Be safe this summer and enjoy your barbeque! Every year we all get the BBQ’s out and enjoy ourselves cooking food outside. Unfortunately, though each year we hear too many stories of people being affected by Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The safety leaflet from LeanOnUs is now available in nine (9) different languages to help you stay healthy!

Be Sensible

Never ever use a BBQ indoors or inside a confined space such as a tent or caravan, the fumes that can be given off are deadly. Carbon monoxide is called the silent killer because it is odourless, tasteless and invisible to the naked eye. Forget the smoke or flames that you get initially, you are aware of those. It is when your BBQ embers turn white that the real trouble arises. then the fumes are at their most potent.

Never take a barbecue grill or stove inside a tent, or caravan, to cook or use as a heat source.

Portable and disposable barbecues, including stoves with a flame, can be dangerous even when cooling or smouldering. They emit large quantities of carbon monoxide (CO) which is a lethal gas that can kill
within a few minutes.


Prepare properly

It only takes a little while to make sure that you set your BBQ up in an open space. Only ever cook in a well-ventilated part of your garden or the field you are camping in. Make sure you are a safe distance away from your house, caravan or tent. Once you have completed your cooking make sure that you do not group together around the BBQ to keep warm. You might become drowsy and in the worst-case scenario never wake up again.

Barbecue grills and stoves can be very dangerous! Those disposable Barbeques can be even more dangerous if they are not disposed of sensibly and safely. Already this year in Wales one person has suffered very serious burns to his feet. This was whilst he was walking along a beach unaware that someone else had buried a disposable bbq in the sand. Obviously, they stay hot for a lot longer than people realise and even though this one was buried it was still hot enough to do serious damage.


If you are not sensible in the way you use your BBQ it could result in at the worst your or someone else’s death. Or you could be brain damaged and finish needing continuous care and attention. Carbon monoxide can be the silent killer but it can also leave you alive but permanently damaged. Is it worth ending up in a wheelchair because you did not heed the dangers of Carbon Monoxide from your barbecue?