Why the Topro Troja Classic could be the right rollator for you

Easy and safe to use the Troja Classic from Topro

The original design from Topro The Troja classic is simple to use and easy to fold.

  • Pull the cord on the seat to fold the rollator together horizontally
  • The Troja folded
  • Push the handlebars down into the sidebars
  • Unique memory function sets the handles back to the right user height
  • Handlebars back in position
  • Stands securely on its wheels when folded
  • Takes little space and is very practical to transport
  • Excellent for those who travel by car, bus, train or aeroplane
  • Easy to negotiate kerbs and steps
  • Has an excellent braking system together with kerb lifter and edge guard
  • Elegant, practical and lightweight
  • Plastic coated aluminium tube and plastic couplings
  • With a total of 12 ball bearings in the wheels and forks provide you with excellent driving comfort
  • Easily cleaned and can even be hosed down.
  • All wear and tear parts can be easily replaced
  • Brakes can be adjusted
  • Tested and approved according to EN ISO 11199-2.

This very practical rollator is different colours in the medium size;

  • Dark Grey
  • White
  • Wine
  • Silver

The small and extra small versions come in Silver.

This is ideal for those who need help in walking. It is so easy to fold for transportation that it makes it the first choice of rollator for so many.

First available in 2002 the Topro Troja has stood the test of time. It is still one of the most popular rollators available in the UK

Normally available from stock with delivery included in the price shown. It is possible for those who qualify to purchase exempt from VAT.

Delivery is usually 5 to 10 working days and this rollator is just one of many fine products we offer.  Check out the range and service available at mobilityproducts4u.org or contact me Robert Winchurch on 01492 548102

Don’t miss out on our adjustable bed offer in March

When you order an adjustable bed from us everything is done for you (oh except putting the bedclothes on!)

Every year the National Bed Federation use March top celebrate National bed Month and so do I at mobilityproducts4u.org.

This year I have to celebrate my 75th birthday, reduced the prices of our adjustable beds by 10%.  This coincides with National bed month so all you have to do is enter the code ‘MarchBeds’. Enter that when you go to the shopping cart and the system will do the rest. A lot of people are eligible to purchase adjustable beds VAT exempt. That can mean another 20% saving!

Remember as well that when mobilityproducts4u.org supplies your new bed it is assembled for you. No problems about which room it should be in, our team take care of that. They will unpack and put it together then show you how it works. Once you are happy they will remove all the packagings and all you have to do is put the bedclothes on!

We supply all sizes from 2′ 3″ wide up to 5′ 0″ wide. If you want you can have even wider by connecting two sets together.  Should you require a 6′ 0″ width you can link two 3′ 0″ sets side by side. It is possible to have the actions working together or independently of each other. So if you want to sit up together you can.

Our adjustable beds can be supplied on deep bases which are on castors. These models can for a slight extra cost have drawers fitted as well.

Single bed drawer options


double adjustable bed drawer options

Alternatively, you can select a shallow base on legs. This model is ideal if the user needs in bed nursing as it allows the carer to get closer.

A single adjustable bed on legs

All of the adjustable beds are available with matching headboards. Delivery and home assembly are normally completed in 10 to 14 working days.

Never has there been a better time to purchase your new adjustable bed, use  ‘MarchBeds’ and see the price go down.  Only until the 31st of March though!

My birthday treat to you all, 10% off the very competitive prices of adjustable beds.

If you need any more information or help please contact me, Robert Winchurch, on 01492 548102. Or use the contact form on the homepage and I will come back to you.

The Dorchester Riser Recliner from Pride

The Dorchester riser recliner in action

The Dorchester riser recliner from Pride mobility is one of the most versatile and comfortable power lift chairs available.

The Dorchester not only has independent movement for both the back and footrests but also has other adjustments. You can extend the footrest and adjust the position of the head support and alter the lumbar support

Features available on the Dorchester riser recliner

Being able to retain the back in an upright position whilst raising your feet means that you can sit and read. Or watch television but more than that, you can move the headrest to give added support. With similar adjustments available on the lumbar region your comfort is assured. You can also extend the footrest electronically to make sure your feet are properly supported.

When you order the Dorchester riser recliner from us at mobilityproducts4u.org  your delivery is included.  Our specialist logistics team deliver, assemble and demonstrate your new chair to you. Once completed they will remove all the packagings, just leaving you to relax and enjoy your new Dorchester riser recliner.

Delivery is normally 7 to 10 working days on the three stock colours. The chair is also available on a 4 to 6 week delivery in a range of leather colours at an extra cost.

Throughout March we are offering an amazing £110 off our normal price on the Dorchester dual motor riser recliner chair. So instead of our normal price of £1249.00, you will now pay £1139.00 (excluding VAT). You will be able to purchase at the VAT exclusive price if you are suffering from a long term illness or disability.  All you need to do is complete the VAT disclaimer when you get to the payment point in the shopping basket. The system will record your declaration and then remove the VAT element before you make the payment.

There has never been a better time to order your new Pride Dorchester dual motor riser recliner chair. Order now from www.mobilityproducts4u.org and this March save £110.00.

If you need any more information or have any questions then please email me at ‘office@mobilityproducts4u.org’. Or if you prefer to talk to a real person please call me, Robert Winchurch

Robert Winchurch, owner of mobilityproducts4u.org

on 01492 548102 and I will be delighted to assist you.

National Bed Month, time to order your adjustable bed?

adjustable bed
Do you want a double or single adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds are for life, not just March! However, March every year is promoted by the NBF (the National Bed Federation) as National Bed Month.

Normally I try to avoid price promotions and sell all the time at sensible and competitive prices.  This year though I have decided that, just for new orders in March, to offer a discount.

If you order from the range on offer on the website, you just need to add MARCHBEDS into the ‘discount codes’ box on the left of the shopping cart.

When you press the Apply button the system will, almost by magic, reduce the price to you. Make sure you remember to do so before you check out! 

With adjustable beds that go in size from 2′ 3″ right through to 4′ 6″ wide you will find one just for you. Not only that but you can by combining sets together have 5’0″ or 6’0″widths as well.

Obviously, if you decide on a 5’0″ or 6’0″ set it will in normal circumstances be for two people. If this is the case then your new adjustable bed will be delivered and assembled with individual actions and mattresses. Which will mean that you can operate either side independently of each other.

The ranges I offer can be either on a deep base on castors or on a shallow base on legs. There are benefits to both styles, if you select a deep base it will have castors as standard. As well you will be able to have drawers to give you extra storage if required.

A deep base adjustable bed with drawers

The shallow base is on legs, normally 8″, but shorter ones are available. The shallow style on legs is easier if the user needs in bed nursing as you can get closer.  If you need a lower bed then the legged version makes that easier to achieve. You can reduce the height of the legs to either 6″ or 4″, which will reduce the overall height.

A single adjustable bed on legs

Delivery and home assembly are included in my price even with the MARCHBEDS discount. The specialist team will assemble the bed in the room you require it in. Once done they will give you a quick demonstration of all its functions. Then they remove all the packagings leaving you just to add the bedclothes!

If you need a new adjustable bed then there has never been a better time to order from me.

Robert Winchurch, owner of mobilityproducts4u.org

With famous manufacturers such as; bodyease, Furmanac, Healthbeds or the Old English Bed Company you cannot go wrong. Sleep well and save money just add MARCHBEDS to the discount code box in the shopping cart.

I am always happy to offer advice and help with any questions that you might have. Just call me, Robert Winchurch on 01492 548102 or email office@mobilityproducts4u.org

Sleep apnoea and wheelchairs

The sleep apnoea mask and machine work to keep the airways open and to help you breathe through the night

Not all sleep apnoea sufferers will end up needing to use a wheelchair,  but ignore the symptoms and you might!

Are self propel wheelchairs actually easier for carers to push

Sleep apnoea can have devastating effects for both the suffer and others. Normally it is the heavy snoring that is the giveaway. Some people it is the gasping when they stop breathing for that minuscule period.

Getting diagnosed is not always easy but if you do feel that you may be suffering get checked! Your doctors can refer you to specialist clinics who can then run tests. It may well be that you will need to be supplied with a C-Pap or Bi-Pap machine. The first picture shows what they are like. These machines do take some getting used to but used properly they can keep your airways open. Not only will this normally reduce or stop your snoring but will also ensure that your heart beats properly. Without proper heart beats to keep the blood and oxygen flowing there is a danger of brain damage.

When you are checked they (the sleep apnoea clinics) will be able to count the number of ‘apps’ that occur.  When mine was tested the count was 67 per hour, meaning my sleep was disturbed at least once every minute. The downside was that I had to declare it to the DVLA and they asked me to return my driving licence.

However, once you realise that people like me with big ‘app’ counts can, just drop off to sleep for no reason not driving is sensible. On the bright side if we go out socially I am the one who can always have a drink.

I am sure though, that had I not been diagnosed when I was, I would have suffered long term damage. In turn that could have led to me being in a wheelchair!

So if you or a loved one snore loudly and then stop and gasp, get checked. If you find you have sleep apnoea it could be better than using a wheelchair

Your adjustable bed delivered and assembled

When you order an adjustable bed from us everything is done for you (oh except putting the bedclothes on!)

Buying an adjustable bed is a major purchase and you need to certain that everything is right. When we take your order we handle it with care and make sure it is delivered and assembled in your room. The specialist team that deliver to you not only assemble they also demonstrate your bed to you.

Once you are happy they will remove all of the packagings and leave you to fit your bedclothes. Remember though all of our adjustable beds, whatever the width, are 6′ 6″ long. As a result, you might need to order new bedclothes. Whilst we do not supply them ourselves there are several specialist companies that do.

Having now told you that your bed will be delivered and assembled for you, which bed will be right for you?

Pocket Spring sets

You may well prefer the mattress to be a spring interior version. If so it is important to have a pocket spring mattress.  The springs move independently of each other.  So they do not create any problems when used in conjunction with the adjustable action. As they are individual springs they support your body in the areas it needs.  Thes mattresses are double sided and can be turned over for prolonged life.

You can also select mattresses that combine both foam and spring units. These will be single sided mattresses that do not need to be turned over. The memory foam on top of the pocket springs will give body moulding support.

Foam mattresses

With various foams to select from there is bound to be one that will give you the comfort you need. Memory foam was developed originally by NASA for support for astronauts during the launch period. It had to be able to support through the time of the excessive G Force produced. From there it was further developed by the medical profession before becoming widely used in the bedding trade. Memory foam will mould to your body and support your joints with creating any pressure sores. It is ideal for those suffering from joint problems

Latex foam is a natural product and is, like memory foam,  ideal for use with those who have arthritis or other restrictions.  A very supportive foam that can relieve lots of problem areas.

There is a misconception about foam and people believe it can be too warm.  Now, most mattresses come with temperature control fabrics or treatment to the foam interiors. This will keep them at an even temperature at all times.

Remember here at mobilityproducts4u we ensure that you not only get the correct bed but get it delivered properly.  We believe that delivery and assembly should be part of the service.

If you need any more information just contact me, Robert Winchurch on 01492 548102. I will be delighted to talk to you and use my years of experience to advise you.


New Year, New Products

Bringing Furmanac Mibed adjustable bed ranges to you.

The Alpina adjustable bed from the Furmanac Mibed range is just the first of 19 models we at Mobility Products 4U are adding to our range of adjustable beds.

We will always strive to add the best products to our ranges that are offered to you. Not only that we aim to ensure that our prices are the most competitive. As well we intend, as you can see on TrustPilot to provide 5-star service at all times.

Not only do we now offer you more choice from the addition of Furmanac Mibeds but we also offer more sizes.

If you want drawers under your bed, then we have drawers!

Single versions are offered with drawers at either side or at the end.

Whilst double and King size sets can have drawers both sides, one side or again at the ends. If you opt for the side drawers it is possible to have two or 4.

With different mattresses available in the Mibed collection there is bound to be one that suits your needs. The mattresses that range from traditional pocket sprung right through to memory foam and gel foam

The motorised frame in the base of the adjustable beds from the Mibed range enables you to find your best sleeping position.

Just the touch of a button on the handset will move your head, feet or legs. so easy it will take all the pressure away from you.

You can just raise your head or your feet or if you need to raise both at the same time.  Raising your feet and your knees, as shown on the handset, will help with your blood circulation.

Let the action of an adjustable bed help with your sleep apnoea or other breathing difficulties

There is so much about the Mibed range from Furmanac and mobilityproducts4u that can be helpful to your sleep. If you need to know more please just ask. Robert Winchurch is always available to guide you to the right bed for you. After all, with well over 50 years of experience in the trade, he knows a lot of the answers. Unlike a lot though, if he doesn’t have the answer, he will know where to find it!

After all, this please remember that not only do we supply adjustable beds from various companies, we make sure that everything arrives perfectly. Our beds are all delivered and assembled in your home by expert teams. They will also remove all packagings

Having to use a wheelchair doesn’t mean you are stupid!

It always surprises me how people who use a wheelchair are, almost, deemed to be stupid.

With so many wheelchairs to choose from, there will be one to suit your requirements. But you do not lose your intelligence just because you are sat in one

Fortunately, at present, I am not having to use a wheelchair myself. I do have a self-propel one of my own though for when it gets bad. Not quite as snazzy as the one shown here!

It amazes me though when I do use it how I am treated differently! Other wheelchair users will confirm that you seem to disappear and people talk over the top of you. Either that or they look down at you and talk at you as if you are stupid!

It is so frustrating, you haven’t disappeared or had your brain removed, you are just using a wheelchair. I suppose in many cases it is because others feel awkward at seeing someone below them.

I don’t mean below as in status but in position, it is difficult to talk when you cannot make eye contact.

So if you meet a friend or an acquaintance in a wheelchair,  remember they cannot stand up easily!  Do the decent thing and bend or stoop down to make sure you can make eye contact. Then you can talk to them or with them but not over them or about them as if they aren’t there.

None of us ever want to be in a wheelchair, but like for me, occasionally it is necessary. Other people have to use them all of the time and that is even more frustrating.

You probably will not ever hear those wheelchair users complain about their problems and you will not notice them seething.  They will though just seeth inwardly if you treat them (and me) as if they are stupid.

Treat wheelchair users as normal people and they will respect you for it. Treat them as if they don’t exist or as if they are stupid and you will upset them.


Sleep Apnoea and adjustable beds

Let the action of an adjustable bed help with your sleep apnoea or other breathing difficulties

Having suffered from sleep apnoea myself for many years, I know how helpful an adjustable bed can be.

I was diagnosed in 2010 but all of those people who had the joy of listening to me snoring would tell you I suffered for a lot longer.

My trouble though is not really the snoring, loud though it is!  It is the moments I stop snoring and breathing and then suddenly gasp for my breath. This can be so strong that the actual bed can shake from the force of my gasping.

Now with the aid of an adjustable bed and my mask, I sleep a lot better and snore less!

The sleep apnoea mask and machine work to keep the airways open and to help you breathe through the night

It is actually more comfortable than it looks! Problem is that if you do not get a perfect seal the air escaping can make lots of loud noises.

Raising the head end of an adjustable bed can help so much. Not just with sleep apnoea but with other problems such as acid reflux, or heart problems.

At the other end of the bed if you raise your ankles and knees you will benefit from improved blood circulation.

In the times before I was diagnosed my snoring has been known to disturb other people.

Staying in hotels in those days could be embarrassing, to say the least! Having people bang on your door during the night and beg you to be quiet is not funny! Well, it can be but perhaps not for them.

One time when I was visiting a bedding company in Somerset I stayed in a hotel near to the factory. It was an old hotel with thick walls but that may have made it worse.

The next morning at breakfast I heard a man saying to his friend “Did you hear that snoring last night”?  His room was 3 rooms away from me!

Seriously though, if you are a heavy snorer you should get checked out for sleep apnoea. Once you have done that invest in an adjustable bed and improve your night’s sleep. This, in turn, will improve your days!

Remember though adjustable beds are not just for ‘old people’ (like me) but can be so very useful to all age groups.

If you need any information about adjustable beds or sleep apnoea please feel free to contact me. You can get in touch at www.mobilityproducts4u.org or by phoning 01492 548102.



8mph Mobility scooters can be a lifeline

8mph Mobility scooters can be a lifeline and bring freedom to the users.

The Excel Galaxy Plus 8mph mobility scooter is available in a range of colours.

Mobility scooters such as the Excel Galaxy Plus are capable of going at speeds of up to 8mph. However, there is always a ‘however’ isn’t there! when you are riding it on the pavement, which is legal, you must not exceed 4mph.

Recently though there seem to have been more reports of accidents involving mobility scooters. Mobility scooters are very safe, it is just the way that they are used that is the problem.

Be Aware;

All mobility scooter riders are subject to the laws of the road and should understand the highway code.

Large mobility scooters, also called class 3, are much more substantial in terms of size, weight and capability.


These scooters have a top speed of up to 8mph and can cover up to 35 miles.

They are road legal and so can be used on public roads but not on dual carriageways or motorways, so be sensible out there.

Be safe

Be safe and be sensible if you use an 8mph mobility scooter make sure it is insured. Accidents happen and the road going mobility scooters can cause damage to people or property.

Even worse than you having an accident though are incidents such as one reported recently.  In this case, a man used his mobility scooter to actually ram two ladies deliberately. He was caught on CCTV and is now serving a jail sentence as a result.

It is surprising how mobility scooters, especially the 8mph models are actually being used by people without disabilities as normal modes of transport.

I recently saw a man with an 8mph mobility scooter riding down the road with a trailer attached to the back.

The trailer had a lawnmower in it and apparently, he cuts grass for people and does gardening and finds the 8mph mobility scooter ideal!

Whilst these scooters should actually be registered with the DVLA very few people bother. They do not attract any road tax and do not legally require insurance, so are very inexpensive forms of transport.

Please make sure that whenever you go out on your mobility scooter, whatever its size, you drive with your and other peoples safety in mind.

Quest, a foldable scooter
The Revo 2 a four wheel mobility scooter with a maximum speed of 4mph
The Yoga folding mobility scooter, fully folded.
The Yoga folding scooter in its own case.

Whatever mobility scooter you choose, from the smallest folding mobility scooter right up to the 8mph mobility scooter be safe! Please.