pressure on your joints.

Once you are sitting you can, by using the handset, adjust the headrest or the lumbar support. It is even so easy to extend the footrest for extra support for your ankles.

The footrest and backrest on this dual motor recliner chair operate independently of each other.  This allows you to put your feet up without reclining the backrest. So if you want to read, watch TV or work on your laptop you can whilst having your legs raised.

There are matching items available for the Camberley dual motor riser recliner. These include a fixed chair and two-seater or three-seater fixed sofas.

We pride ourselves for being able to offer great service and advice about riser recliner chairs. Please feel free to contact me, Robert Winchurch, and I will talk you through your requirements.

Robert Winchurch, owner of mobilityproducts4u.org

When your Camberley Premier dual motor riser recliner is delivered it is by a specialist logistics company.  HDD use trained technicians who not only bring your new chair but they unpack it and assemble it as well.

Once it is assembled they will ensure all is working properly and then give you a full demonstration.  They will make sure you are aware of all of the benefits with the Camberley riser recliner chair.