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5′ 0″ Mattress Genie

£139.95 Ex vat.

£167.94 Inc vat.

Mattress Genie will make your existing mattress like an adjustable bed at a fraction of the price. Available now with home delivery included. Normally 5 to 7 working days.

The Mattress Genie is an inflatable mattress raiser that can be used in conjunction with your existing bed.

It is available in all standard UK sizes. Here as a 5’0″ king size version. The Mattress Genie consists of three pieces; the wedge-shaped air chamber, an electric air pump and the remote control handset. With just the touch of a button can adjust the head end of the mattress to the angle that best suits their needs.

The air chamber is manufactured from two layers of durable polymer with an interwoven fabric layer between to minimise any potential puncture. The seams are double welded to reduce any chance of them splitting

The pump and the handset are constructed from injection moulded plastic with screw fixings for safety. Mattress Genie is an easy and inexpensive way of turning your existing mattress into an adjustable one


  • Illuminated handset for ease of nighttime usage
  • Turns any bed into an adjustable bed at the touch of a button
  • Excellent for nursing mothers
  • Great for reading or watching TV in bed
  • An adjustable alternative to bulky foam bed wedges
  • Elevates the head end of your mattress up to 26″
  • Capable of lifting up to 71 stone
  • This is an affordable alternative to the more expensive adjustable beds
  • Easy installation, sets up in less than 2 minutes
  • Head elevation is recognised by medical experts as help for such things as sinus, acid reflux and snoring problems
  • Will work with all bed types except water beds