Why this hatred for those on benefits?

Adrian Chiles, Christine Bleakley and Lorraine...

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When I woke up this morning and put on the television to see the last of Adrian Chiles and whatever that woman’s name was, was it Christine Bleakly, I can’t remember, but I was pleased to think that I wont be seeing so much of them any more, but once I got beyond the euphoria of that I was aware of their headline story in the news which was about a big crackdown again on Benefit cheats!

It is so wrong that this sort of attack on people on benefits continues, yes there are people who cheat the system but there are also lots of highly paid people who find ways to beat the tax system but they never seem to be attacked in the same way. If you are disabled or have mobility problems and manage to get some form of benefit payment then from the moment you get it seems as though everyone wants to brand you as a benefit cheat or fiddler! Some of these people who make these headline statements could do with suffering the same way if only for a while find out how it feels to need to use a wheelchair or mobility scooter and to be in continuous pain from arthritis or some other debilitating disease. Being in pain 24 hours a day drags you down but you do not always have to be confined to your bed or live your life from an electric adjustable bed nor do you necessarily have to look as though you are bad. So you try to look at your best and carry on with your life as well as is possible but of course when you do this you find people saying ‘well there’s nothing wrong with him is there’ !

So let us do it the other way, let’s stop calling everyone a benefit cheat and make sure that we support those people in society the way they should be. Less of painting all those in receipt of benefits as cheats, it is the same as saying all MP’s fiddle the expenses just because some of them got caught!