Somebody to Love (Justin Bieber song)

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Now I have just joined the world of twitter and tweeting I just wish I knew what I was doing ! However I felt that if it was good enough for Justin Bieber it was good enough for me. It is suprising how quickly you get into it and hooked and I have already had information back that I hope will help my sleep apnoea situation which I will try this evening.

I have found my sleep apnoea is easier when I am in a slightly upright position and so using an electrical adjustable bed always helps or other than that on odd occasions spending the night or part of it anyway in a swivel recliner chair with my machine by my side. Sleep apnoea is one of the lesser known health problems but is now affecting more and more people. In essence for those suffering from it they stop breathing to a greater or lesser extent during the night as the throat collapses and the flow of oxygen is stemmed. It is made worse if you are overweight and have a thicker neck though that is not always the cause. It also effects heavy snorers badly as well and anyone who sleeps with a heavy snorer who is also suffering from sleep apnoea but hasn’t yet been diagnosed can normally tell by the fact that during the night there will be moments when the snorer goes quiet and still. This is caused by them stopping breathing, normally they then splutter and shake as they gasp for breath during their sleep. The problems this creates including oxygen starvation to the heart and brain and can cause people to drop off to sleep at the’drop of a hat’ during the day without realising it. Dangerous if you are at work or driving.

If you want to find out more about sleep apnoea there is plenty of information on the net or you can sit back in your fireside chair and check out for information on twitter