This year we will inevitably see price increases across almost everything being sold in the UK. This has been caused, in the main, due to escalating costs of shipping containers from China and the Far East. So many parts or finished goods are imported by containers. This time last year the cost of container shipped with goods was around £2000.00. Now they have reached in excess of £18000.00, a whopping 900% increase.

Will the situation improve?

There is a possibility that in time containers will be become more available and as a result, the prices will perhaps, come down again. Though it is unlikely that they will ever return to the levels of 2020.

How can you avoid those pesky price increase?

Here at we are doing our best to mitigate the affect of any price increases and will try to absorb as much as we can. However many of our suppliers have instigated surcharges on the goods they supply. Some are modest and we will be able to reduce our margins to hold existing prices. One supplier has put a 22% levy on all goods ordered. This means that something we sold for around £535 will now be around £649.00 unless we absorb some of that increase.

So the answer to those price increase is to order your requirements as soon as you can.  Whether they be wheelchairs, mobility scooters, adjustable beds or riser recliner chairs the sooner you order the better.  We have absorbed price increases from last December and May of this year from major suppliers. We are though already aware of increases that will apply from the 1 st of August.

It is not just imported goods that are affected.

Unfortunately, the are shortages of timber and foam which are obviously major components for a lot of our products. You will, of course, I’m sure, have seen the news concerning the lack of HGV drivers. As a result of this deliveries are possibly going to be extended. So order sooner to get the delivery you require and at a price that is better than it will be in a few months. – We care.

Remember we are not one of the big companies that are only interested in getting your order. We are in fact, a very small personable operation run by me, Robert Winchurch.

I try to make myself available to answer any questions you have about any of the products we offer on the site. At the young age of 77, I am never going to know all the answers, but I normally know how to find those answers. Let my experience benefit you.