It’s a cold November day!

It’s a cold November day! I looked out of the window a little while ago, the sky was clear and the sun was bright but boy was it cold! I saw a trail across the sky from a jet plane on its way to who knows where! As I watched it disappear into the distance I wondered about a holiday abroad again.

Then I realised just how difficult it would be, arranging the holiday itself would be hard enough but then, it is things like the insurance. My arthritis is worse than before so that needs declaring to the insurance company as does my Sleep Apnoea. Then there is the high blood pressure and a recently diagnosed irregular heartbeat. By the time you have added all that in the insurance will probably cost more than the holiday itself!

Then there is the thought of getting through the airport, I can only walk short distances and all of the steps are painful. So the special assistance teams would be required and so would clearance to take my C Pap machine as hand luggage. The more I think about the more I realise holidays abroad are very probably a thing of the past.

It is better to stay at home with all the comforts around me. At least that way my recliner chair is handy for those moments I need to put my feet up and relieve the pressure on those arthritic joints! Mind you if I went away I would miss being able to be here to help my customers.  And friends (as I hope they become) to select the right products for their needs. Be that just a replacement mattress for an existing adjustable bed. Or a completely new adjustable bed.

It is always so good to talk to people and advise them. as to which is, in my opinion, the best product for their needs so perhaps when it’s a cold November day it is best to turn the heating up a bit. Then watch the planes go by and remember holidays from the past!