Carbon Monoxide is the silent killer that can affect us all!

I suppose it is because I started to plan a barbeque for this coming weekend that I thought about Carbon Monoxide and its dangers. The real problem is that you cannot see, feel or smell the gases of Carbon Monoxide. That means it is so easy to succumb to it! Carbon Monoxide can be stopped, by simple and sensible precautions!

  • Never ever use a Barbeque indoors or in an enclosed space such as a tent.
  • Check Regularly all Gas appliances
  • Make sure all rooms are ventilated.

Barbeques can feed us well and be great entertainment areas. But the downside is that if you use them at the end of your gathering to keep warm all sorts of problems can arise. Using the embers of your BBQ to keep warm can be so dangerous. The most Carbon Monoxide is given off when the coals are white and seem to be cooling down. So many times people relax, perhaps having had a drink (or two) and feel the chill of the evening. Then decide to get closer to the warmth of the coals. This can be the killer time!

This poster shown above is dated 2021 but believe me, it is as important for 2022. As well as the succeeding years that we take notice of the information displayed. Do you want to finish up having to use a wheelchair or an adjustable bed? Just because you did not take care!

So please be careful and whatever you do make sure you don’t bring your BBQ inside> That is just so dangerous. Whether it is to keep you warm as the evening chill takes hold. Or to continue cooking because it has started raining don’t do it. Carbon Monoxide can squeeze all of the oxygen out of your room very quickly and silently without you knowing.

People living on Narrowboats or on other boats should remember that using a Barbeque on board can be deadly. There have been recorded cases of people being affected by CO whilst entertaining their friends.

Hopefully, Carbon Monoxide will never affect you or your loved ones and really it is nothing to do with the products I offer here on By being sensible you can make sure it stays that way.