Mobility Scooters – Know the Law

mobility scooters

Mobility scooters offer freedom, independence and a way of leading a normal life for their users. However, there are some requirements to operate the vehicle. Mobility scooters that are classified as a ‘Class 3 Invalid Carriage’, with the upper-speed limit (on the road) of 8mph must be insured and taxed like any other roadworthy vehicle.

A Class 3 Invalid Carriage is a road legal scooter, but must adhere to certain requirements, including; a maximum speed off the road speed of 4mph, it must weigh 150kg without the operator, have an effective braking system, possess front and rear lights as well as reflectors, indicators, an audible horn and a rear view mirror.

Whilst there is no driving test for using a mobility scooter, whether it is being operated on the pavement or road, the Highway Code must be followed. Class 3 Invalid Carriages are prohibited from travelling in bus lanes, ‘cycle only’ lanes, motorways and dual carriageways with a speed limit of over 50mph. As the scooter has the potential for road use, it must be kept in a roadworthy condition, regularly maintained and serviced.

The scooter must be registered with the DVLA; the registration is free of charge. To register a class 3 scooter, complete from V55/4 for new vehicles or V55/5 for used vehicles. The only caveat is that the forms cannot be filled at the Post Office, they can only be sent directly to the DVLA. Once the vehicle is registered, the DVLA will issue a ‘nil duty’ – this is a tax disc which means that no road tax is payable, but must still be displayed on the scooter.

There isn’t any current legislation in the UK for mobility scooters to be insured; however, as they are a large investment it is strongly recommended to get them insured as soon as they are purchased. Mobility scooters offer complete independence to many of their users, so protecting them with insurance is definitely a good idea.

This point is especially valid if the scooter is going to be used on the road – it will also protect you with respect to third party liability and in the unfortunate event of a stolen or damaged scooter.

The best advice for mobility scooters is to fully research the product before, and during purchase; and to use a reputable seller, such as Mobility Products 4U , which has 50 years of excellence and first-class service. They offer a wide range of mobility scooters, and provide helpful and relevant information regarding the vehicle of your choice.