Watching ‘The Crown’ from my recliner

Watching ‘The Crown’ from my recliner,  brings those memories back.  Like the royal family portrayed in this story, I have aged since the time of the second series.

Relax and benefit from having your legs raised

Looking back to 1966 as the various episodes of this series does it tells the story of Aberfan. I was a young sales representative at the time and I was working in South Wales. On Thursday night I stayed in a hotel in Cardiff.  The hotel I was in was full of rugby players from the Australian rugby tourists. Unfortunately, I met some of them in the bar. Now at that time, I thought I could drink but it was hard to keep up with those boys.

Next morning I woke up with the biggest hangover ever!  It was wet and very miserable, I booked out of the hotel and got to my car.  A Ford Cortina estate no less, then looked at my call cards to see where I should be going.  I decided that going to Merthyr and the surrounding valleys was not a good idea. So instead I set off back to Birmingham and home.  Remember though this was 1966 and my car did not have a radio in it (it only had a 3-speed gearbox). So I knew nothing of the disaster happening in Aberfan until I got home in the afternoon. I looked back at the cards I had with customer details. My first call, if I had done it, should have been in Aberfan!

If I had done that first call I may not have been here now!

It was very moving to watch how the disaster was portrayed in the new series of The Crown.  However, when you look back you realise how nieve we were back then.  How the coal board lied to everyone and covered up the disastrous mistakes that they had made. The cover-up went right through to the government and they made sure, in my opinion, that the real truth didn’t get out at that time.

Unfortunately, subsequent cover-ups continue to happen and no one ever seems to be at fault, there will never be closure for the Liverpool families after Hillsborough and it seems as though the fire at Grenfell will end up being the same, no one at fault.

So many things and times come to mind as I relax in my recliner chair and I often think what if!  I have those opportunities to look back through and I am so fortunate for that. People have had their lives decimated and will never get the chance to relax as I do. If it had not been for those hard-drinking Australians all those years ago who knows what might have happened to me.

An alternative way to relax, recline and put your feet up.

If you need more information about the range of recliners we have on offer then please feel free to contact me, Robert Winchurch, on 01492 548102 or email me at and I will do my best to help. I can of course always tell you more stories from my past!

A Transit or Self Propel wheelchair?

It is sometimes a difficult choice as to whether you select a Transit or Self Propel wheelchair?

Excel Globetraveller Transit wheelchair
Excel Globetraveller Self Propel Wheelchair

A lot of people who will use a wheelchair will need a transit ( Attendant controlled) wheelchair. This is because they will not be physically capable of pushing themselves in their wheelchair. However, I think that it is sometimes sensible to select a Self Propel wheelchair. Even if you are going to be pushed by a carer or a loved on. The larger rear wheels may make it more manoeuvrable when turning and easier to push normally.

There are both types of wheelchair shown here Transit or Self Propel. With the transit, you will always need a carer or a person you know to push you. This can be difficult for them because however light or heavy you maybe it is a solid weight to push. The small wheels on the transit style wheelchairs mean that they have to travel further to go the same distance as a Self Propel version.

With quick release rear wheels, it is probably easier to fold a Self Propel model than a transit style. Which will make the job of looking after the wheelchair passenger a lot easier. The fact of removing the rear wheels also makes the frame of the self propel wheelchair easier to load when travelling.

Whilst it is possible to buy a transit wheelchair for less money than a self propel there does not need to be a great deal of difference in the cost. The person who has to push the wheelchair will feel great benefit from the easier moving big wheels. After all the health and well being of the carer should be equally important.

If you want to be really active with your wheelchair and your carer the new G-Explorer could be the answer!

The New G-Explorer- Self Propel Wheelchair. Ideal for heavy conditions

With its large rear wheels with mountain bike style tyres, this self propel wheelchair can expand your horizons.

Whether you prefer a transit or self propel wheelchair here at we are sure to have one for you.

The Monmouth Riser Recliner

The Monmouth Riser recliner is the latest addition to our range of lift chairs.

The Monmouth dual motor riser recliner with leg extension

Part of Pride’s fantastic Hudson range, the Monmouth offers an unbeatable level of comfort. This British made riser recliner gives the quality level of craftsmanship that you would expect.

With a powered lumbar support and a powered headrest fitted as standard, this four motor electric recliner gives you more control.

The Monmouth reclined

The 10″ powered headrest keeps your neck properly supported when the backrest is reclined. Whilst the lumbar support will alleviate pressure in your back. The two extra motors work together with the backrest for excellent posture across your back keeping the aches and pains away.

Acting like a normal dual motor riser recliner the Monmouth’s footrest and backrest can act independently of each other. This coupled with the powered head and lumbar motors give you an infinite number of ergonomic seating positions.

You can have your legs raised with the back upright, recline the backrest for a laidback yet supportive position. Or you can just sit as you would in a normal armchair.

The chair in a raised position

If like me, you are not as strong as you used to be then getting out of a traditional armchair can prove difficult. Putting a strain on your arms and wrists each time you do stand or sit. However, the Monmouth is designed to help you in and out at the touch of a button. The smooth, gentle and quiet motors lift you up and forwards when you want to stand up, then lowering you down slowly when you want to relax again.

With a simple handset which has light-emitting LED control buttons and a very useful USB charging port there is never a reason for your Kindle or Tablet to run down on you.  Smart technology switches the chair off after 20 seconds of being stationary, saving electricity and wear and tear. Just press the button and away you go again.

With a choice of three different fabric covers for the Monmouth riser recliner chair, there is bound to be one that suits your colour schemes.

If you would like more information about this superb riser recliner chair please call me on 01492 548102.


The GFA Biarritz Swivel Recliner Chair & Footstool

The GFA Biarritz Swivel Recliner Chair & footstool.

The GFA Biarritz chair and footstool in an upright position

Here at, we make sure that all our swivel recliner chairs, like the GFA Biarritz comfortable as well as attractive.

  • Available in 9 different colours; 6 in a  plush material and 3 in fabric
  • Plush colours
  • Bone: Charcoal: Cherry: Earth: Lagoon & Truffle.
  • Fabric colours
  • Lisbon Grey: Lisbon Wheat & Mist
  • All chairs come with matching bases and a chrome edge trim
  • The Biarritz has a sculptured backrest and head roll
  • The footstool is shaped to ensure total support and comfort for your legs
  • The chair swivels in a full 360% circle
  • By gently pushing against the backrest you can easily recline the chair
  • Use the tension bolt below the seat to set the chair to your own pressure
  • This chair is normally delivered to your home in 7 to 10 days
Biarritz upright
Biarritz Reclined

The real beauty of swivel recliner chairs is that they need so little space but by the same token they are very comfortable.

Equally important is the use of the footstool to relieve the tension and pressure from your legs.

Showing the Biarritz in Plush ‘Earth’ with its footstool

The choice of colours available means that as well as it being a comfortable chair it is bound to have one to fit in with your decor.

The GFA Biarritz is just one of twenty-one different swivel recliner chairs we have on our site as well as a range of riser recliner chairs.

In addition to being so very comfortable, the GFA Biarritz swivel recliner chair is also very supportive.

In the first place, it has the sculptured backrest but also the extra comfortable head roll. Additionally, the footstool means that your whole body will be equally supported.

In addition to unpacking the chair, some home assembly is required but by the same token, it is a simple job to do. Moreover, once you have completed the assembly you will be able to just sit back and relax in your new GFA Biarritz swivel recliner chair supplied by


The Dorchester Riser Recliner from Pride

The Dorchester riser recliner in action

The Dorchester riser recliner from Pride mobility is one of the most versatile and comfortable power lift chairs available.

The Dorchester not only has independent movement for both the back and footrests but also has other adjustments. You can extend the footrest and adjust the position of the head support and alter the lumbar support

Features available on the Dorchester riser recliner

Being able to retain the back in an upright position whilst raising your feet means that you can sit and read. Or watch television but more than that, you can move the headrest to give added support. With similar adjustments available on the lumbar region your comfort is assured. You can also extend the footrest electronically to make sure your feet are properly supported.

When you order the Dorchester riser recliner from us at  your delivery is included.  Our specialist logistics team deliver, assemble and demonstrate your new chair to you. Once completed they will remove all the packagings, just leaving you to relax and enjoy your new Dorchester riser recliner.

Delivery is normally 7 to 10 working days on the three stock colours. The chair is also available on a 4 to 6 week delivery in a range of leather colours at an extra cost.

Throughout March we are offering an amazing £110 off our normal price on the Dorchester dual motor riser recliner chair. So instead of our normal price of £1249.00, you will now pay £1139.00 (excluding VAT). You will be able to purchase at the VAT exclusive price if you are suffering from a long term illness or disability.  All you need to do is complete the VAT disclaimer when you get to the payment point in the shopping basket. The system will record your declaration and then remove the VAT element before you make the payment.

There has never been a better time to order your new Pride Dorchester dual motor riser recliner chair. Order now from and this March save £110.00.

If you need any more information or have any questions then please email me at ‘’. Or if you prefer to talk to a real person please call me, Robert Winchurch

Robert Winchurch, owner of

on 01492 548102 and I will be delighted to assist you.

Memories from my recliner chair

Memories from my recliner chair.

Recliner and riser recliner chairs can be both comfortable and helpful and an ideal place to remember days gone by.

Memories from my recliner chair. These can be of anything really and can be happy exciting or even sad.

On this occasion, they were both sad and a little happy, if that doesn’t sound too silly! I was reading the news about Gordon Banks passing away, which obviously made me feel sad. Then though I remembered how we met and that made me really happy and allowed me to smile to myself.

I was about to open my first business of my own. The local newspaper had promised me some coverage of the opening in return for an advert. They suggested it could be even better if we got a celebrity to perform the opening ceremony for us.

There was no one I could think of that might be able to help. Then for no real reason, that I can remember I thought of Gordon Banks.  At that time he was a coach at Port Vale, having retired from playing. This was after the loss of an eye in a car crash.

Anyway, I phoned Port Vale and asked if I could speak to Mr Banks. I was told he was taking a training session. The lady I was speaking to took my number and said she would get him to call me back.

As you can imagine, I thought that no more would come of it. However about an hour later the phone rang. When I answered he said this is Gordon Banks can I speak to Robert, please.

Gordon Banks being interviewed

I told him it was me and explained that I would like him to open my new shop. This was in Stafford and he lived not far away, I explained it would be from 5 pm for about an hour and a half. Him to say the shop is now open and sign a few autographs. He hesitated slightly and I worried and then said to him I will, of course, pay you for your time. Gordon replied that it wasn’t that he was just wondering which was the best way to get to the shop.

Anyway, we agreed on the day the time and that I would pay him £100, he wouldn’t take any more!  That was all the contact we had and you can imagine I was worried. Having advertised that he would open the shop, would he actually arrive.

There was no reason to worry Gordon Banks turned up half an hour early. He introduced himself and wandered the shop to see what I was selling. Even then there was an odd recliner chair, which he tried!

By 5 pm the agreed opening time we had a very large queue and Gordon duly cut the ribbon. He said to the waiting crowd the shop is open come on in!

I had asked him to be there from 5 pm until about 6-30 pm depending on how many people came. This man was fantastic we had to close the doors at 9-30 and he was still signing autographs.

We closed the doors to the public and said thank you to Gordon Banks for staying so long. I offered him some extra money for staying on so long but he would not hear of it. In fact, he said how much he had enjoyed it We had a couple of drinks and he went home. Not before though he had stood and chatted to a lot of people waiting outside. He must have signed autographs for another 20 minutes.

The local papers ran stories about the even and said what a success it had been. It certainly got the business off to a great start, you could say Gordon Banks saved the day!

Saving a penalty against Geoff Hurst of West Ham after which Stoke city went onto win the league cup in 1972. I think this was his greatest save
Winning the League cup at Wembley 1972


Now, this was way back in 1978 well before the internet and instant picture posting. About two weeks after the newspaper supplied me pictures of the evening. Those that Gordon appeared in I asked for extra copies of. One afternoon I went out to his home to take copies for him. I just knocked on the door, his wife answered and just invited me in. I explained who I was and she told me that Gordon and been excited at the event. We went into the lounge ad he was delighted to see me and loved the pictures. We chatted for a while and I then went back to work.

After that Gordon started doing after dinner talks with himself, Geoff Hurst and George Cohen. I went to one of his early events which was held at the Top of the World ballroom in Stafford. It was a  so-called ‘gentleman’s evening’ (not sure how I got in!). Everyone in their finest dinner jackets and bow ties. I had told the guys I was with that I knew Gordon Banks but they didn’t believe me! I did not for one minute think he would remember me.  But as I walked passed the bar his hand came out and grabbed my arm. He shook my hand and then introduced me to Geoff Hurst and George Cohen. They said he had been going onto them about the night he opened my shop! He was as charming that night as ever.

World cup winner Geoff Hurst
George Cohen one of Englands world cup winning team who did after dinner speeches with Gordon Banks and Geoff Hurst


So Sad

I am certain there are hundreds of thousands of stories being told about Gordon Banks now. Mine isn’t that special really but I will sit in my recliner chair with that and many other memories for years to come!

Oh and of course I watched him and those guys win the world cup back in 1966. Even better than that I was at Wembley when Stoke won the league cup back in 1972.

Great memories of a great goalkeeper and a truly nice gentleman! Why oh why did he never get the knighthood he deserved. He will though to me, always be Sir Gordon Banks.


The Adventure Begins!

Exams are over, school’s out and for many, it is just the start of a new adventure! So, ensure their adventure does not end up with them in an adjustable bed, or wheelchair, because of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Safety for anyone in life is important but for students, perhaps leaving home for the first time, it is even more so. In their first year, most will go into university designated accommodation (halls of residence) whilst most second-year students will opt for private flats or shared houses. This is where the danger can lurk.
By law, all rented properties should come with a gas safety certificate which means that the boiler and other gas appliances are safe and have been properly and regularly checked. As well as gas appliances, anything that has a flue to extract fumes (such as an open fire or wood burner) should also be checked and the stacks swept two, three or four times each year.
A good landlord will, of course, know about and comply with these regulations, but others may not know or may not care. Heaven forbid that they might have to spend their own money to look after the people occupying the property despite taking rent from them! However, CARBON MONOXIDE is not known as the silent killer without good reason!
Carbon monoxide is tasteless, colourless and invisible but can have devastating effects and can kill within a few minutes. For those who are lucky enough to survive CO poisoning, it can cause damage that can affect the heart, liver, kidneys, brain, lungs or indeed any part of the human body. It can leave the person crippled, bedridden or wheelchair bound for the rest of their life.
So, if you have been looking at accommodation for any member of your family, young or old, off to university or college – then the first and most important thing to do is to insist on seeing a CURRENT GAS SAFETY CERTIFICATE. Most good landlords will have this ready to show you anyway, but some may forget. Whatever you do, make sure that their possible error is not something that robs your family of its future potential or even worse, the life of one of its members.
Do not let a wheelchair, mobility scooter or an adjustable bed become part of your family’s life just because you didn’t ask to see the GAS SAFETY CERTIFICATE or did not check that the chimney had been swept.
We will return to this desperately important subject again but if you need more information then please check out, at the very least, our latest campaign with student flyer Don’t let the next headline, be your deadline!
Be sensible and make sure your loved ones are safe from carbon monoxide!

Massage recliners for Narrow Boats?

If you like the comfort and benefits of a massage recliner chair but either live on a narrowboat or use one for your recreation time then you will realise just how restrictive the space available to you is.

Malmo Massage Chair

The Malmo massage recliner chair though can be absolutely ideal, it is delivered boxed ready for assembly and so is easy to put together once you have got it into the interior of your narrowboat. Once assembled you just plug it in like any other electrical appliance and then sit back and let the massage unit and heat pad sooth away all of the day’s tensions.

  • Upholstered in soft touch faux leather
  • Two colours available
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Walnut colour laminated legs
  • 8 point massage unit
  • Heated Lumbar Pad
  • High-Grade foam interiors for seat and backrest
  • Complete with matching footstool
  • Delivered in one box
  • Easy home assembly
  • Ideal for narrow boats or holiday homes

Remember, whatever you do wherever you live the Malmo massage recliner chair could be ideal for you.

The Malmo is also available as a swivel recliner without the massage unit and heat pad and you will find a whole range of both massage and swivel recliner chairs on my website

Most swivel recliners and massage recliners are delivered flat pack which is one of the many reasons they are so very sensible for use in small areas such as mobile homes, holiday homes, and narrowboats. It is easy to unpack them outside, if necessary and then take them in through the small entrances to assemble inside.

Please feel free to contact me, Robert Winchurch, at or by telephone on 01492 548102 if you have any questions or you need any more information on the Malmo swivel Recliner Chair or indeed on any of the products I offer on the website.

Bodyease Electro Memory adjustable bed

One of the bodyease collection of adjustable beds, the bodyease Electro Memory adjustable bed has so many benefits to offer.

bodyease Electro Memory adjustable Bed


  • Memory foam combined with High-density foam in the mattress
  • The pressure relieving factor of memory foam helps to prevent excessive tossing and turning at night
  • Breathable, stress-free soft touch fabric 
  • Micro Quilted Cover
  • Non Turn mattress for added convenience
  • Normally supplied as a deep base on twin wheel castors
  • Drawers are availalbe on the deep base sets if required
  • Can be supplied on legs if required
  • All sides to the base are of a solid board construction
  • The base is cushioned all around
  • Selection of different fabrics and colours to upholster the base in
  • Five-part adjustable frame
  • Triple slat system with silver foil as standard
  • 42 adjustable slats on a single size adjustable bed.
  • 2 motor system, quiet and efficient
  • 6 button low voltage deluxe handset.

Delivery is made by using a specialist logistics company who place the adjustable bed in the room of your choice, including upstairs, they will unpack it assemble and demonstrate it to you before removing all packagings.

The Electro Memory adjustable bed is available in a range of sizes with widths as follows;  2′ 3″; 2′ 6″; 3′ 0″; 3′ 6″; 4′ 0″; 4′ 6″. All of these sizes come as standard as a one mattress set and with a 6′ 6″ length.

The Electro memory adjustable bed can also be supplied with 5′ 0″ and 6′ 6″ widths but these would be made up by two single sets ( 2 x 2′ 6″ or 2 x 3′ 0″) to give the overall bed size required and would have independent hand controls for each side.

Athough I have featured the bodyease Electo Memory adjustable bed here there are ten different models in the bodyease adjustable bed range all with different mattress types so there is bound to be one to suit your needs.

If how ever you already have an adjustable bed and just need to replace the mattress all of the bodyease range mattresses, which are designed speciffically to be used with adjustable beds, can be supplied by individually.

If you have any questions that you need answering then you can always contact me, Robert Winchurch, on 01492 548102 or by email

Julian Bowen Pullman Riser Recliner

The Julian Bowen Riser Pullman recliner chair is so comfortable and offers the versatility of dual motors.

Dual motor recliner

Upholstered in a lovely chestnut coloured real leather with matching faux leather sides, this chair is not only good looking but for a dual motor version, it is incredibly well priced. So many features to tell you about;

  • Dual motor
  • Independent control of both the back and footrests
  • Real leather upholstery on all the parts you would normally touch
  • The sides and back are covered in a matching Faux leather
  • Chaise style leg rest for total support
  • Split backrest to ensure extra comfort
  • The handset has just 4 buttons for easy control
  • Delivered by a specialist team
  • Placed in the room of your choosing
  • Unpacked, assembled and demonstrated to you
  • All packagings removed

Delivery is normally completed in a 14 to 21 working day period and we keep you informed all through the process to make things less stressful for you.

It is possible, dependant on your circumstances, for us to supply this chair to you without VAT. If you suffer from a long-term illness or disability, then by signing our online disclaimer form the VAT will be removed from the price of the riser recliner chair.

You do unfortunately still have to pay VAT on the delivery element of the amount involved.

My experience and knowledge of products such as the Julian Bowen Pullman Riser recliner are always available and I am delighted to answer any questions or to guide you through any possible problems you may think will affect your selection.

Remember there is never a problem, just a solution waiting to be found!