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Bodyease Electro Pressure Reliever 4′ 0″ x 6′ 6″

£1,349.00 Ex vat.

£1,618.80 Inc vat.

The Bodyease 4′ 0″ x 6′ 6″ Electro Pressure Reliever Adjustable Bed is designed to give you lasting support & comfort night after night. The price shown includes home delivery and assembly together with the removal of all packagings

The Bodyease Electro Pressure Reliever Adjustable Bed is designed to give you lasting support and comfort night after night. This 4’0″ wide (3/4size) adjustable is useful to save space in your bedroom especially if it is one person using it.

A mattress that reduces pressure! Combining the essential materials, memory foam and reflex, the Pressure Reliever provides superior and consistent support to suit everyone.

The memory foam has desirable qualities of being both energy absorbing and temperature sensitive. This type of foam responds to natural body heat and moulds to your body shape giving you all the support you require. The memory foam will spread the weight so you are subject to the least possible pressure when sleeping, providing comfort and relief to joints and muscles. Therefore ensuring everyone is comfortable with total support where it is needed most.

The base as with all of the Bodyease sets can be selected as a deep or shallow base. The deep version is on twin wheeled castors and also has the option to be fitted with drawers should you require them.

Whilst the shallow base comes on legs which are offered in different heights 2″, 4″, 6″ or 8″ which can make it easier to nurse someone who may be confined to bed.

As with all sets of this size, the mattress is in one piece and there is one control set.

Home delivery is included in the price shown and our specialist logistics team will also demonstrate the bed to you before removing all the packagings. Delivery is normally 10 to 14 working days


  • Mattress
  • A layer of 50mm Memory Foam
  • Layer of Reflex
  • Breathable Maxi Cool Soft Touch Fabric
  • Micro Quilted Cover
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Non-Turn Mattress
  • Base
  • All sides solid board construction
  • Cushioned Base
  • Twin wheel castors as standard
  • Five-part adjustable frame
  • 42 Triple Slat System with Silver Foil as standard
  • Motion Technology 2 motor system (CE Certified)
  • 6 Button Low Voltage Deluxe Handset
  • Selection of Base Fabrics & Colours
  • Delivery
  • Our specialist logistics team not only deliver your new bed they also assemble in the room you choose.
  • Once assembled they will then demonstrate the bed to you.
  • Before they leave they will remove all packagings from your home
  • All this service is included in the price you see.