Yoga can help in lots of ways and so can the Excel Yoga lightweight mobilityscooter

New to is the Excel Yoga lightweight mobility scooter.      

This is ideal for when you wish to travel, that coach holiday, going on a cruise or just when you go away by car for a few days break.  so compact it even comes with its own aluminium carry case.

This is so easy to take around with you but then is simple to open up and away you go!

Yoga the exercise routine can be beneficial but not as easy and as beneficial as the Excel Yoga. However good you might get to be at Yoga you won’t be able to fold up like this!

Despite being so compact the Excel Yoga can be used by people of up to 110kg (that’s just over 17 stone in old money!) Yet it has a range of around 18km on a full battery charge. Of course, this depends on the conditions and the terrain.

With a top speed of 4mph this is ideal for whizzing around the shops or the cruise ship but is so small it can go anywhere.

You can select from the Emerald Green colour shown above or Silk Silver as you can see here.

My daughter has taught Yoga in the past, and I know she can get into positions that I could never dream of- but even she cannot fold up like the Excel Yoga mobility scooter. Mind you, I don’t think this scooter can do a ‘downward dog’ either!

When you order an Excel Yoga Foldable Mobility Scooter from me here at you will get the best of service possible. This will include delivery by a specialist logistics company who deliver and assemble your new Excel Yoga and then demonstrate it to you.

That service means not only will you know how to fold it up into is lovely aluminium carry case and then unfold it when you need it but you will also be confident and comfortable riding it knowing what you are doing.

If you would like any more information about this fantastic foldable mobility scooter, then telephone me, Robert Winchurch, on 01492 548102 or email me, and I will be delighted to help.