How easy is it to move my adjustable bed?

Adjustable Bed

Two single sets linked together with individual controls

Recently I had a phone call from someone recently who needed to move his adjustable bed. He had no real idea of how to do it, so I talked him through the various stages. Then I suggested that if he really needed help I could arrange for a professional team to help him.  Obviously, a service like this would involve a charge but for those like me, who struggle with arthritis, it would be well worthwhile!

Where to start.

If you need to move your adjustable bed,  probably to move it downstairs in case of illness, then plan it properly.

Make sure you have enough room to be able to stand the mattress separately from the base. But be careful they can be heavy and anything like this should have a least two people working together.

If you are going to leave the mattress to stand for any length of time, especially one with pocket springs be aware that it may change size slightly. All the springs in a  pocket spring mattress are independent of each other and can slide down slightly.

Adjustable Bed

Mattresses can be heavy make sure you have help to move them

The simple way to rectify this is to flop it onto the floor from end to end several times. This was shown to me by a manufacturer many years ago when I suggested to him that the mattress was shorter than the base! It works!  Obviously, this does not apply to foam mattresses.

Moving the Base

Once you have removed the mattress things become more simple! Next, make sure you have unplugged the electrical connection. Then you are able to check how the adjustable action is fitted to the base. Most just drop in and sit on support rails inside the frame of the base. It is normally even possible to unclip the motor from the frame. Again this will make the frame lighter and will therefore be easier to move. If a headboard is fitted make sure you take it off before trying to move the base.

Adjustable Bed

The action can be lifted out of the frame after you have made sure it is laid flat

Once the action is out the base is then much lighter and easy to move. So firstly move the base of the adjustable bed to it’s required new position. Again because of the size and length of the base this is best done with two people. Once the base is in place you can bring the slatted action base to it, replace the motor and put the action back into the base. Plug the motor back to the electric socket and then fetch the mattress and carefully put that in place.

Remember to check that the mattress is still in good condition and that it is not dipping or has any kinks where it bends with the action. Most mattresses on adjustable beds get used more than a normal bed and as a result, can need changing more often.

If you cannot manage to do it yourselves

If for any reason it is not possible for you to do it yourselves we can arrange for a specialist company to come and do it for you. Obviously, there is a charge for this service but the technicians are trained in the moving of all types of furniture and bedding and they will, of course, ensure everything is working perfectly for you.

Having been in the bedding trade and associated areas of furniture since 1959, I have lots of experience that might be of help to you. If you have a problem the ask me, Robert Winchurch, and if I don’t know the answer I will find them.  We are all still learning, it is just a matter of where to find the answers!

Please feel free to call me on 01492 548102 and we can talk through your problems together!