If like me you suffer from Sleep Apnoea you may well know that there are problems for Sleep Apnoea sufferers. Especially for those people using Philips Respironics CPAP machines. I am fortunate that I am using a Resmed Airsense 10 machine.

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The Resmed machine and face mask that I wear coupled with the Airsense machine has taken some getting used to. The benefits though are so worthwhile. No longer do I feel that I am going to go to sleep during the day, but I know that if I was not to use it the problems would return. Sleep Apnoea cannot be cured but it can be controlled.

Warnings for Philips Respironics CPAP machines

However, an awful lot of the sleep apnoea sufferers here in the UK are using Philips Respironics CPAP machines. These are now subject to warning notices and possible recall. As ever the problems started in the USA. Where it was discovered that the ‘sound-reducing foam’ used in several Philips machines can degrade into particles. As a result, these may be ingested or inhaled by the user.

At present, no known deaths are resulting from this problem. But the various health authorities are issuing warnings about how best to use Philips CPAP machines.

Be sensible though, do not stop using your CPAP machine instead contact your own sleep clinic and ask for advice. Alternatively, you will, I am sure, be able to get lots of good advice from hope2sleep a registered charity. They are based in Hull and so very helpful. Kath Hope the founder of hope2sleep is a fellow sufferer and will be able to guide you through the problems that are about at present.

Other things that can help.

Making sure that you get a good mask seal is always important and for new users, it can take some getting used to.  When you first get a machine the feeling of the mask can be claustrophobic.

One idea is that rather than waiting until you go to bed, try wearing the mask during the day. Do this without it being connected to your machine and it will help you get used to your face being covered.  This will help when you get to the point of using your machine at night, rather than jumping straight in.

Using moisturising creams can help as well. Providing you make sure that the creams you select are designed to work with the silicone in the masks. It is also important to make sure your machine and mask are always clean to prevent any build-up of possible toxins. If your machine has a humidifier always change the water every day, it is best to boil the water and allow it to cool before putting it in the tank.

Adjustable beds can be beneficial

Adjusting your sleeping position can also help and to that end, an adjustable bed can be very useful. Being able to adjust your position during the night can help enormously. Raising your head and shoulders at the touch of a button can allow you to breathe more easily., Especially if you are sleeping on your back. Adjustable beds will also help with your circulation if you raise your feet. If you like me suffer from Arthritis and Severe Sleep Apnoea you should be able to purchase your electric adjustable exempt from VAT.

If you need any advice about Sleep Apnoea then please feel free to call me Robert Winchurch on 01492 548102. I am no expert but I can share my experiences, which may, in turn, help you.  I can also guide you through which might be the best adjustable bed for your requirements.

Sleep well.