Adjustable beds in different sizes

Adjustable beds in different sizes are not always available. Here at, we have, possibly, the widest selection of different sizes.

A latex foam mattress on an adjustable base
  • 2′ 3″ is the narrowest width we offer
  • 2′ 6″ this size can be ideal when space is at a premium. Such as when someone needs nursing downstairs or in another bedroom.
  • 3′ 0″ is the size that most people consider a normal single bed. It is ideal for those people who are going to be using the bed long term.
  • Pocket springs with memory foam
  • 3′ 6″ Sometimes called a large single it offers that extra space.
  • 4′ 0″ wide beds sometimes called a three-quarter bed. Now known as a compact double bed. It can be used by two people when needed. It has one control and one action.
  • 4′ 6″ width beds are the double beds that most people know.  Called the standard double it gives even more room.
  • 5′ 0″ wide (King size) adjustable beds can either be supplied with one or two actions. With one action the whole of the mattress will be raised or lowered. Whilst if two people want to be together but have their own controls you need two actions. This is done by linking two 2′ 6″ beds together. This ensures that both users can decide where they want to position themselves.
  • 6′ 0″ wide adjustable beds are known here in the UK as Super King Size. Though sometimes the American name of Queen size is also used. Normally made up of two 3′ 0″ wide beds linked together.

First of all, select the size that you need. Then think about the mattress. Pocket springs, memory foam, latex foam or perhaps a combination of those. After being in the trade since 1959 I have plenty of information and advice I can give you.  So when you need to know more just call me Robert Winchurch

on 01492 548192 or by email at I will offer the best advice and information for your needs,

Sunshine brings back memories

Many years ago, I was for a while, a sales representative for L’Oreal of Paris. Well, I thought I was worth it even if they didn’t! It was, looking back a wonderful training for life. Sunshine brings back memories of those days. Selling Ambre Solaire suntan products in February each year was always an achievement!

The furniture and mobility trade is a lot more fulfilling than selling hair products, well in my mind.

I met many people and learnt how to present myself especially in meetings. As well it taught me that selling is not always about getting the order, but also understanding your customer’s needs.

For instance it, back then Elnett was a very expensive hairspray and so it was fine selling it into department stores. Or even chemists shops in the more well off areas, but a shop in a less affluent would need a cheaper product.  When you called on the same shops on a regular basis it was important you got it right. Otherwise, you would find yourself unwelcome.

Mind you as a salesman with targets and a boss to report to it wasn’t always easy to balance orders and customers needs. We introduced a new product during one sales period and at the end of the first week, I hadn’t sold any! Big trouble from my Boss who couldn’t understand my customers didn’t want another hair bleach on their shelves. So I decided to use the product, Softly blonde it was called, on myself. From mousy brown to bleached blonde I got more response in my customer’s shops than ever before! All the young ladies pressurised their bosses to but the product and suddenly I went from zero to hero! I did encounter problems a few weeks later though when the roots started growing through. Nowadays though I have no hair to bleach or colour, I wonder if it was that softly Blonde!

That sort of thing was fine when I was young and footloose. Then as I have become slightly older you have to be concerned about getting both sides right.

So nowadays I do my very best to offer service and advice when conducting any sales.

It is so easy to talk to people and find out what their needs are. For instance, if someone wants a wheelchair then I need to discuss if it is a self-propelled or an attendant controlled version they need.  It is no use supplying a self propel version to somebody with limited arm movement.  They will need to be moved about by a carer or loved one.


So as the sunshine brings back memories I can think that the time I spent with L’Oreal was well worth it! That is apart from what did happen to the hair?

Sunshine brings back memories

Time for a new mattress for your adjustable bed?

For many, it is probably time for a new mattress for your adjustable bed. But how do you choose which mattress is right for you?

The first thing to do is to ensure you are talking to somebody with years of experience in the trade. That’s why should be your first site to visit. Having started in the bedding trade back in 1959 I have seen it evolve and grow.

Adjustable beds have become such a boon to those of us with difficulties that restrict our movement. To be able to lift your feet and legs up at the touch of a button can improve your circulation. Whilst raising your head can help with COPD or Acid Reflux. It is also ideal for sitting up and reading or watching television.

The one thing we all do though is take our mattress for granted. Those of us who use adjustable beds will tend to spend more time in them.  This can mean that they need replacing more often, probably about every 8 to 10 years.

What to select though;

  • Pocket Spring mattresses

    A pocket sprung mattress on an adjustable base
  • Pocket Spring and Memory Foam mattresses

    Pocket springs with memory foam
  • Reflex Foam mattresses

    Reflex foam mattress with an adjustable base
  • Memory foam and Reflex foam mattresses

    Memory foam and reflex foam combined
  • Latex foam mattresses

    A latex foam mattress on an adjustable base

Starting with pocket Spring mattresses. They have individual springs ins calico nested pocket springs which move individually. With very comfortable fillings and tufting for extra support, they are ideal for adjustable beds.  They are also double sided and so can be turned over to give extra life to the mattress.

By adding memory foam to a pocket spring unit you remove the need to turn the mattress over. The layer of memory foam moulds to your body and removes the pressure from your joints.

Reflex foam mattresses can work in harmony with your body to give outstanding levels of support.  The filler free reflex foam mattress has good shape retention and long term durability.

Memory foam and Reflex foam combine together to provide a superior and consistent support that can suit everyone. The memory foam will be both energy absorbing and temperature sensitive. Whilst the reflex foam will add durability and shape retention.

Latex is a natural product from the rubber tree. It is hypoallergenic, supportive and works well in conjunction with your adjustable bed.

Please remember to check your bed regularly, it may well be time for a new mattress for your adjustable bed. If you cannot check it yourself then ask your family, a friend or a carer to do it for you. A mattress only has a limited lifetime and if it is more than 5 years old you should check it. If it is more than 8 to 10 years old you probably should change it!

If you would like any help or advice about a new mattress then contact me Robert Winchurch.

Robert Winchurch, owner of

On 01492 548102 or by email at and I will be delighted to advise you.


Rollators can help so much

Rollators can help so much.

So easy to use and so helpful as an aid to walking

With so many different rollators on our site, there is bound to be one that will suit you.

Do you need a small rollator for use indoors? Then perhaps the Invacare Dolomite Legacy 450 might be ideal.

Ideal for using around the home or when out shopping

This compact but sturdy rollator offers so much for so little! It comes with 4 sturdy wheels and hand operated brakes. As well the Legacy 450 has a tray a backstrap and a basket. This makes it so easy to move from room to room. Rollators can help so much

With so much choice you need to work out what your requirements are. You could decide that something like the Rollz motion rollator and wheelchair.


Use the rollator functionality

As the name implies this can give you the best of both worlds. It is useable as a rollator or convert it into a wheelchair.

Or turn it into wheelchair mode

This fantastic rollator is available in four different colours, Purple, White, Glossy Island Blue or Matt Black. It can be folded for transportation so when you want to go out it is so easy. It is so simple to turn it from a rollator to a wheelchair and back again.

This premium rollator is available in 3 different colours, Blue, Champagne (as shown) or Red

With height adjustable handles the user can set the most comfortable position for themselves. With loop style locking brakes this is so comfortable to rest on when out and about.

Rollators can help so much and the selection that we offer on our site is very extensive. With prices ranging from £68.00 excluding VAT right up to £544.00 excluding VAT, we will have one to suit your pocket.

Delivery on these rollators is normally just 3 to 5 working days and sometimes quicker.

If you have any questions or need any advice then please contact me, Robert Winchurch on 01492 548102. Alternatively, you can use the contact form on the web site and we will respond very quickly.

Rollators can help so much, so now is the time to select yours!






Mobility scooters in the news again!

A mobility scooter can be such a great asset and help to those with walking difficulties. However, you must be aware of what you can and cannot do on one. You do not want to end up on national news because you have gone the wrong way down a dual carriageway

The Excel Galaxy Plus, as shown above, is just one of 8mph road going mobility scooters that we offer. This is designed to be used both on the pavement when driven at 4mph or less, or on the road.  It cannot go onto dual carriageways or motorways.

This week police in Derbyshire had to rescue a person who had inadvertently started to drive down a dual carriageway. Even worse he was going the wrong way!

It is legal to take your mobility scooter on the road if it is a class 3 version providing its registered. This must be done with the DVLA as the owner of any vehicle that uses the highways is required to.

Pride I-Go power chair

With power chairs and mobility scooters that can travel up to 4mph, all Class 2 products can only ride on pavements. Obviously, they can cross roads as needed but it is illegal for them to be ridden down the road.

When we at supply any orders for our range of mobility scooters we make sure it is demonstrated. Our specialist logistics company not only deliver your new scooter, but they also assemble it and then give you a full demonstration. You will know what every button does, how to steer it properly and shown how to charge it.

Mobility scooters both 4mph class 2 or 8mph an hour class 3 versions can be life-changing. Even power chairs give you, the user freedom you will have long forgotten, imagine being able to go out on your own again!

If you need any help or information then please contact me, Robert Winchurch

Robert Winchurch, owner of

and I will offer you the benefit of my experience in the trade. Use the contact form on the site or if you prefer to phone me on 01492 548102

We offer over 40 Swivel Recliner chairs with matching footstools


Select from over 40 different swivel recliner chairs with matching footstools and then relax.

Recline and relax in one of our swivel recliner chairs complete with matching footstool

Would you prefer your swivel recliner chair and matching footstool in fabric, faux leather or leather? Whatever your preference we will have one for you.

The Pisa swivel Recliner chair and matching footstool in Fabric.
The Mandel in soft fabric

All of our swivel recliner chairs are now delivered and assembled for you at the prices shown.  Whilst assembling the chair is not the most complicated thing to do it can take a little while and a lot of effort.

So much comfort from the Florida swivel recliner chair and matching footstool

So we believe that you should not to do anything like that! Just open the door and let our team build it for you and then RELAX!

If you like the ease of looking after faux leather then we many different versions for you to select from. All you need to do is just wipe them over with a damp cloth or even just a quick dust!

The Avant Gard in black faux Leather

So many chairs and so many colours just check out the range at

You will find over 40 different models to select from with lots of choice of colour and finishes. We include several leather models as well.  such as the Sydney shown below.

The Sydney swivel recliner is available in four different leather colours

We make sure that your chair arrives with you in the best possible condition by using specialist carriers.  Such as HDD whose teams are trained in all aspects of furniture assembly.

We can also offer some of our swivel recliner chairs in electric versions. These come with integrated footrests rather than footstools, which can save space.

The Valencia swivels and reclines at the touch of a button
The St-Tropez has different back styling.

Should you wish to have any more information about any of our swivel recliner chairs then please contact us. Or if you prefer you can call me Robert Winchurch

Robert Winchurch, owner of

on 01492 548102 and I will be happy to advise you on all the different models.






Adjustable bed mattresses

Is it time to change your adjustable bed mattress?

It is a fact that we all take our adjustable bed mattress for granted.  For those who have conditions that mean we use an adjustable bed, it’s important that the mattress is pristine.

Do you make your own bed? If so how often do you check the mattress to make sure it is not sagging or lumpy? If you have a carer do they ever tell you that the mattress does not look in good condition?

For most of us that use an adjustable bed, we tend to spend more time in bed than most. This coupled with our movements can shorten the life of the mattress and for that reason, it is important to check it regularly.

If you have discovered that perhaps it has seen better days (or nights) what mattress do you buy next? For most of us, it will only be the mattress that needs replacing. However, it is wise to check the base and the action as well before making your final decision.

There are basically three different types of mattresses you can buy to replace the one that has worn out.

1). Pocket spring mattresses 

A pocket sprung mattress on a shallow based adjustable bed

2). Pocket spring and memory foam mattresses 

Pocket sprung and memory foam mattress

3). Foam mattresses 

Memory foam mattress

Within those three main areas, there are of course variations and perhaps these thoughts below might help your selection.

Spring interior mattresses; Ensure that if you buy a spring interior mattress to use on an adjustable bed that it has pocket springs. This type of spring operate independently of each other and will move with your body and the bed’s action.

A less expensive Bonnell spring unit is all linked together and also has an edge wire all around it. Used on an adjustable bed this can easily bend out of shape and kink.

Spring interior and foam;  Again make sure that the combination is of pocket springs with foam. This is normally a layer of memory foam over the spring unit and means that it is single sided. The benefit of this is that you do not need, as with pocket spring mattresses, to turn it over.

Foam mattresses; There can be a wide range of options with foam mattresses but the main choice is normally memory foam. This product was initially designed in conjunction with NASA to help astronauts cope with the G force pressure during the launch period.

From there it became very helpful for the medical profession to enable long term patients to avoid bed sores.  Over the years the product has improved and is now widely accepted as being the leading seller in all mattress types. One problem that memory foam initially created was that of being to warm for some users, that has now been eradicated by the use of better covers that keep the mattresses at a level temperature.

As well as memory foam there are options to select either Latex foam a natural product from the rubber tree or reflex foam. The later is a man-made product that tends to be firmer than the other two.

Some manufacturers are also offering ‘Gel foam mattresses’ but at this stage, we are not confident enough in the product to include it in our ranges.

When you come to order it is important to check both the width and the length as you do not want the mattress hanging over the side of your bed. By the same token, all adjustable beds nowadays are 6′ 6″ in length. So it is important that you do not order a standard mattress, make sure it is an adjustable bed mattress.

If you need any more help or information then please feel free to contact or call me Robert Winchurch

Robert Winchurch, owner of

on 01492 548102 and I will do my best to use my experience in the bedding and furniture trade to advise you.


Swivel recliner chairs and the assembly of them.

So easy to relax in once it is assembled

Swivel recliner chairs are so comfortable but for some people assembling them might be slightly difficult.

Over the years  I have spent in the furniture trade I must have assembled hundreds of swivel recliner chairs. However, recently I had one for my 75th birthday. When it was delivered it was boxed and partly assembled.  As I had done so many of them in the past I knew what to do. Then it was soon apparent that I was not quite as nimble as I used to be. As a result by the time it was completed I needed to sit down in it and recover.

Just watch this video to see how to assemble one of the range!

That was when I decided that all swivel recliner chairs that we sell will be delivered and assembled. No hidden extras just simple delivery and assembly in the room you want it in.

Relax and put your feet up

Starting with the models from GFA when you place your order you will get the product delivered and assembled. Imagine just how easy that is going to make life for you! Just watch as your new swivel recliner chair is unpacked and assembled. The matching stool will also be built for you all you have to do is watch!

The footstool is built for you, whichever of the chairs in the GFA range you order.

You can now purchase any of the GFA swivel recliner chairs from us knowing it will be completely assembled.  Life is so much easier when you order through

You may be a lot younger than me and want one of these beautiful swivel recliner chairs. There are just so many to select from. Your time, whatever your age is far too important to be spent on assembling a swivel recliner chair.

Just remember, I may be an ‘old geezer’ of 75 but I still pride myself on giving the best service. I now believe that Swivel recliner chairs and the assembly of them should be made easier for you.

If you need any help or information then please do not hesitate to contact me, Robert Winchurch.

Robert Winchurch, owner of

I am available through the contact form on the website at Or email me at If all else fails you can always ring me on 01492 548102 if you do though tell me that I don’t look my age. Please!

Now I am off to my new swivel recliner chair!




Riser recliner chairs, new models added.

Riser recliner chairs, new models. The Ascot dual motor riser recliner chair can help to get you up gently.

Riser recliner chairs, new models added. The Ascot dual motor riser recliner chair can help to get you up gently and easily. It is one of four new models added to our range.

With four new models added to our riser recliner chairs, there is bound to be one to suit your needs.

The new models are Agatha, Ascot, Denmark and Scorpio. These four riser recliner chairs bring our selection to a total of 24 different models.

Let me tell you about the new models individually;


Riser recliner chairs, new models. The Agatha is a dual motor riser recliner chair with a waterfall style back cushion
  • Dual motors for independent actions of both back and footrests
  • Easy to use handset
  • Waterfall style back cushion for better support and comfort
  • Chaise leg rest ensures great support for your legs with no gaps
  • Select from any one of four different colours
  • Beige Fabric
  • Fawn Fabric
  • Cream Plush
  • Truffle Plush
  • Delivered and assembled in your own home
  • Maximum user weight is 125kg (20 stone)


Riser recliner chairs, new models added. The Ascot riser recliner chair has its own USB port in the handset
  • With dual motors, the Ascot riser recliner is so easy to use.
  • You can raise your feet without adjusting the backrest
  • Reclines fully when you want to rest
  • Comes complete with a built-in USB port in the handset
  • This allows you to use and charge your laptop or tablet whilst you use it
  • The buttons on the handset will take you easily and gently to  a standing position
  • Available in two colours
  • Lille Charcoal
  • Lille Sand
  • Delivery and home assembly are included.
  • The Ascot riser recliner chair has a maximum user weight of 20 stone (125kg)


Riser recliner chairs, new models added. The Denmark dual motor riser recliner chair can lay flat.
  • With the added advantage of dual motors, the Denmark is a truly comfortable chair
  • The specially shaped and padded back, together with an extra padded head roll make this riser recliner so supportive
  • Like other chairs in our range, the Denmark has a fully padded chaise leg rest
  • Dual motors mean that you are able to use the back and the footrest independently of each other.
  • This means it is easy to put your feet up whilst retaining your back in an upright position.
  • Enabling you to watch TV read or write more easily.
  • When you decide you need to rest the chair will go to a fully flat position.
  • Padded arms give comfort. Whilst the wooden knuckles on the arms allow you to stand more easily.  The chair will gently and quietly take you to a standing position
  • The specialist logistics team we use for delivery will assemble and demonstrate your new chair to you before removing all of the packagings
  • Delivery and assembly are included in our price.
  • Select from either
  • Brushstroke Cream or
  • Brushstroke Mocha
  • Maximum user weight is 20 stone (125kg)


Riser recliner chairs, new models added. The Scorpio in Mocha leather is just so good looking
  • The Scorpio is in a Mocha leather facing
  • With leather match sides
  • Comfortable padded arms
  • Dual motors to allow the use of the back and footrests separately
  • Sprung seating
  • Fibre filled back cushions
  • Three beautifully padded and contoured back cushions ensure great support
  • The easy to use handset allows you to control the chair and the position you move to
  • The fully padded chaise style leg rest means that you have support right down to your ankles
  • Our delivery and home assembly are included in the price shown.
  • This chair has a maximum user weight of 125kg (20 stone)

If you would like more information about the riser recliner chairs mentioned here please contact me Robert Winchurch

Robert Winchurch, owner of

Either by email at or by using the contact form on our website. Alternatively, you could phone me on 01492 548102 and I will be delighted to chat with you.


The GFA Biarritz Swivel Recliner Chair & Footstool

The GFA Biarritz Swivel Recliner Chair & footstool.

The GFA Biarritz chair and footstool in an upright position

Here at, we make sure that all our swivel recliner chairs, like the GFA Biarritz comfortable as well as attractive.

  • Available in 9 different colours; 6 in a  plush material and 3 in fabric
  • Plush colours
  • Bone: Charcoal: Cherry: Earth: Lagoon & Truffle.
  • Fabric colours
  • Lisbon Grey: Lisbon Wheat & Mist
  • All chairs come with matching bases and a chrome edge trim
  • The Biarritz has a sculptured backrest and head roll
  • The footstool is shaped to ensure total support and comfort for your legs
  • The chair swivels in a full 360% circle
  • By gently pushing against the backrest you can easily recline the chair
  • Use the tension bolt below the seat to set the chair to your own pressure
  • This chair is normally delivered to your home in 7 to 10 days
Biarritz upright
Biarritz Reclined

The real beauty of swivel recliner chairs is that they need so little space but by the same token they are very comfortable.

Equally important is the use of the footstool to relieve the tension and pressure from your legs.

Showing the Biarritz in Plush ‘Earth’ with its footstool

The choice of colours available means that as well as it being a comfortable chair it is bound to have one to fit in with your decor.

The GFA Biarritz is just one of twenty-one different swivel recliner chairs we have on our site as well as a range of riser recliner chairs.

In addition to being so very comfortable, the GFA Biarritz swivel recliner chair is also very supportive.

In the first place, it has the sculptured backrest but also the extra comfortable head roll. Additionally, the footstool means that your whole body will be equally supported.

In addition to unpacking the chair, some home assembly is required but by the same token, it is a simple job to do. Moreover, once you have completed the assembly you will be able to just sit back and relax in your new GFA Biarritz swivel recliner chair supplied by