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One of many mobility scooters supplied by us
The Colt deluxe from Pride Mobility gives a supreme performance and has exhilarating styling. Our price includes delivery, set up and demonstration

Here at, we believe that the right products and customer service are first and foremost in our operation.

The price that you see should, we think, be the total price you pay. That is why our price includes delivery of your new mobility scooter by a specialist company.

Not only will they deliver but they will also assemble and demonstrate your new scooter to you. This ensures that when you venture out you will have confidence in driving. As well as being safe for yourself and others.

4MPH Mobility Scooters.

Scooters, such as the Pride Colt twin are ideal in tight spaces because of the small turning radius required

With a wide range of 4 mph mobility scooters shown on our site, there is bound to be one to suit your needs. With different colours and different sizes so selecting the right one for your needs is easy.

Of course, we are always here to offer advice and helpful information, just ask.

All 4 mph mobility scooters can be driven on pavements and around shopping areas. They, unlike the larger 8mph scooters, cannot be used fully on main roads. You will I know, be sensible when out shopping and be aware of other shoppers and always follow the highway code.

You can obviously cross any normal road to allow access to the other pavement but it is illegal to ride a 4mph mobility scooter on the road.


8MPH Mobility scooters

As the title suggests these mobility scooters are capable of travelling at speeds of up to 8mph. They are allowed to be driven on main roads but not on dual carriageways or motorways.  Like the 4mph versions, these larger, more powerful scooters can also be used on the pavements and in shopping areas.

However, you must remember that when you are on the pavements you must not exceed the permitted limit of 4mph. Of course, you must at all times show consideration to others and follow the highway code.

Here at, we pride ourselves on offering the sort of service you would expect from a well run retail store. So we ensure that we deliver when we say we will. We arrange for full hand over and demonstration of your new scooter whether it be a foldable scooter

or the largest 8mph model

Finally, to make sure your confidence in us is as high as possible we have teamed up with Healthcare Distribution Direct (HDD). They will do all the deliveries and demonstrations as well as being there for any service issues that might need attention.


Of course, you will find that little old me, that’s Robert Winchurch, is always available to help.