When you order your recliner chair from us we offer two ways of having it delivered, either our standard delivery service to your front door, which is free of charge, or a two man delivery option which will see the goods into the room of your choice, unpacked and assembled and all packaging removed. This obviously will involve an extra costing but may well be very worth while.

It is amazing though how just anything can now be home delivered including all of your groceries, but the supermarkets are only visiting the past aren’t they? Many years ago before most of you who are reading this where even born, I used to be the home delivery service for a local grocers shop in Shirley in the West Midlands.

It was not as sophisticated as nowadays and deliveries involved a bike with a carrying tray on the front, I am sure you have all seen the Hovis advert at sometime with the little lad pushing a bike uphill loaded with groceries, well just imagine me doing that and you have the picture. The balance of 2 or 3 boxes in the holder was very difficult for a youngster like me and it was not a surprise to have stuff fall out and I never knew if I put back into the right order!

Nowadays of course all home deliveries are much more sophisticated and your groceries can not only be delivered but certain of the companies, I believe, will even unpack the items for you. Mind you I think most people would prefer to put things away themselves!

When it comes to having larger items on a home delivery such as a recliner chair or an adjustable bed I cannot bring it to you on my old bicycle but I can arrange for our two man home delivery service to put it exactly where you want it all you have to do is open the door and show the guys where to put it and they will do the rest.