Rollators, you can’t top Topro Rollators

The Topro range of Rollators that we at are able to offer are ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

You should decide what you are going to need your Topro Rollator for before making your purchase. If you are going to travel a lot and need to be able to take your rollator, you should look at the lightweight models.

All TOPRO manufactured rollators are easy to fold and unfold. Many of them have a memory function in the handles that make it easy to find the pre-set height when the rollator is unfolded. If you would like an extra lightweight rollator, we recommend TOPRO Troja Classic.

TOPRO Classic
The Topro Classic is light and easy to use

The ideal use of your TOPRO rollator is when you are out shopping. Make sure that you have a rollator with a sturdy basket or shopping bag that can accommodate the weight of the goods you buy.

TOPRO Troga 2G
Available in various colours the TOPRO Troja 2G is ideal for those shopping trips

All TOPRO manufactured rollators come with a basket or a shopping bag with a capacity of 5-15 kg. If you shop extensively, consider the TOPRO Troja 2G Premium (10 kg), shown above or TOPRO Olympos (15 kg), which come with a lidded removable shopping bag.

The TOPRO Olympos comes complete with a lidded removable shopping bag

You may, however,  prefer walking and being outside in the fresh air. Then both the Troja 2G and the Olympos are ideal.

They’re very easy to walk with because of the size of their wheels and with brakes for when you need to rest. When you stop, you will find that the seats are large enough. They are comfortable and will enable you to rest and enjoy the views wherever you may be.

It is so good to know you have the support of your rollator with you. The Topro rollators can help you work, rest, and play.

Remember if you need any help or advice about Topro rollators then all you have to do is ask me, Robert Winchurch, either by telephoning 01492 54810. Or if you prefer by email at