Sale Time



In days of old sale time in the furniture trade used to be twice a year, winter and summer. Now it seems to me that it is always sale time!

This winter I have joined the race for more business by introducing some ‘sale offers’ off selected items and to do this I have offered savings on products that I offer all the time, but for a limited period that are available for less than normally available on the site and are genuine reductions which will end at the end of January 2018.

If you are looking for a new riser recliner chair then the GFA Alicante might be a very good choice for you and is now available at £359.24 (excluding VAT if you are eligible for VAT relief) instead of the normal £399.16.

The offer that I have on adjustable beds is on the bodyease 3′ 6″ range and gives an extra saving on all of the selection from them meaning that this larger version of a single adjustable bed is starting from as little as £480.37 instead of £549.00, again this is a product that can be supplied exempt from VAT if you are within the qualifying requirements.

For those people who already have an adjustable bed then it might well be the right time to think of replacing your existing mattress as I have until the end of the month 15% savings available on all bodyease mattresses which can be a real help in the expensive part of buying a new product.

Whilst I have other genuine offers on my website it does amaze me how many companies advertise “must end next Tuesday” but they never seem to say which Tuesday! now call me old fashioned but a sale should be a sale and should be different from the normal trading period.

So if you are looking for genuine savings then check out my offers at