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Furmanac Mibed Daisy 4′ 6″ Adjustable bed

£1,382.50 Ex vat.

£1,659.00 Inc vat.

The Furmanac Daisy Adjustable bed in a 4′ 6″ width is part of the MiBed range, the mattress combines both memory and reflex foams.

As with all of our adjustable beds, the Daisy is delivered and assembled in your home at the price shown.

This 4′ 6″ wide version gives ample space of a normal double bed. Not only does the Daisy have a combination of memory foam and reflex foam but it also features adaptive technology which will keep you cool and dry all night long.

With the upholstered base, you can select from a deep base on castors or a shallow base on legs, the drawer base will also give you the option to add drawers.

The motorised adjustable frame offers customised support to different areas of the body and all at the touch of a button. This can help with the relief of aches and pains.

Sprung slats within the action adapt to exerted pressure offering improved back support. Whilst the gaps between the slats allows air to pass freely beneath the bed to keep your mattress fresher.

The Daisy mattress is a firmer feel.

Delivery and home assembly is normally 14 to 21working days and is included in our price


  • Mattress
  • This is the 4′ 6″ wide model for extra space
  • 50mm of memory foam on 150mm of reflex foam
  • Firm mattress feel
  • Provides pressure relief
  • Relieves your body of stress and tension
  • Helps to prevent tossing and turning at night
  • Conforms to curves of your body to keep the spine in natural alignment
  • Promotes better posture
  • Adaptive technology covers to keep you cool and dry
  • Viscose cover for a softer touch
  • Base
  • The base and mattress measure 4′ 6″ wide x 6′ 6″ in length
  • Motorised adjustable frame
  • Gives unique customisable support to different areas of the body
  • Can help to relieve minor aches and pains
  • Promote better circulation and posture
  • The sprung slats adapt to pressure exerted on them
  • Offering improved back support
  • The even distribution of pressure to improve blood circulation
  • Gaps between the slats improve airflow to keep your mattress fresher longer
  • The sprung shoulder zone offers extra support to the head and neck
  • Delivery normally 14 to 21 working days
  • Our team will unpack and assemble your new bed for you.
  • Then they will remove all of the packagings.
  • For an extra cost, we can remove your old bed


Width 4′ 6″

Length 6′ 6″

Mattress depth is 8″